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Off My Mind: Who will die in Fantastic four 3

Most of u Comicviners/Comicvinians will have heard about the upcoming Fantastic four story 3. It has now been confirmed that Marvels first family will be hit with tragedy as it will lose one of its long time members. R we sad about this or is it about time ? I myself am sad about this because i'v always liked the fantastic four. Mostly in the way that they're a family and that they all most all ways have been, It makes me sad thinking about which of them will die (even if not for long) and even what the results of this will have on the rest of the four. Here is a segment of's article on this FF event 
**   After months of world-building with the  Fantastic Four  and their extended family, the story-arc beginning with issue #583 on September 22 promises to be the last for one of the four.

Yesterday, Marvel confirmed this via a press conference about the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR story-arc "3" with series writer Jonathan Hickman and Vice-President Executive Editor Tom Brevoort.  "'3' is definitely where it all hits the fan," said Brevoort. "It's the worst week in the lives of the Fantastic Four, where all these houses of cards that have been stacked up begin to fall on the individual characters. At the end of the day where there was four, there will now only be three."

Who will live, and who will die?**  

Now like most of u I have my prediction on who might die in this story so heres mine :
Yes I think that the youngest member of the four will unfortunately die during 3, Why u may ask ? I have no reason for why he will die but I do have some reasons for why the others may not : 
  • Mr. Fantastic will live because as far as I know he has died (or seemed to have died) once or twice before
  • Sue Storm wont die because she is the mother, Not only of her Franklin and   Valeria Richards. But she is also the mother of the group. I think it would be a very hard job to replace her role in the group as well since she is the one who can get things done when really needed and she may also b the strongest in the group. On top of this Her death was the subject of 1 of Mark Millars recent FF storys .
  • The Thing will live because of 1 reason his part in  NEW AVENGERS. To explain this all I have to say is "WHAT BENDIS WANTS BENDIS GETS" u think im wrong well I'll have u know that   J. Michael Straczynski had to cut his run on Thor short because Bendis wanted Asgard to be the battle ground for Siege. The only way this wont work is if the character will be alive again after the arc is over (which is a little likely) 
So Now that I'v told u what i think, What do u think u Fellow  Comicviners/Comicvinians : Who do u think will die, Why? why not? Am I right or wrong on my opinions (do u like my name for the people of ComicVine) All this to discussed   
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UPDATE !!!! 25/01/2011
It has been reveled that it is in fact the Human Torch who will die during this story arc. Johnny Storm you shall be missed :(