Some Information on My Recent Lack of Posts

So perhaps you've noticed my absence around comicvine, or maybe you didn't. Who knows, but I'm posting this just to let you all know what I've been up too and why I may not be on comicvine as much as I used to. I recently made a blog on wordpress called "Toastandtelevision" where I mostly review television but I also cover comic news and review certain comic books(Chew, Forever Evil, Walking Dead, Lazarus, and some other stuff), so if you like my reviews I've posted here on comicvine I strongly suggest you check out my blog.

I still check comicvine on a daily basis though and still log on on occasions to edit some stuff like Toni Chu's wiki page when there's stuff to be added. So just to clarify I'm not leaving comicvine or anything like that, I've just been putting a lot of my focus into my blog, and I'll definitely still pop up on here from time to time. Again not a "farewell comicvine" speech or anything but I'd like to thank all of my followers, people who have viewed my blogs and reviews, and all of those who have given me feedback about my blogs and reviews. Oh and Stephanie Brown's back so YEAH! In closing it'd be cool if you could check out my blog(Toastandtelevision on wordpress, you'll know it's me because it says Ironhawk22 is the one who posts stuff) and I'll definitely try to post some stuff here from time to time.


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Arrested Development Season 4 Review! MAJOR SPOILERS!

The countdown is over folks! Get you're ice cream sandwiches and juice boxes! About two months ago I started watching Arrested Development, and I finished the season three finale right before I started watching season four. I loved the first two seasons, they're the funniest television I've ever watched. Season 3 was a little eh, but still pretty funny. So did I like season 4? Maeby I did, Maeby I didn't you'll have to keep reading to find out.

In a general sense this season this season has less laughs than prior ones. I loved all of the returning guest stars. Made it feel like classic Arrested Development. Most of the new characters were...well not the best. However Heartfire and Herbert Love stood out.

The Rebel story went on a bit too long. While I liked the George Michael and Rebel plot twist, the story that followed was boring and aggravating. The running jokes from previous seasons were nice too see. The acting was superb as usual. I wasn't a fan of when they went back and showed scenes.

MICHAEL: Oh poor Michael look at how the times have changed. The season opener is filled with tons of cameos, I was really surprised that Sally showed up. Kristen Wiig does a great job as young Lucille. Seth Rogan does a decent but unremarkable job as George Sr. Not bad, but he's really upstaged by Kristen Wiig. The opener starts off good, but once Michael starts talking about voting the episodes begins to go down hill.

"The B. Team" is a huge step up, as even more guest stars pop up. CARL WEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! The episode was a lot of fun. I liked the B. Team that Michael formed and would like to see them again whether it be in a fifth season or a movie.

MAEBY: *Sigh* Why'd we just get one Maeby episode. "Senoritis" is one of the best episodes of the season, if not the. The episode provided the most laughs, and I loved Maeby's speech(which is a direct reference to the angry sorority girl e-mail). It was nice seeing Kitty again. Also her scene with Steve Holt was great, but also a bit sad(for Steve anyways. Worst birthday ever.). Great episode, is right up there with some of the best episodes of the series.

GEORGE MICHAEL: Oh George Michael. I honestly didn't find the FakeBlock storyline all that interesting. The scenes with GM and Maeby were great. Especially the David Henrie and the kid that plays Gibby from iCarly scenes. P-Hound is a decent addition to the show. I found the flashback scenes to GM's four years at college a bit dull, and uninteresting. Especially the studying abroad in Spain. The character really came off as a jerk this season, firing Maeby, and dating Rebel. Although the later wasn't necessarily his fault.

LUCILLE: Wow this episode like the Maeby one was great. The bickering between her and Lucille 2 was great. The interaction between her and Tobias was great. "Ryan Seacrest is straight" "and I'm 40". The episode just hit all of the marks.

GOB: Called it! The whole plot twist of who was with Gob in the premiere, I called it. The first Gob episode is pretty great. The guest stars are great. I liked seeing Ann's parents again(even though her mother had no lines). The appearance of Johnny Bark was confusing, as in an earlier episode it was stated he was dead. Still it was nice to see him too. The second Gob episode was...a tad confusing. The whole Gob/Tony Wonder thing is still a bit confusing. Are they together? Are they not? I'd assume by the end of the season they are(sort of). The Narrator makes it a little unclear with his line about friendship. The George Michael/Rebel plot twist was great, and really surprising.

BUSTER: LUPE! The Buster episode is pretty good. Lots of funny scenes. The comparisons to Psycho were pretty great. The episode has a lot of character development for Buster. The ending of the episode(and season) is worrisome. I really hope Buster didn't kill Lucille 2.

