Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #2 Review

Plot: Arriving on a new world, Amelia must adapt to the rules of the new world.

Story: The first issue was good, but wasn't fantastic that is where this issue differs from the last. We are introduced to some new characters such as Amelia's pet Golem and this batman esque magic using vigilante as well as this police officer and a possible big bad. It's cool to see Amelia adapt to the new world, and the story as well as the character are much more compelling in the second chapter. The vigilante guy seems cool, and I can't wait for the next showdown between him and Amelia. The book however is a much quicker read than the last issue.

Art: Is pretty nice, and consistent.

Overall: A solid read. A very nice issue, and Amelia is turning into a cool character. Pick it up! Rating: 4.5/5

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