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The War Against the Owls Continues Here 0

If you liked the whole batman thing with the owls (who didn't ) and you want to see more of it, you can find it here as the latest batbook starts (not counting issue 0 which was a good one though).The issue starts with our hero Calvin Rose, the only talon to escape the court of owls returning to gotham. He has heard the news of the aftermath of the night of the owls and wants to make sure batman truly defeated them. Reaching to one of the court’s hideout he is instantly attacked by a surviving t...

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Third time is a charm on this one 0

After 2 previous creative teams the book was one of the weakest tittles I picked up every month (DC’s most iconic hero doesn't deserve such bad stories) so now here is my question, is this really Scott Lobdell? Because if it is then I’m pretty shocked and glad he is doing such a great job with the first issue of his run on superman. Making this creative team change a very nice welcome as not only it reminds me that this book can have good stories, but is a good prelude to the superman crossover ...

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The cover exaggerates but it's true 0

Justice League is picking up properly now as the team goes to help wonder woman in learning the origins of one of her oldest adversaries. Revealing how much of a threat boost she has received now a days (probably the whole flashpoint thing was responsible).The issue starts with the makeout session that removed booster gold from existence (yes I still find it hilarious how can a kiss get eliminate someone from time even if they aren’t even related). Both part ways as 5 days later there is a fight...

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The future of the DCU looks dark…but promising as hell 0

The issue that marks the first 12 issues of this series and the new 52 has shown lots of promise. Not only for the title itself but this week has turned the DCU into a way more interesting place than ever before.The issue starts with the media mutating into marvel universe civilians as they are already bashing our heroes after watching the clips of the fight between wonder woman and green lantern….without knowing what happened….they could easily say wonder woman was mind controlled or something,...

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The end of a league 0

This issue is what I thought #12 was going to be. Here I had hopes for this team but it ended up been completely wiped out. But at least it was better than I thought as it hints for stories to come next yearThe issue starts with a normal mission of the team been awesome. But as they leave, we get to see something wrong with OMAC. The team returns to their HQ where they receive two new members; blue beetle and Olympian…wait what!? Blue beetle in JLI!? Awesome! But this doesn’t pleases guy as he d...

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The prologue of a daemonite war? 0

Superman annual marks the beginning of Scott Lobdell’s run on the man of steel. To my surprise the solicitations completely lied to me since it has nothing to do with our hero been captured by aliens and force him to play in a game of death where he would meet a new green lantern (probably Baz). But instead we got something we needed to see for this title, an actual direction that will most likely lead to big events in the DCU and probably my long awaited appearance of wildstorm’s first team fin...

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Rogue's at war 0

Ever since the mob rule storyline ended, this title has become one of the best out of all DC. With the introduction of the new versions of Flash’s most iconic villains since the last 5 issues, this title is going all out with the attack from the rogues starting here.The issue starts with the police truck carrying captain cold and heat wave attacked by golden glider who frees heat wave and lets her brother to die, isn’t that nice? We then move to the flash arriving to Dr Elias’ limousine to confr...

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Superhuman Bar fights, bike chases with demonic riders...glorious 0

I still can’t stop praising Rick Remender’s secret avengers run. He has everything that makes comics fun to read and even outshines the supposed “main” avengers books written by bendis by a long shot. An action packed issue with awesome resultsThe issue picks up from last time as venom goes after Taskmaster who has the third and final crown. Without anyone knowing what the hell is wrong with the alien symbiotic starts to get easily handled by the skull guy with photographic reflexes that copies ...

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The end of a good book yet not the end? 0

After a year run hearing that this title was getting cancelled I was sad, this is one of my favorite tittles out of all the new 52 and even if i know the reasons were story based i'm still saddened… least it ended brightly with hopes of continuing in a different shape or form in the future.The issue starts with lightweaver’s brother attacking batman in a graveyard where we can see the rest of the team defeated (a jl book where batman is the last standing? Never seen that before….). as we mov...

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Finally! The Darker Justice League I was looking for! 0

To be honest, for a while I was planning to drop Justice League Dark. It wasn’t because it was bad or anything like that but the book started so well it just ended up been average for the first 5 issues. Even then these characters were all over each other and didn’t felt like a team at all. But thanks to the crossover “Rise of the Vampires” the book got better. Now with Jeff Lemire taking over the book, he finally turns this title what I wanted to see for a while. A Justice League book made out ...