LINDSEY: The first Lindsey episode was pretty bad(imo). However it was nice seeing Ed Helms character return(he previously appeared in season two's premiere). The main reason for me disliking the episode was... *sigh* Marky Bark. The character was just annoying. The second episode begins poorly but around ten or fifteen minutes into it got much better. It felt like a classic Arrested Development episode.

TOBIAS: Just going to go through this real quickly. I found his storyline boring, depressing, and unfunny. Tobias works much better as a side character. R.I.P. James

GEORGE: I liked Heartfire, and it was nice seeing Oscar again. However the first episode was kind of bland. The second one was better, but still just okay. Wasn't a fan of the wall storyline.


+ Annyong! STEVE HOLT! Lucille 2, Barry, Gene & more guest stars.


+ "Senoritis", "Queen B.", "Red Hairing", "Colony Collapse", and "The B. Team"

+ George Michael & Rebel plot twist at the end of New Attitude.

+ Guest stars galore!

+ Heartfire, and Herbert Love.


- George Michael/Rebel/Michael love triangle.

-Tobias storyline. Too depressing.

- Less laughs.

- Reshowing scenes.

- Wall building storyline. Boring.

-Some confusion.

-Wasn't too fond of the ending.


Decent season, I had a lot of problems. Still it was solid television. The great episodes were freaking amazing, the bad ones were pretty bad, and the decent ones were decent.

WHAT I WANT TO SEE NEXT: Do to the subtle hint whatever is next will be in TV form(via Netflix) I hope season five features the return of Maggie Lizzer. Also I hope none of the Bluthes are responsible for the disappearance of Lucille 2. I hope Lucille 2 is alive. Also I think Sally is responsible for whatever happened to Lucille 2.


Teen Titans Go(!) Premiere Review

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As I've mentioned many times before the original Teen Titans Cartoon is one of the main reasons I started reading comics. It was funny, suspenseful, and action-packed. I loved it. I personally prefer to Young Justice because how well it balanced humor and action. I was somewhat cautious about TTG. Mostly new team of writers, bad animation, and focused mainly on humor. However I was really optimistic about it. Did I like it?


Spectacular voice work which will come as no surprise to fans of the original series. The humor is similar in vein to that of shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show. Which is a good thing. It's got some dark humor mixed in. I was especially surprised by the "secret ingredient" in the pies.

There are some gif-worthy scenes in the episode such as Robin the super market, or Raven shutting the computer. I really like the Tuesday time slot. I always had to watch YJ on "On Demand" since I usually slept through the episodes. The MLP:FIM parody was hilarious. Tara Strong(Raven) absolutely knocked it out of the park in this episode. We get to see a somewhat more human side of Raven which is nice. Also SILKIE!!!!

The Bad

Animation is pretty bad, I'm not going to lie. There is a continuity error, Beast Boy eats meat in the episode. Which is a contradiction to the original series. The show can get a bit to zany at times.


Really fun premiere. Definitely going to keep watching.

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Injustice Gods Among Us Demo Thoughts

When I first saw the promo for Injustice, I wasn't impressed. The costumes were(and still are) awful, and I didn't like the name to much. So I wasn't really expecting much from this demo. Which is why I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed the demo.

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The Gameplay is pretty much the same as that of the MK games. My only issue is the fact that it's not a free roaming world. Other than that the fighting is pretty cool, and fun. In particular I loved the character specific attacks such as Batman running over his enemy with the Batmobile, and Wonder Woman throwing her opponent on the train tracks.

Voice Acting

I really liked the actress portraying Wonder Woman, I thought she did a great job. Batman's voice wasn't bad, but considering all of the great actors who have portrayed him before, I was a bit underwhelmed. Then again I didn't here enough to make a good judgment. Lex's voice was pretty good.


The trailer at the end definitely got me excited for the game. Specifically the Atlantis scenes which look great. The shark attack looks great.


Looks like it'll be fun.


Dexter Season Seven Finale Review Contains Spoilers!

Wow! The season comes to a stunning conclusion which leaves you asking; Where does the show go from here? Where does Deb go? What about Dexter? Hannah? Angel?

The Good

HANNAH IS ALIVE!!!!!! See when I saw the trailer for this episode I really had a feeling Hannah wouldn't survive the finale. Oh and is she great in this episode. She brings up extremely good points in a fantastic discussion with Deb. Speaking of which....Wow! Deb's story has just taken an amazing twist which I won't spoil. She has some amazing scenes in this episode her scene with Hannah, her scene with LaGuerta, oh and of course the final scenes.

