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Non Superhero comic trade paperback list

Checklist of trades or hardcovers of series that don't relate to superheroes but may have a few elements and most involve fantasy or sci-fi. I'll give my opinion about each one once i get them.

Accept and appreciate recommendations, mostly prefer finished stories.

List items

  • Grant Morrison's interpretation of Santa Klaus as a heroic warrior turned into a legend. One of the best stories he's ever done and his most straight forward. Collected.

  • Alternate universe involving the witchblade, too bad it's taking forever to come out.

  • heard good things about this one even if i don't know much

  • Living in a world that humans can only exist underwater is intriguing enough

  • Jeff Lemire tackling AI is interesting, can't wait to read it

  • been told it's fun and filled with adventure.

  • Snyder's interpretation of witches seems like a interesting idea.

  • People refer it as a buffy like story. I liked buffy so I'll give it a try.

  • Seems like a cop buddy movie in space.

  • Over the top gore and comedy, love the art completely

    collected vol 1

  • Dudes who kick ass a lot, that's all i know.

  • A fantasy book that looks amazing thanks to the art.

  • The story of a young kid been sent to a fantasy world is nothing new, but with the twist that he returns a year later much older and on a mission to save our world but turns out he's a pawn of the main villain is a instant recommend, it's pretty darn good. Collected vol 1-2

  • A colaboration between 2 creators I like a lot. What will this fantasy story with steampunk will show? I do not know cause i don't want to spoil myself.

  • Grant Morrison's epic of indian demigods at war sounds very interesting.

  • This sounds more like a superhero type of story but seems like it's unique enough to not make it so.

  • Told it's what happens when a disney/pixar movie goes wrong and is pretty sad.

  • More Morrison stuff, someone refer it as event horizon done right.

  • Morrison again, I have no idea what this one is about but looks good

  • Even more Morrison, the tale of a young man experiencing hallucinations of a alternate world cause of his sickness seems interesting enough for me to try it out

  • Gals who kick ass a lot, that's all i know.

  • The main tittle of the new official canon star wars comics. Each storyline feels like a extra movie and it's set between ep 4-5, a perfect place to have all kinds of adventures with the main cast. It's also during the galactic civil war, the best era of the franchise.

    Collected vol 1-3

  • A beautiful tribute to one of the greatest villains ever. He's treated with so much respect i can't believe it.

    Collected vol 1