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Non-DC/Marvel Superhero Tittles Trade Paperback Checklist

Just a personal checklist of series I may want to pick up for trades and mark the ones I've obtained. Also by the type of books I'm searching for, I don't mind recommendations or opinions about the tittles if they are worthy of my time or not.

List items

  • For me it's probably the best superhero tittle with it's solid shared universe that matches the likes of the big 2.

    Collected 10 (and counting) Ultimate collection hardcovers.

  • One of the two remaining ongoing original superhero tittles from image is starting a brand new era with Malcolm Dragon officially taking over the tittle. Will start collecting trades here.

  • The other oldest image comic is started a brand new era as well with the return of Al Simmons, will start here.

    Collected 2 volumes

  • The founder of the Invincible Universe and overall kickass character (who proved his worth during the viltrumite war), is no surprise this alien armor powered hero would be here.


  • Second Volume of this awesome character's adventures that include the missing issues Kirkman was planning during it's first run.


  • New Ongoing series.

  • Wolfman is probably one of the coolest looking werewolves in all fiction. Plus, it's part of the invincible universe, making it a unique tittle.


  • Focusing on the Invincible Universe's main team, it's a must have.

    Collected first volume

  • A tittle that focused on the entire universe after issue 100, obviously will start getting once i got all of guarding the globe and catch up with invincible's ultimate collection hardcovers.

  • A team of step-brothers that have gained each of their father's powers that may or not be part of the invincible universe. First impressions has made it a must pick up.

    Collected first volume.

  • A new take on a very lame rob liefield ripoff. From generic amazon warrior to something unique.

    Collected first volume

  • Heard great things of this new take on a very crappy liefield character.

  • Children turned superheroes by the government? I'm sold on the idea, also heard it's a great series written by JMS.

  • Been promised insanity on this one, ghost cow head on the main character sure is a nice start.

  • A superhero union? never thought of that.


  • Characters clearly design after the New Gods, now one is hooking up with a jersey girl and have to deal with the daily life there? Interested.


  • The valiant universe's main team, I'm now sold on this book after reading the first story-line with this small but very cool team. Also helps that it seems this book will move the valiant universe forward from now on.

    Collected vol 1-3

  • The main valiant solo book is pretty darn good and not only does it have one of the best alien armored characters but one unique take on ancient warrior king completely out of his element with probably the most powerful weapon in the universe.

    Collected volume 1-7

  • An immortal drunk teamed up with a young assassin as they take down secret cults? I'm in.

    Collected 1-6

  • A very enjoyable and cool take on psychics with some of the major players in the valiant universe.

    Collected 1-3

  • Member of unity who has lived through most of all of humanity's history, I really don't mind getting my hands on this one.


  • Super 90's name, yet will pick up by the fact that is important for the harbinger wars crossover.

  • Japan's future defender. Visually amazing, I can't wait to see more of this future

    Collected 1-3

  • Voodoo superhero, I trust valiant enough to give me something cool.

  • Heard great things about this dynamic duo which rivals the likes of archer and armstrong, so I'm going to check it out

    Collected Delux Edition.

  • Always wanted to get into this beautiful world.

  • To appreciate superheroes, one must at least read the negative takes on them as well, plus heard this was a solid read.

  • So a kid gets divine powers, what he will do with them? dunno, that's why is on this list.


  • Alan Moore's taker on a Doc Savage-like character. Heard amazing things about this tittle.

  • Part of Alan Moore's amazing imprint, will check it out eventually

  • Mini-series with some of America's Best Comics

  • Classic stories of the dark horse heroes, I'm interested in what kinds of stories and heroes this mini-series have before they tried to launch another shared universe in project black sky.

  • Golden age hero returning to modern era ala captain america, main tittle from project black sky (I think?).

  • Dark Horse's main anti-hero, heard he's hardcore so I'll see how his current book will be.

  • Dark Horse's main superheroine deserves a look In my opinion despite never reading about her. I hope her new series which is part of project dark sky

  • Spin-off of captain midnight, heard this guy is cool.

  • Crossover between the three major players of the current dark horse universe. Will get after getting first volume of all.

  • Nice suit, cool power. Only problem is the story which felt pretty meh


  • A mage superhero from darkhorse, interested.

  • A series by the artist of Powers, the heroes look cool so I'll give it a chance.

  • The last heroes of this story's earth fight a desperate struggle to defeat the villains who have already won. This type of story don't often happened in comics so I'm interested.

