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Never trust the sycopathic traitor who tried to kill the Titans! 0

Has Geo-Force learned anything from blackest night because it doesn't seem like it. Terra returns! Terra should have stayed dead but that just my opinion.  The JSA Guest stars kinda well yeah! so Black Lightnings Outsiders pay his daughter Thunder a visit and the family reunion is cut short when the JSA  attacks them because there public enemie shouldn't they be I don't know fighting actal villains just saying. Geo-Force wakes up and see Terra there who tells him not to trust his team and only t...

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Steel V.S Doomsday! Who will win? 0

Good story although my main problem is it didn't feel like a steel story it felt more like a Doomsday one. So Steel is a awesome hero and in this issue he fights Doomsday I've always been a big fan of Steel and Natasha I always thought they were cool characters. Ed Benes does the Art for this issue and it's AMAZING!!!! His art is really good. I got the red cover so it's way cooler then the bland one I like the reign of Doomsday logo at the top of the cover. Alex Garner did a cool cover. I though...

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Best Issue Yet!!!!! 1

Best Issue yet this had me on the edge of my seet the whole entire time I read it and Wow was it amazing and I can't wait till next month I just got this and Wow it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Art is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Story is amazing pick this comic up right now I'm telling you this comic the best issue so far and that's saying alot!!!!!!!!!!!  Gail Simone is such an amazing writer.   I'd rather you not read the spoilers because it might ruin the book for you but if you plan on not getting(...

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Things get a little Wyld! 0

A lot of people hate the Henderson run on Teen Titans and I Can't say it's the Best Comic but it's absolutley Average. So the Art is by Jose Luis and Inked by Mariah Benes who usually Inks Ed Benes art so because of that Jose's Art looks like Ed Benes so the Art is pretty Good not as good as Benes art but good. So Superboy and Kid Flash have rejoined the Titans and things get a little I don't know how to say this but Wonder Girl for some unknown reason is really rude to Connor. Connor then Flirt...

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Aquawar: And the Award for Parent of the year goes to Black Manta 1

Aquawar begins and it doesn't disapoint. The first Blood is drawn. What happened to Mera well yeah we know what they said about what happened to her didn't really happen. Siren is a Great Sister to Mera By the Way:) But thats nothing compared to how good of a father Black Manta:)  in the next issue he threatens to kill Jackson. Some cool Fight scenes. Oh yeah and it looks like Aquaman could use a Hand. Thanks for reading hope you all enjoyed my review spoilers below. Oh yeah and Buy this ISSUE N...

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Age of Eclipso! 0

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am not lying when I say pick up this book right NOW! This is the best and I mean best issue of Robinsons run heck even the whole entire Justice League Vol and guess what the JLA is in it for Two Pages! Brett Booth is perfect for this Arc.  I am a big fan of Obscure Characters and this issue has alot of them. This is kind of like a Face of Evil issue it focusses on Eclipso who sheds a whole lot of bloo...

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Wrath of....Eric? 0

Okay before I get started on the story my favorite part of this story is the scene with Bane on a date(kinda) it's so so so funny.  Now we get introduced to the most menacing Villain the Six will ever face and he's as frightining as he sounds........Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep Eric. The Six is hired to get the Doom Patrol of Oolong Island so he can use it as his secret Base.   Gail Simone is an Amazing wrighter and she is so great at wrighting the Secret Six and the Doom Patrol. Jim Cal...

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I can not stop reading this Comic! 0

Okay so I read this comic a while ago and still have not reivewed it. I think I've read this comic 20 times since I got it in November. Now this is one of my favorite comics Favorite. So this is a Blackest Night Tie-in and a good one now I'll start telling you all about the story now the Plot Summary already covers all the spoilers so I'll just talk about the Good and the Bad.  Ed Benes Art is so good I'd pick this comic up just for the Art.  I've read the introduction to Holly and Dawn in the D...

