I think Ive figured it out !!!!POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!!!

I think Ive figured out why the entity kills? the resurrected heroes/villeins (well the recent ones anyway) once they've completed their tasks. 
Is it because they are now at peace with their lives so they can finally rest in peace. Its just a thought since Dove couldnt be resurrected or become a black lantern because he was "at peace" according to the white lantern and the black rings. 
If the true reason has been reveled then please don't be too hard on me because its been a few issues since ive checked up on it :p


Off My Mind: Who will die in Fantastic four 3

Most of u Comicviners/Comicvinians will have heard about the upcoming Fantastic four story 3. It has now been confirmed that Marvels first family will be hit with tragedy as it will lose one of its long time members. R we sad about this or is it about time ? I myself am sad about this because i'v always liked the fantastic four. Mostly in the way that they're a family and that they all most all ways have been, It makes me sad thinking about which of them will die (even if not for long) and even what the results of this will have on the rest of the four. Here is a segment of Marvel.com's article on this FF event 
**   After months of world-building with the  Fantastic Four  and their extended family, the story-arc beginning with issue #583 on September 22 promises to be the last for one of the four.

Yesterday, Marvel confirmed this via a press conference about the upcoming FANTASTIC FOUR story-arc "3" with series writer Jonathan Hickman and Vice-President Executive Editor Tom Brevoort.  "'3' is definitely where it all hits the fan," said Brevoort. "It's the worst week in the lives of the Fantastic Four, where all these houses of cards that have been stacked up begin to fall on the individual characters. At the end of the day where there was four, there will now only be three."

Who will live, and who will die?**  

Now like most of u I have my prediction on who might die in this story so heres mine :
Yes I think that the youngest member of the four will unfortunately die during 3, Why u may ask ? I have no reason for why he will die but I do have some reasons for why the others may not : 
  • Mr. Fantastic will live because as far as I know he has died (or seemed to have died) once or twice before
  • Sue Storm wont die because she is the mother, Not only of her Franklin and   Valeria Richards. But she is also the mother of the group. I think it would be a very hard job to replace her role in the group as well since she is the one who can get things done when really needed and she may also b the strongest in the group. On top of this Her death was the subject of 1 of Mark Millars recent FF storys .
  • The Thing will live because of 1 reason his part in  NEW AVENGERS. To explain this all I have to say is "WHAT BENDIS WANTS BENDIS GETS" u think im wrong well I'll have u know that   J. Michael Straczynski had to cut his run on Thor short because Bendis wanted Asgard to be the battle ground for Siege. The only way this wont work is if the character will be alive again after the arc is over (which is a little likely) 
So Now that I'v told u what i think, What do u think u Fellow  Comicviners/Comicvinians : Who do u think will die, Why? why not? Am I right or wrong on my opinions (do u like my name for the people of ComicVine) All this to discussed   
To learn more about Fantastic four 3 why not read G-Mans Off My Mind about it  http://www.comicvine.com/news/off-my-mind-death-in-the-fantastic-four/141782/ 
UPDATE !!!! 25/01/2011
It has been reveled that it is in fact the Human Torch who will die during this story arc. Johnny Storm you shall be missed :(

