Arrow 1.1. "Pilot" Review

*Warning May Contain Some Spoilers for the Episode! Well it's finally hear! Arrow's long awaited pilot, so what exactly did I think of it?

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The Good. So this show definitely shows some promise. It was pretty cool how Luthor Mansion from Smallville was the Queen's mansion. The reference to Speedy was pretty nice as well. There are some pretty nice one liners in this episode, one when the cops are asking Oliver about "the man in the green hood", as well as the Twilight reference. This Diggle guy is a pretty cool addition to the show, he's kind of like Doakes. He knows somethings up with Oliver. Tommy Merlyn is great, he serves as a great contrast to Ollie, who's a bit darker then most incarnations of the Emerald Archer. Laurel Lance seems interesting as well, and she has every reason to be mad at Oliver. The reveal with Merlyn and Laurel at the end was also nice, and definitely could lead to some very interesting stories. There is an interesting reveal regarding Oliver's mother and it's a good one.

The Bad. Some of the actions scenes fall flat. Now yes I know this is tv budget but still they looked a bit silly. There are some parts that were meant to be serious but ending up being pretty funny. Like they're clearly trying to make Oliver serious and that's great, but there are some scenes where it get's really awkward. Stephan's performance is almost hit or miss, there are scenes like the one with the cops I mentioned earlier that are just great. Then there are others where he just feels awkward, due to his lack of emotion. The villain is pretty bland as well, and we barely get to see any of Constantine Drakon. Also the scene with the thugs with the Halloween masks, was kind of wierd. Finally, I kind of feel like this is trying to hard to be Batman mixed with Reven8e(Oh my gosh that show is so good!) at times. Overall: Solid pilot, nothing mind blowing but it's enjoyable enough. There is a great supporting cast, and Stephan Amell has some great scenes and then some eh ones. You should definitley check it out. 3.5/5

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