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Horror of Hush! Reign of Ragman! 0

Cover: I don't know what it is about Nguyen's Art but I think it's Amazing. When I first saw Nguyen's Art  not to long ago I though it was Okay but Now I thinks it's AMAZING!!!!!! Storys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Wonderful! Bed Bug is a Cool Villain so far. Hush is Awesome.  A funny Batman scene with Penguin. Oh yeah and Cliffhanger with DOCTOR DEATH!  And then here comes Ragman in Ashes to Ashes. So this is a interesting story. Pretty Cool Comic A awesome Cliffhanger.  Art: Nguyens Art is really good.  ...

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Terror of the Titans! 0

Okay so the only thing about this book thats really really good is the art, the rest is mediocre. Eric Wallace continues to Ruin Osiris. Ray Palmer try's to figure out what happened to Ryan Choi. I liked the part with Osiris and Killer Croc actually. Wallace actually wrights a good Tatooed Man. Cinder is kind of a boring character. Cliff Richards art is good but I HATED the way he drew Mad Hatter. Oh yeah and a NEW CHARACTER! the diologue is good the characters other then(Tattoed Man, Deathstrok...

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Sorry Superboy but............ 0

Art: Yeah well it's really really Plane not that good. Wrighting: The Wrighting is Okay Jeff Lemire's Atom story is so so so so good but this is kind of a let down.  The beginning is nice. Phantom Stranger scene is kind of out of place. A cool fight with Parasite. Simon is a character who is kind of boring yet he has so many twists and turns that could happen to him he could be evil he could be Jimmy Olsen type character.  kind of funny I'm watching Young Justice while I wright this. It's a dece...

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SPOILERS! SPOILERS! Oh yeah and did I mention there are SPOILERS! 0

So if you're reading this review there are MAJOR SPOILERS so I'll give you a minuete to leave this page and not read below.........          SPOILER ALERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        Okay so this issue is the BEST issue yet of this. The Issue starts with a nice little flashback that shows Jaime talking to Paco and Brenda about his origin.  So Max is experementing on Blue Beetle and Ivo finally learns a tun of stuff about the scarab. The JLI tell power Girl to warn the JLA and JSA about Max beca...

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A nother pretty Good Issue! 0

This series is a good series don't get me wrong but it's been soooooooooooooooooooo repetetive this issue continues that the wrighting and Art are both good but the story is same old stuff.       Powergirl fights the JLI who she thinks are the Rogue JLA(as seen above) at the end Rocket Red saves them all and Power Girl joins the JLI!       So good issue but some stuff is getting a bit old. So I'll give it a 3.5/5...

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I don't get why people hate this! 1

So many people hate this book but I think it's good! The wrighting was good the Art was well not as good as usual which lost it half of a point the other half was lost by the few diolouge problems. Good comic I  liked it. I don't know about anyone else but I am one of the Crime Syndacate's biggest fans but saw some missed oppertunity's with them not having an Ultragirl, Lucy Lane, Lady Quick, Emereld , Shadow-Talon, Spaceman, and Gorilla Bill(bad names I know except Shadow-Talon, Spaceman and Ul...

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Wrath of the White Knight! 0

White Knight may not be in this issue but he does make his presence know in a way. So This is the first issue of Batman & Robin I've read and I can tell it won't be my last. So this issue is Good like really good but does have a few minor flaws. The Ending makes me can't wait for the next issue. This issue also marks the possible Death of a pretty Major Bat-character not gonna give it away till the end in spoiler part. The wrighting and art is good. My problems are Bruce saying the whole fam...

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Really Good! 0

Red Robin is one of my favorite comics it's really good every month and it's really rare theres any problems. Art: Marcus To is a Perfect choice for Red Robin and Teen Titans too! The Art is So Good! Story: The Story is also really good. I think it's nice to see that Tam has a life outside helping Tim. Catman appearing was cool although I wish he was in it more he's on the cover so you'd think he'd appear more also Calculator hiring him to hack a system and steal a Disk something I didn't like. ...

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Road to Flashpoint! 0

Flash #9 is the best comic I've read this week.  This issue is So Good. One of the things I liked about this issue is the Mystery surrounding the Death of Elongated Kid. Elongated Kid is a Small time super-hero and even though he has never appeared before I felt Sad because of his death. So now Hot Pursuit makes his Debut(not including his appearence in #6) Also His Identity is revealed he's actually...................................................................................................

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