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The Reach Strikes! 0

Just to inform, I do not read this title at all and I’m planning to do it when the trades come out (have way too many series right now so I’m cutting down some). But all I gotta say is that the only reason why I picked this was because the reach teased this invasion long ago in blue beetle. Now that it happened all I gotta say is that it delivers in epic proportions. A war between the blue lantern (Who I still dream for them to get an ongoing) and the reach is as good as it sounds? Who will prev...

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The journey of a brand new villain, good job geoff johns…good job 0

Many will agree that geoff john’s justice league has received mixed reviews from readers (newer readers tend to enjoy it a lot while a large portion of older ones hate it. But now finally I can assure that this title is ready to move forward as all the things we expect from geoff johns and jim lee in a team book are finally here.The issue starts four years ago, the author of the book about the justice league who was saved once by them is now in a wheel chair, looking very old as his doctor tells...

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I’m I reading Secret Avengers or what? 1

This issue is not bad at all, it continues from last issue as protector is the main star in this issue but…….this is the job for remender’s secret avengers book….not the main team which should focus more on the battles, I’ve read one issue of uncanny x-men in which red hulk v.s colossus occurs in a very epic fashion. Why not do something like that instead? There are countless battles in avengers v.s X-Men #4 that even AVX will not cover…..but still is a solid issue which focus on a character who...

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Two for the price of one 1

I doubted this title when I first knew of it’s existence since as much as I wanted to see power girl in the new dcu, it was still a spin-off to another book. But surprisingly the awesome earth 2 made me pick up this one as we get to see this duo from an alternate world live in the main DC earth.The issue starts in with both Helena and Karen having a nice diner together as they talk about their lives till Karen gets a phone call informing her about the labs she just bought are on fire so they rus...

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No need to call 911 anymore after finding this number 0

This is for me the most anticipated book of the second wave and as a very talented writer joins DC, we get delivered a very weird but great comic I will follow for it’s concept is something I wanted to read for a while…….with a darker twist executed well.The issue starts with the introduction of littleville and our “hero” called Nelson (who is way fatter compared how he was depicted in the cover) who is so overweight he had a heart attack before 30! His friend tells him that he has to get himsel...

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The end of an era and the start of a new age of heroes 3

The second wave’s biggest book is finally here! James Robinson brings us to the beginning of this alternate world where the changes are already shown since the beginning.The issue starts with the invasion of the parademons leaded by a man known as Steppenwolf who is taking over the planet. Batman and the other two heroes of the trinity finally find a way to stop the invasion as they face the enemy in the remains of metropolis. Both superman and wonder woman face the enemy with their all as they ...

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Iron V.S Magnet and Rock V.S Freaky Fish guy…I’m sold!! 0

After much hyping up this title, this book delivers two fights we could not see in Avengers vs X-Men as it covers the fights between Iron Man against Magneto and Namor…wait…what happened to Luke Cage? I remember the two double team against the king of atlantis. Since this title is all about the fights, I will just give my opinion about them and give the overall score (if I keep reading this title of course).Fight One:Iron Man fights against Magneto and how does he face off against the master of ...

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Green Arrow's quest to join and a tie-in to a batman event? hmmm 0

After a disappointing first issue of present justice league, we get a much better story involving green arrow trying to join the league as our heroes face off against various threats to the dcu, proving that they truly are earth’s greatest heroes. Also explains why a there hasn’t been any new additions or a certain one in the team…..wait what?The issue starts with Steve Trevor who is having another meeting with his superiors who are asking about the league gaining additional members. He asks if ...

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Not a tie-in exactly but good old fun before the war comes 0

After many years, we finally reach the final story arc bendis will pen for the avengers. Along this book, new avengers and the event himself (teaming up with many famous writers) he makes the first issue of the main book of the team into a fun ride that it could had been much better if it didn't had the avengers vs me, people are going to hate this issue because it's not a legit tie-in....but by itself is a nice avenger story which will lead the event next issue (and simonson is i...

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Spoiler: The three on the cover aren't the stars of this issue! 0

(NOTE: Before doing this review I will just say this: I'm in the side of reason in this event so i really want cyclops to lose this one because he is taking things too far and the avengers need to kick his butt really hard he will feel it for weeks)Another event starts and what does Luke cage's avengers tittle go with? a very solid story that ties to last issues as the power man himself stars in this one alongside his yeah, cover lied again totally (so if you wanted to see the two le...

