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Analyzing the Emotional Spectrum: Compassion

With all the Blackest night, brightest day going on I'v decided to take a look into the emotional spectrum which the different lanterns get their powers from. I'v decided to start of with the one I know the least about. COMPASSION 
Compassion is of course used by the Indigo Tribe. The Indigo tribe reveled themselves during Blackest night. What we know is that they speck their own language and they have the ability to channel the powers of the other lanterns like Fear or Willpower. Another thing about them is that they carry their lanterns on staffs which they use for battle and to force people to feel compassion for their crimes as well as wearing a battle ring. Their oath is spoken in their own language, no word is recognizable except for Abin Sur the Green lantern who gave Hal his ring meaning that he must have some involvement in or relationship with the tribe.  
     Now to get to analyze the emotion of compassion. During Blackest night when Ray Palmer is about to have his heart riped out by the black lantern Sue and Ralph Dibney their rings detect compassion coming from Ray because he fells sorry for Sue's death by his ex wifes hands to try and get him to come back to her. Ralph states that Compassion is hard to find in todays society but is that true. Now the definition of Compassion is  the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it, now if compassion is very hard to find in todays society (in our world maybe) what does that say about DCs heroes. If wanting to do something about other peoples sufferings is compassion then shouldn't most of DCs heroes fit that bill, well we know that heroes like Batman work under their own motives as well as others who become heroes just to be famous so they can't really count but heroes like Superman and Barry Allen who help and save people from criminals because they know it is the right thing to do to help these people so they should fit the bill. I know that Barry Allen wasn't able to become an indigo lantern because he was chosen by the Blue lanterns and I'm not saying Ray Palmer didn't deserve to become an indigo lantern because he felt sorry for the suffering Jean Lorring caused so clearly the lantern chose the right person at the time. So it says alot about DCs heroes if only a small few act out of compassion. Does it make them any less of a hero? I'm not sure. Do all heroes have to be compassionate? or is compassion no longer a factor in being a hero?  
So the indigo tribe have the ability to feel great compassion, give up all material possessions and become one as a tribe led by Indigo-1. They can channel the energy of other lanterns and make people feel compassion for their actions. Should heroes be more compassionately fueled or is compassion no longer a factor needed to be a hero?