Doakes. The flashbacks are amazing, showing Doakes as he begins to figure out about who Dexter really is. It was great to see him again and he delivers his famous line. Yep, that line that defined the character is heard again here. Angel is really becoming one of my favorite characters. Oh and I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of Quinn, they set up a story for him and I can now say the character finally has a bit of a purpose. I never liked his relationship with Deb, I found it to be very weird. Here he seems a bit more interesting than he's ever been.

This episode has so many great scenes. Which one takes the cake? The final scene. I won't spoil everything that goes down, but it mirrors the beginning of this season and the end of the last. It's brilliantly written, the acting, the emotion, and mirrors the first meeting between Dexter and Hannah.

The Bad.


Overall: 5/5

Amazing Episode.

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Late 2011-2012: Best and Worst Things in Comics

With rumors of an impending apocalypse and the year coming to an end, I thought it'd be a good time to do a run down of the best and worst things in comics in 2011-2012. I'm including 2011 due to not doing a year rundown last year.

Worst New Villains Winner: Thrice

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First Appearance: Teen Titans #2

Created by: Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth

Could it be anyone else? Of course not. The villainous duo of Thrice not only has a horrible design, and name but also are extremely annoying. Starting EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE WITH "I/WE"! No, not "I" or "We" no it's literally "I/We". I mean Feral Boys and the Wyld were just kind of stupid and forgettable, but Thrice annoyed the hell out of me. I'm pretty sure I became a little bit dumber after reading that issue.

Runner Ups

2. Headcase: I mostly liked J.T. Krul's run on Teen Titans but man was he bad at creating villains. Headcase has got to be one of the whiniest characters I've ever read.

3. Dr. Caligan: Yep, another Titans villain added to the list. Bland, unoriginal, and responsible for the creation of Headcase. Good thing J.T. could write some good characterization.

4. Pearl/Nash: Dull, and they keep bringing down Whistler's story.

Best New Villain Winner: Ultimate Scorpion II

First Appeared in: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6

Created by: Brian Michael Bendis, Chris Samnee

With Ultimate Scorpion II, I was a bit disappointed at first that it wasn't the Peter Parker clone from earlier. However as the story continued, I finally saw how freaking awesome the new Ultimate Scorpion was. The character was a great threat which Bendis really built up to. The final battle between Miles, Prowler, and Scorpion was amazing!

Runner Ups

2. Negan: A real vicious threat, who can also occasionally make you laugh too with his over the top dialogue.

3. Whistler: Not a new character, but still a new villain. The character has real motivation, and it's still arguable whether or not he's a villain.

4. Ivan the Landlord: Funny but evil.

Best Supporting Cast Winner(s): Toni Chu, Poyo, Caesar Valenzano, & Olive Chu etc.

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Created by: John Layman, Rob Guillory

Chew has clearly become one of my favorite series. Mostly due to how great the characters are. The supporting cast is so great, this whole entire last arc has focused solely on the supporting characters. John Layman has made me care about all of these characters, and it'll be sad to see one of them bite the dust in Chew #30.

Runner Ups

2. Lavina and Sophie: Always adding a nice distinct bit of humor to Angel and Faith.

3. Batman Inc.: All of the supporting cast members add something a little different to the series, whether it be conflict, or humor or something else entirely.

4. M'alizz: Interesting sidekick to Edison.

Best Individual Issue: Batman, Incorporated #2

No Caption Provided

By: Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham

The issue is a compelling read from start to finish. It's got a beautifully written dialogue, and great interaction. The issue shows Talia and how she's grown as a character. Fantastic issue.

Runner Ups

2. Uncanny X-Force #24: Amazingly well written. Fantastic characterization, dialogue, which will keep you interested up until the very end of the issue.

3. Chew #26: A very fun issue and great homage to the very first issue of Chew.

4. Chew: Secret Agent Poyo #1: Extremely fun issue.

Best Finale Winner(s): Ultimate Spider-Man #160/Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1

I couldn't chose between the two so I picked both. SPOILERS: Peter Parker's death was so well done, and the revelation of who is behind Leviathan was amazing as well. Season One of Batman Inc ended with so much at stake, Batman nearly defeated, and Talia in control. We got Stephanie Brown too! Meanwhile Ultimate Spider-Man delivered a heartfelt, swan song to the story Bendis was telling and gave Peter a real heroic exit.

Runner Ups

2. Uncanny X-Force #18: Great end to a great story.

3. Red Robin #26: Really did a good job of showing how much potential Tim Drake has.

4. Teen Titans #100: Really nice ending.

The End?

To be continued...

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Dexter "Do You See What I See" Review Contains Spoilers!


AAAAHHHH!!!!! Season Seven, you're seriously the craziest season yet! You introduced so many great characters and continue to get rid of them. At least in Hannah's case it's possible for her to return. This episode had me thinking she'd come back next season and be a regular. Silly me.

The Good.