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The Avengers! getting disassembled by a giant bull! 0

After a good first issue this new series moves foward as more members of zodiac are revealed and so are their motives which proves them to be a more formidable opponent for our heroes that we thought.....even if the issue wasn't as good as before.The issue starts with cancer asking the one who seemed to be responsible for the creation of the team about the creation of zodiac, this person who we can't see explains that he wants balance in the universe which is in caos thanks to earth. Because of ...

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What really did cost for Batwing to join the team? 0

After the tragedy of last issue our heroes have to deal with the aftermath as well as the people responsible for the terrorist attack. They lost a member but today gained a new one in the form of batwing......let's hope he replaces batman from now on. Seeing him almost every week gets boring.The issue starts in a different hospital from last issue but still in as a young colored man is visiting a friend till he hears the loud noise of trouble. He pulls out from a case a batsuit revealing to be ...

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Symbiote Massacre 1

After a crazy action packed crossover, rick reminder moves on as he brings our symbiotic friend to the secret avengers…..while a well known ex-symbiote host goes around hunting down symbiotes way much better than cable while hunting down avengers.The issue starts with what happened at the end of circle of four as Venom’s new bro (Rulk) helps him to avoid getting arrested by captain America as hank pym and beast give the idea of controlling the alien symbiote so it can be used for good. We then m...

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Vision's quest 0

After ending a very flawed storyline, bendis does a good job in this .1 issue as it centers around a classic avenger who just returned from the death and how he deals the new world around him.The issue start with pages of avengers disassembled where she-hulk manipulated by the scarlet witch destroys today’s protagonist and instantly move to the present. Stark is glad his newly revived comrade has completely healed and vision asks why was he murdered by she-hulk. Forced to answer him he explains ...

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Are you sure this is the present? the people are creeping me out 1

For those who haven’t been reading justice league at all this is your chance to do so as the title jumps into the present and…..well is just not that impressive and not only because of the artwork but because this doesn’t feel like justice league at all. But we get neat stuff like finally get to see billy batson and shazam in this re-launch.The issue starts with giant mouth monsters that are terrorizing as they are countered by generic high tech defense forces number 7,443,124,144 named Argus le...

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A happy ending to a very bright comic 0

The final issue of this mini-series finally arrives (damn you whoever put on issue 2 that it was going to run 6 issues). And what does this issue and the entire series prove? That you can still do very cool and fun comics with new characters (he is a new ray so he is considered a new character) and make them lighthearted. So how will our hero deal with a reality warping maniac? Let’s find out.The issue starts with our hero stating that the current events weren’t supposed to happen, that chanti i...

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Is bendis really writing this? Because it’s pretty damn awesome!! 0

Ever wanted to read about the avengers as a new comic book reader? or was it thanks to the unique upcoming movie that is coming soon to theaters? or just want to go back and see what earth's mightiest heroes are doing....well this tittle is perfect for you. Was there a need for a fifth avengers tittle? well.....maybe....maybe not...I mean we have the .1 issues which are very nice one-shots that help readers get in into this tittles (Avengers is getting one this month by the way). But we are not ...

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The cool suit in the cover was never used...but still good though 0

Before I start this let me just thank Rick Remender, because he hadn't written the adaptoids storyline, then I would had been totally confused about what the hell they are (never head about them till now so don’t judge me). So! After big bumps on the road this story line finally ends with a very nice ending as apparently the end result was good as it has significance not only to the team but for one of their main foes.The issue starts with were we last left off as the avengers managed to get fre...

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Insert Schwarzenegger ice joke here 0

After adding a brand new enemy for the first five issue and finally deciding what issue to play out while confusing the hell out of us (kinda took till the release day to see which story would play out). Issue 6 became a very solid entry since Dc pits the Flash against one of his most famous arch enemies since post-flashpoint. None other than Captain Cold equipped with real ice powers! Will this be something that will make the character more badass? Or will it be just another attempt to make him...

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Agent Venom finally!!! Wait! He isn't in the mission!? Nooooo!!! 0

This run continues to be solid as one member gets the spotlight by facing off this new threat to the secret ops team…..and it’s not the one right on the cover…..but still good though.Issue starts with ant-man explaining his origin briefly so new people can know of this guy as despite going against his bastard nature, he is still trying to do something good by being an avenger....and hitchhiking in one of guys from last issue who are a race of robots called "adaptoids” who are taking the mother a...