Analyzing the Emotional Spectrum: Compassion

With all the Blackest night, brightest day going on I'v decided to take a look into the emotional spectrum which the different lanterns get their powers from. I'v decided to start of with the one I know the least about. COMPASSION 
Compassion is of course used by the Indigo Tribe. The Indigo tribe reveled themselves during Blackest night. What we know is that they speck their own language and they have the ability to channel the powers of the other lanterns like Fear or Willpower. Another thing about them is that they carry their lanterns on staffs which they use for battle and to force people to feel compassion for their crimes as well as wearing a battle ring. Their oath is spoken in their own language, no word is recognizable except for Abin Sur the Green lantern who gave Hal his ring meaning that he must have some involvement in or relationship with the tribe.  
     Now to get to analyze the emotion of compassion. During Blackest night when Ray Palmer is about to have his heart riped out by the black lantern Sue and Ralph Dibney their rings detect compassion coming from Ray because he fells sorry for Sue's death by his ex wifes hands to try and get him to come back to her. Ralph states that Compassion is hard to find in todays society but is that true. Now the definition of Compassion is  the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it, now if compassion is very hard to find in todays society (in our world maybe) what does that say about DCs heroes. If wanting to do something about other peoples sufferings is compassion then shouldn't most of DCs heroes fit that bill, well we know that heroes like Batman work under their own motives as well as others who become heroes just to be famous so they can't really count but heroes like Superman and Barry Allen who help and save people from criminals because they know it is the right thing to do to help these people so they should fit the bill. I know that Barry Allen wasn't able to become an indigo lantern because he was chosen by the Blue lanterns and I'm not saying Ray Palmer didn't deserve to become an indigo lantern because he felt sorry for the suffering Jean Lorring caused so clearly the lantern chose the right person at the time. So it says alot about DCs heroes if only a small few act out of compassion. Does it make them any less of a hero? I'm not sure. Do all heroes have to be compassionate? or is compassion no longer a factor in being a hero?  
So the indigo tribe have the ability to feel great compassion, give up all material possessions and become one as a tribe led by Indigo-1. They can channel the energy of other lanterns and make people feel compassion for their actions. Should heroes be more compassionately fueled or is compassion no longer a factor needed to be a hero?      


A battle so graphic and horrifying you cant help but take a look

 The battle of a generation 
Funnier than he looks  

V            V
  V       V
     V V
       V           S
 Does whatever a spider-pig does
Mothers lock up your daughters  
This will be an insane battle so graphic and horrifying u do not want to miss                                


Deadpool(Marvel) Vs Deadpool(DC) The battle of the AGES !!!!!!!!!

The fight of the century 
Deadpool The Merc With A Mouth 
 (  technically not however rather DC's Deathstroke from Earth 3(I think) but its been hinted that his name is Deadpool even though DC wont admit it )  DEADPOOL
Place: It doesn't matter 
Weapons: Whatever they can get their hands on ( and I mean ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
And anything else you can think of 
The Ultimate Deadpool battle of the century  
No universe is safe from their rath


Taskmaster Vs Deathstroke

Taskmaster against Deathstroke 
The Master of tasks Vs The Ultimate Tactician 
Place: New York at rush hour 
Weapons: Guns, Swords, Knives and what ever else they can get their hands on 
LET THE BATTLE BEGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Off My Mind: Race in comics

This is something I wanted to write about a couple of months ago but I didn't like the first version so I deleted it but here I am having another go and before I start, this is about the Marvel universe. 
Anyway I have been thinking and it seems to me that almost all of the important Heroes in the Marvel universe are all American and white now I know you could argue that they are made in America they can be all American but still why haven't they branched out leave New York, set up shop somewhere else and bring in some new foreign Heroes to be part of the Avengers and when I'm talking about Race I am only talking about people and not any alien characters . 
However if you think about it there are a lot of black super heroes but do they play a big part in the universe today. Off the top of my head here are all the black heroes part of the marvel universe I can name: Falcon, Black Panther, Storm, Patriot, The black Captain America, the late Bill Foster, War Machine, Luck Cage, Bill's replacement Black Goliath, and Brother Voodoo. Out of this list I would say 2 of the people in this list play a big part in the marvel universe. Brother Voodoo is the sorcerer supreme so he will have a part to play in times to come and of course Luke Cage one of the characters that I think made New Avengers the great book that it was and now he has taken over from Norman Osborn as head of the Thunderbolts. Some of you will argue with me about my 2 choices but when you think about it I'm right about my choices. Some of you might pick Storm but if you have been reading Doomwar she has fallen from her grace of one of the strongest members of the X-Men ever and a fearless fighter to someone who now seems Dependant on her husband the Black Panther, that is a relationship I would like to shine some light on. Why were they sworn into matrimony, I know it was shown that they had a history when they were young but was it only because they are both African that it seemed like a good idea to join them together? Some of you would probably say War Machine but sure he was in the latest Iron man movie and he had his own series a while back but now he only drifts in and out of the Invincible Iron man comic. 
Now the reason I thought about this is because I am Irish and live in Ireland so I checked to see if there was any Irish Heroes and I found out that there is only 2 and if this didn't anger me enough one of them is DEAD. I am of course talking about Banshee and Siren the daughter of Banshee. I am quite unhappy with this as it means that there is only one Irish hero out there but for some reason I'm happy with the fact that there is enough British heroes to make their own team MI13 I think it was. Even though the Irish and English have a bad history I actually liked the Captain Britain secret invasion story. This doesn't change the fact that Marvel still hasn't branched out to other countries because with the Heroic age and everything else going on it might be a good idea for Steve Rodgers to gather or appoint someone to go all around  Europe and gather together a European Avengers (The Eurovengers) from heroes from MI13 and that French superhero group that was in Fantastic Four comic during civil war like Charles Xavier did when the original X-men team were stuck on Karota. 
 When we think about it America's neighbor Canada, everyones favorite X-men and Avenger Wolverine came from there and so did Deadpool, it even had enough Heroes to form the super hero team Alpha Flight but most of them died in New Avengers except one of the survivors went on to form Omega Flight but they don't seem to be together as U.S Agent left to join the Mighty Avengers and Weapon Omega left to join the dark x-men. Another country that has its own super hero team is Russia hell Russia even has its own versions of Captain America and Iron Man so if they can have a team why can't Europe its just not fair that America has to run Super Heroism just like it has to run everything else, on top of that it is also not fair that the black hero seems to be taking a back seat lately bar the two I've mentioned   
So I leave you with these questions, what is the position of race in comics ? Does any new hero sitting and waiting in the minds of our comic writers have to be American and white to become a success and gain the popularity of the readers it just doesn't seem right. Will we ever see a super hero team in Europe?  
 Has any of what I have said shined any light on it ? 