The episode will have you on the edge of you're seat. So many crazy plot twists, I really dread the finale. This season has really had a feel similar to the earlier seasons. It's been naturally crazy. All of the plot developments have been natural for the characters. Hannah continues to be one of those characters where you never know what you're gonna get.

She unpredictable. You can never guess what she'll do next. Deb continues to have some great moments. This episode was just wonderfully done. While I hate the ending, it felt natural. It wasn't just a "OH SO SHOCKING" it was so well done. The scenes with LaGuerta are extremely conflicting. I like her character but I dislike what has been going on with her trying to bring down Dexter. She's in a sense become the new Doakes. Brilliant.

Quinn's storyline while the least exciting storyline, gets an ending. Sort of, maybe. It's an okay ending. I think the writers kind of realized it's been one of the weakest stories this season.

The Bad.

Like I said Hannah's been great. I was looking forward to a future between Dexter and Hannah. Oh and I saw the trailer for the finale and it sort of spoiled something or so it appeared. Oh and another thing. Deb thinks she's protecting Dexter, but by sending Hannah to prison now Hannah has reason to reveal what she knows about him. So really, that will only hurt Dexter more. Most likely,


Great episode. I had some issues with it but overall it was good.

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Dexter: Argentina Review

Season Seven is shaping up to be my favorite season of Dexter. The new characters of Hannah and Isaak are fantastic additions to the Dexter cast. Will this episode continue the win streak?

The Good

Hannah and Dexter work so well together. Hannah is such a complex and interesting character. Each and every episode we learn more about her. I'm hoping she survives the season, so we can continue to learn more about her. The title Argentina does have minimal significance when we begin the episode, but by the end it all makes sense.

Isaak is by far one of if not the, best foes Dexter has had to face. He parallels Dexter in many ways. He's without a doubt the most sympathetic villain the show has ever had. His scene with Dexter at the end is fantastic.

While not a fan of the Dexter/Deb, plot it's brought up here at the end. It's actually really well done, Jennifer Carpenter delivers a fantastic and emotional scene. Now onto the final scene which really made the episode. Dexter has some great inner monologue at the end of the episode.

The monologue is overall my favorite scene of the episode. One of my favorite scenes in the whole series. Wonderful.




Fantastic episode.


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Buffy Season Seven "Same Time, Same Place"


So Willow's back! Aw yeah, the Scooby Gang is back together! Or are they? Hmm....

Title: "Same Time, Same Place"

What may sound like a possible reference to that 60's Batman show(It is actually), actually is extremely relevant to the story as I realized early on.


Is extremely creepy! It also helps drive a wedge between the Scooby Gang a bit by making it appear Willow may be the cause of the death. Very clever.

Story & Script

This is a "Willow Episode" more than it is a Buffy Episode. While not on the same scale of awesome as "Dopplegangland" it's an extremely good episode(with one or two references to the episode). As I've said this is shaping up to be one epic final season. The references to past seasons are awesome.

The interaction between Willow and Anya is fantastic. I felt it played a bit of tribute to Dopplegangland when the two perform their second spell together(the first being in that very episode). There is a lot of humor sprinkled into the episode as well. The character interaction is as usual fantastic, and the end scene with Buffy and Willow is the best scene the two have shared in quite a while.


Great episode!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Seven Episode Two "Beneath You"

Season Seven continues it's winning streak with "Beneath You".

Plot: Something is lurking beneath Sunnydale? Why is it here? What is it? Who made it? Spike is hiding a secret, but what is it?

*My reviews for Buffy will deal with three things they will deal with the Story and Script as well as the Threat(s) they face and how interesting, credible, and unique they are. I will also kind of review the title of the episode, how much meaning it has to the episode.

The Title: Beneath You

"Beneath You" refers to quite a few things. It refers to the words Buffy hears in her dream, were the episodes threat is working, and how Spike feels. He feels like he isn't good enough, ashamed, and feels BENEATH Buffy. Great episode title.

The Threat

The threat in this episode is not extremely interesting, but it's origin is. Another thing I must note is the dream sequence at the beginning seems to be hinting at this seasons "Big Bad" which appears to be coming from the ground(Earth's teeth? Hell Mouth?)

Story and Script

The episode has some great character interaction. Some of the best I've seen in a while. The humor is great as well, specifically the scene where Buffy, Xander, that one girl, and Spike head to the Bronze to meet Anya. It's pretty hilarious.

The plot is so so. I like that they seem to be going back to the "High school as a horror movie" approach and that the villains are metaphors for what their going through. This episode has a lot of suspense , and when the worm monster shows up you're like "Oh crap". The final scene with Buffy and Spike is really well done.


Very good episode, not as good as the last but very good none the less.

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