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Why does this feel like what the avengers should be? 0

Rick Remender starts off his run as we lose yet gain members for this new team lead by earth’s greatest marksman (and douche).The issue starts in pakistan, where a suicide bomber blowing up right in front of a woman whose carrying her child……pretty dark don’t you---oh wait! She absorbs the fire with her mouth and saves everyone! Till she spits it at the crowd…..okay, it is kinda dark. At the same time, certain people around the world suddenly start suddenly speaking like robots as they leave the...

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Beetle Fight!! 0

The issue start with Brenda bursting in Jaime's room, informing him about Paco being missing. After thinking what to tell her, it doesn't take long before Paco comes knocking on the door and reveals his new beetle suit! starting an epic fight that.........well that's pretty much it. The fight itself is amazing but as it goes, Jaime learns that the insect he put on his friend to save his life during previous issue, actually was a mechanism meant to be turned on when the scarabs aren't doing their...

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The Avengers Defeated! Along with my happiness...... 1

This issue again as much as I wished that at least it wouldn't suffer from the same problems New Avengers had (which is the superior book from the two) but seems asking too mu,ch from bendis apparently. It is still again just an average issue that could seem to be good but not so because of the plague of dumb infecting this two books right now.The issue starts in the white house where Obama (it’s him do not try to deny it) is asking if Osborn’s accusations are true wait….wasn't he the one who kn...

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Who wins? Spider-Man or The Fake Thor? Read to find out! 0

New Avengers still proves to be the better title out of the two written by Bendis (which surprisingly, it’s getting better since last issue) as the battle continues and our heroes face off against HAMMER’s cybernetic god of thunder “Ragnarok”The issue starts with people outside the avengers mansion shouting their typical idiotic accusations since post fear itself. Jessica comes out with squirlel girl and tries to talk some sense into them….which seems futile because apparently anything close to ...

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For our luck, this book didn't last 5 minutes 0

After a great issue #1, Kaine finally dresses up in his awesome new costume as he faces off against the Salamander, the first enemy of this brand new ex-villain turned hero.The issue starts with a flashback of Kaine’s past when the jackal tried to kill him for being defected and falling to a whole filled with what seems to be hundreds of dead gwen’s to remember us that Kaine is still haunted by this painful memories of abandonment. in the present, our hero tries to go to and start a new life as...

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Rulk cries for his mommy in this issue..never thought it possible 1

The second week of the venom event continues as our heroes must face their antitheses. And they are exactly what they are supposed to be.The issue starts with Dr Strange and Daimon arriving at the outskirts of the city which they quickly find the amulet that Johnny blazed used to keep hell from spreading while quickly changing back to Blaze who doesn’t seem to be all that hot about the idea of keep on spinning around the altar like he promised to Alejandra. In the meanwhile the four heroes face ...

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Teen Titans V.S Superboy! 0

After a few months we finally manage to see the team together as the young heroes face off against superboy. And oh boy is it awesome!The issue starts with the teen titans finally together as Red Robin who knows that if a guy can beat up wonder girl then he must be really powerful so he decides to take command of the group like the leader he is. But things don’t go well when Superboy starts using his tactile telekinesis and Kid Flash decides to be all cool and fights superboy alone. Seems like t...

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The birth of the most 90's team ever!! 2

But seriously, if this were the 90's, a book based around this 4 heroes wouldn’t be a surprise at all for they all are what you might say, grim and gritty versions of more iconic heroes without the horrible writing on the most part (Haven't read the new ghost rider but the first 20 something issues of Hulk were baaddddddddd....). So after months of waiting, we finally get the crossover "event" coming out from the venom book which has been solid since issue 1. And what threat makes this four hero...

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A test for leadership 0

After months of waiting, it finally came to be. Rick Remender has taken over another section of the Marvel U as he has proven himself in this great jumping on point for any new reader. And what great way to start his run? By giving Hawkeye a test for the leadership for the secret avengers team as well as the introduction of the brand new Masters of Evil!The issue begins with captain and hawkeye on a mission in which I can't stop thinking how much it looks like a futuristic version of L. But it’s...

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Never thought you could peel off the batman emblem like that 0

As the origin story of the justice league is reaching it’s finale, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns deliver an awesome issue with action, good character moments and best of all….the most understandable yet out of character moment you will ever see from batman ever (yet I love it for some reason).The issue starts with Flash completely alone as he has no idea what to do in the presence of the evil that is darkseid, while asking if anyone is awake after the god’s attack from last issue. Superman gets up fir...

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