Off My Mind: Could we have gotten more from Dark Reign

Dark Reign ended this week with Siege 4 and looking over the past year and a third and its got me thinking was enough done. 
Before I get to the point lets have a little look at what we have been given, a number of unneeded mini series , Dark versions of avengers taking over the originals book i.e Dark Wolverine, and a Rebirth. 
Now lets look at the cream of  the Dark Reign crop, for story arcs we've got  
1. Utopia 
2. American Son 
3. Worlds Most Wanted 
4. Punisher the list 
And for the comic series we've been given 
1. New Avengers 
2. Secret Warriors 
3. Thunderbolts 
4. Dark Avengers (maybe) 
So we got a Dark version of two of marvels biggest teams an attempt to share his reign with Harry (for a while) a Stark/Osborn confrontation and an actual death. 
But what could we have gotten. Could we have gotten a proper Dark reign Hulk story where Osborn could try to recruit the Rulk onto his DA a proper fight between the DA and the Fantastic Four. Could we have gotten a revolt by the Heroes like Nick Fury, Clint Barton, Songbird and the other Heroes who just want Osborn out of office only for it to fail giving Osborn more power and authority over the Heroes and really bringing the Hammer down on some of the other Heroes maybe even killing more than just Punisher and Swordsman also watching him crumble in a more detailed state before leading into Siege because the only time Norman really acts is during the above story arcs because he only seems to get the job in only one of the list one-shots. I also would have liked Spider-man to have a bigger role in the Dark Reign than just a 5 part story and a one shot because Storman Norman always has been one of Spidey's most dangerous rouges  . Another thing I felt was too short was Dark Avengers I felt that Osborn who was really good dealing with public relations and making his team of Thunderbolts look like Americas sweet hearts didn't appear to be too focused with that with his time with his DA I think their first mission should have been threat staged by Osborn to make his DA look better than the Avengers before fighting Morgana lefay  also alot of the fights that take place in Thunderbolts like the Agents of Atlas fight and the Fury,Songbird fight should have taken place in the DA
So the question is did we get enough from Dark Reign or could we have waited another year for it to spread out more before leading into Siege. 
What's your opinion?

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Are we seeing the Next Avengers in the upcoming Avengers book

Here is an image I found on Marvel.com's Avengers preview 
What does this mean. Are we going to see the animated future children of  the Avengers finally coming to a mainstream comic like the upcoming Avengers 
Will they be part of the main threat of Avengers or is this just a cameo of their universe ?

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