  • Sucks that he isn't in valiant, hopefully this versions will be enjoyable to read.

  • Sucks that he isn't in valiant either, like magnus, i hope it's good.

  • Another character I wish was still in valiant, gotta check it out still.

  • Dynamite's revival of many golden age heroes, I really want to read this.

  • The golden age daredevil has always interest me, with project superpowers and specially savage dragon bringing him back from limbo, I'm interested on what a solo of this public domain character can do.

  • I don't even know what this is about, but alex ross covers convinced me.

  • Zorro, Green Hornet, spider, shadow and many more, plus alex ross on art.....I'm sold.

  • Iconic time traveler. The new suit looks sick.

  • The series that came out of Kevin Smith's unused movie script is a must for a fan of the man.

  • Love mega man since i was a kid, glad an ongoing series is currently going on.

    Collected 1-3

  • A member of the crusaders on a solo mini, mark waid is there so it must be good.

  • Cosmic heroes are always great.

  • Another type of story similar to the end league, the villains are winning and the heroes must find help wherever they can.

  • While I do not trust Millar much when someone isn't keeping him under control. I'm happy to say that this first tittle from his "Millarworld" Universe is very heartwarming and overall something we need more of. The idea of a old retired flash gordon like character returning for one last space adventure is perhaps one of the best reads I've had in a while.


  • If Mark Millar knows what to do something right, is that it can make you feel something, either rage (Kick-ass or Wanted), annoyance (Nemesis), somewhat melancholic (Superman Red Son) or even leave a smile on your face (Starlight), this one gives lots of those feelings, this is the first part of a bigger story and I can't wait where this will go. I'm glad Brandon isn't the main character as he would normally be in any of the previous Millar book. Just hope the book doesn't take forever to come out like this one.


  • Millar's take on Superman/Captain Marvel, will give it a shot since I heard it wasn't an offensive book like most of Millar's creator owned comics.

  • Another Millarworld tittle, don't know much about it but that the characters are speedsters powered by some drug or something. Depending on starlight.....which turn out to be very good so I'll give it a chance.

  • The story of two soldiers becoming one. Also cool alien armor.

    Collected first volume

  • Time traveling hero written by mark waid, totally sold

    Collected first volume

  • Writer whose sci-fi story turns out to become true.

    Simple yet great premise.

    Collected first volume

  • New take on the first asian-american superhero.

  • wanna get into pulp style heroes as well, heard great things about this one.

  • Never cared much about adventure time, but will give this a chance since this is a superhero list.

  • Battle Royal between heroes, love superhero fights so this might be good......or just depressingly bad, could go either way for me.

  • Love the webcomic, I must support this series ASAP!

  • Mark Waid making a evil superman archetype? I trust this man.

    Collected first voume

  • A darker take on squadron supreme which is pretty much the justice league.

  • Similar to end league and suicide risk, except it's aliens who are winning and the heroes and villains must team up.

  • The story of a traitor always interest me.

  • A character that kinda belongs to Kirkmanverse and Spawn. A dark and gory book with a cool design and powers.

    Collected first three volumes.

  • Epic cosmic hero tale. I can't say no to such a book.

  • One of Action Lab's superheroes who will be part of the "Actionverse". Will give it a try to the story of a retired sidekick returning to the superhero business after the death of his mentor.

  • This isn't a superhero book I know, but it has the premise of a weird one and also the main character sports a very superhero looking costume so I'll take it.

  • Magical girls are still super heroines, I'm kinda interested in this, but will have to wait since it's issues are taking it's time.

  • Same universe as Hellboy, but it's set during one of the world war, so I'm interested as it's self contained from what I was told.

  • The tale of a arch-nemesis who isn't happy with the recent actions of his enemy. I'm interested.

  • Jim Mahfood is a great artist and respect his work and even got the chance to talk to him at comikaze. He didn't had a copy for me to buy so I'll get it soon.

  • D.J. Kirkbride seems like a nice guy when I met him and told me of the premise, a universe died to create this mighty hero. What does he do with his godlike powers and the regret of been the cause of all that death? Gotta find out.

  • The other tittle from Kirkbride about an immortal hero who just want to die.

  • I never liked Ian Churchill's artwork, but here it seems it's more "cartooney" and it looks interesting as I do like aquaman.

  • A awesome looking hero with an insane premise, I'm in.

  • An original story with a solid plot, lore and characters. Only wished the artwork was done by someone else.