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Off My Mind: Could we have gotten more from Dark Reign

Dark Reign ended this week with Siege 4 and looking over the past year and a third and its got me thinking was enough done. 
Before I get to the point lets have a little look at what we have been given, a number of unneeded mini series , Dark versions of avengers taking over the originals book i.e Dark Wolverine, and a Rebirth. 
Now lets look at the cream of  the Dark Reign crop, for story arcs we've got  
1. Utopia 
2. American Son 
3. Worlds Most Wanted 
4. Punisher the list 
And for the comic series we've been given 
1. New Avengers 
2. Secret Warriors 
3. Thunderbolts 
4. Dark Avengers (maybe) 
So we got a Dark version of two of marvels biggest teams an attempt to share his reign with Harry (for a while) a Stark/Osborn confrontation and an actual death. 
But what could we have gotten. Could we have gotten a proper Dark reign Hulk story where Osborn could try to recruit the Rulk onto his DA a proper fight between the DA and the Fantastic Four. Could we have gotten a revolt by the Heroes like Nick Fury, Clint Barton, Songbird and the other Heroes who just want Osborn out of office only for it to fail giving Osborn more power and authority over the Heroes and really bringing the Hammer down on some of the other Heroes maybe even killing more than just Punisher and Swordsman also watching him crumble in a more detailed state before leading into Siege because the only time Norman really acts is during the above story arcs because he only seems to get the job in only one of the list one-shots. I also would have liked Spider-man to have a bigger role in the Dark Reign than just a 5 part story and a one shot because Storman Norman always has been one of Spidey's most dangerous rouges  . Another thing I felt was too short was Dark Avengers I felt that Osborn who was really good dealing with public relations and making his team of Thunderbolts look like Americas sweet hearts didn't appear to be too focused with that with his time with his DA I think their first mission should have been threat staged by Osborn to make his DA look better than the Avengers before fighting Morgana lefay  also alot of the fights that take place in Thunderbolts like the Agents of Atlas fight and the Fury,Songbird fight should have taken place in the DA
So the question is did we get enough from Dark Reign or could we have waited another year for it to spread out more before leading into Siege. 
What's your opinion?

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