Essential Items For Super Heroism

List items

  • Having the power to create anything you want as long as you have the will power

    Think of what you could accomplish

  • A powerful weapon as long as you remember, don't turn your back after throwing unless you want it lodged in a bad place

  • Strongest there is and a great throwing weapon, however skill is needed, Remember there is a reason Iron Man wears a Helmut

  • With the power of a God no body can stand in your way!!!!!! (except airport security try getting this on a plain)

    Thor will want it back eventually though

  • Do you spend days in traffic looking up at buildings wishing there was an easier way

    Do you wish there was a way to make your Wife,Girlfriend,or mother in law just shut the hell up

    Do you want to make sticky situations stickier well we have your answer

    Warning consumption of webbing will cause death Call now!!!!!

  • Anything you wish for it will grant, but remember to say please

  • Not the lazy mans weapon (involves pulling out of rock)

  • Every man needs his ride

    I'd like to see you insure this

  • Control Time,Space,Reality,Mind and Strength all you have to do is find them bring them all together spend lots and lots of money to do this aswell as convincing the people who have them to give them up piece of cake

    So many confusing colors though

  • Gotta keep them somewhere but if you dont find it trendy enough you could always make some rings, ear rings, chains , diamond studded teeth (you know who you are) or other forms of bling

  • Where would you be without your adamantium claws

    Nothing can stop you with these baby's

    except constant skin tearing, massive blood lose, setting of every kind of metal detector known to man and misleading weighing scales