My thoughts on Captain America!


I don't want Steve Rogers to ever be Captain America Again, I would almost prefer this be the first time someone, a major character, wasn't brought back.

I would be okay with him being brought back, cause its comics, but not being Captain America.

You can easily write Steve Rogers being out of place in time stories without him being Cap. He will Always be the one true Cap, but he doesn't have to be Captain

America by name to prove that. May Steve Rogers rest in peace.

I want to tell my kids, that I don't have, in 15- 30 years that I was there when Captain America was replaced.

I think having Buchanan Barnes as Cap is perfect, is better than perfect, its about damn time. I'm glad this was done and although Winter Soldier was awesome, it had been done before. Steve Rogers has been out of place for a long time, and


Bucky is a much Fresher character for story telling.

Also thank God a sidekick has officially taken the mantle, and it could be for a long time. We all know Bruce Wayne isn't going to die soon, and if he did, he wouldn't stay dead for nearly as long as I think Steve will. (Even if he comes back, it looks to me like it will be a long time if ever for him to take back the mantle.) Even my mother knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, most people you ever talk to know the real name of Batman. But how many non comic book readers do you know that know Captain America's name is and has been for over 60 years STEVE ROGERS? Although Captain America is a household name Steve Rogers isn't, and may never be.

How Awesome would it be for Marvel to do something no other comic company has done, replace a mainstay character someone who has been around for years, a household name, and keep it that way!

and You and I witnessed it first hand.


Lighten Up! Multiple Man & Mystique strange bedfellows, or just in my head.

I decided after my last post that it was time to lighten up, my blog.

These are the best quizes I've found in a while, you can never have to many superhero villain quizes in your blog.

My results surprised me. Take these quizes and and let me know your results. or post a link to your blog with the results.

Marvel Superhero Personality Test
You scored as Multiple Man/ James Madrox

You are multi-talented, versatile, and has good intuition.

What Marvel Comics Villain Are You?
You scored as Mystique.

A shape-shifting master, or, uh, MISTRESS, of disguise. You obtain what you desire at the cost of others' capability to trust you. Lies, deceit, conniving - they are your trade. But who wins? You, of course.


The Joker Is Dead!!! Rip.

I am sure most every one has heard by now that Heath Ledger died yesterday. It's weird normally actors, entertainers, stars dying doesn't effect me, but for some reason his death does bother me. Probably in the same way River Phoenix's death bothered my parents. Someone with loads of talent dying way to soon. If I was alive when Jimmy Hendrix, John Bonham, or Jim Morrison died, I'm sure I would have felt the same (probably worse). And not that he's in the same category as those guys, but he is a great entertainer that will be missed.

And as Jim Morrison once said “I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then- whoosh, and I'm gone...and they'll never see anything like it ever again... and they won't be able to forget me- ever.”

It think this is a very fitting quote to what Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker will be. I only hope that Hollywood doesn't edit his performance due to his death.

News OF.

Interview about the Joker.

"The Dark Knight" Trailer.

Oh and by the way I thought after seeing the trailer a couple months ago that Heath Ledger had a good chance at an Oscar. That still stands.


Time to Move!

Time to move these videos off my page and into my blog, Check these guys out at and now they are on at

I liked the content of this episode as well, gonna have to pick up Wonder Woman.

Oh Holy T&A, Batman!

Moved More Stuff from the page 6-2-08

You are

Apocalypse 68%
Dr. Doom 63%
Lex Luthor 63%
Magneto 61%
Juggernaut 58%
Venom 56%
Dark Phoenix 54%
Riddler 50%
Kingpin 48%
The Joker 48%
Green Goblin 46%
You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest.
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UPDATED, $0.50 comics, thank god today's my birthday!

Had to post this before I went out tonight!

So last week I found this flea market/antiquities and collectibles shop that has a special for comics in the month of December, 50 Cent comic books. It's only fitting that I got them for this price since the year I was born they became 60 cents and never in my life time have I seen hundreds of comics for 50 cents each. So last week I bought 34 comics for 17 dollars, which would have been 102 dollas at the comic shops. (Which is Awesome cause I havn't bought many comics in the last two years.)

But today, My Birthday, I went with my Pops, cause I told him about the great deal, and he bought me 109 comics for $56 and change, as a birthday gift, I swapped two from the week before that were doubles of what I already had. Most of the issues I bought will fill in the runs I have or add to them.

Then to top it off I got 5 issues for free as an X-Mas special, sweet, so here's the first 34 I got, and I will update the other 114 when I get them, I am going over to my parents tomorrow for a movie, cake, and dinner, and My Mom likes to wrap gifts so I'll get them then, weird!

ps. This evening I went through my third long box of comics, didn't have time this mornin before I left to meet my dad at the Emporium and found I have about 7 more doubles, se la vie.

New X-Men #150

New X-Men #151

New X-Men #153

New X-Men #154

X-Men #159

X-Men #169

X-Men #189

Uncanny X-Men #430

Uncanny X-Men #431

Uncanny X-Men #446

Uncanny X-Men #447

Uncanny X-Men #460

Uncanny X-Men #461

Uncanny X-Men #462

Uncanny X-Men #469

X-Men Unlimited #1

X-Men Unlimited #31

X-Men Unlimited #49

X-Men Unlimited #50

X-Men Annual '99

Xtreme X-Men #36

Xtreme X-men #37

Xtreme X-men #38

Xtreme X-men #39

Xtreme X-men #45

Xtreme X-men #46

X-Men: True Friends #1

X-Men: Phoenix Endsong #2

X-Men: Phoenix Endsong #5

X-Factor vol 1 #71

X-Factor vol 2 #10

New Mutants vol 2 #4

New Mutants vol 2 #5

New Mutants vol 2 #6

New Mutants vol 2 #7

New Mutants vol 2 #8

New Mutants vol 2 #9

New Mutants vol 2 #10

New Mutants vol 2 #11

New Mutants vol 2 #12

New X-Men academy x #5

New X-Men academy x #7

New X-Men academy x #9

Paradise X #1

Weapon X #11

Weapon X #13

Weapon X #14

Weapon X #15

Weapon X #16

Weapon X #18

Weapon X #20

Weapon X #21

Weapon X #22

Weapon X: Days of Future Now #1

Weapon X: Days of Future Now #2

Weapon X: Days of Future Now #3

X-Man #48

X-Man #54

X-Man #67

X-Man #71

X-Man #72

X-Man #75

X-Man #79

X-Force vol 1 #58

X-Force vol 1 #59

X-Force vol 1 #60

X-Force vol 1 #65

X-Force vol 1 #102

X-Force vol 1 #103

X-Force vol 1 #105

X-Force vol 1 #106

X-Force vol 1 #108

X-Force vol 1 #109

X-Force vol 1 #110

X-Force vol 1 #111

X-Force vol 1 #112

X-Force vol 1 #113

X-Force vol 1 #114

X-Force vol 1 #115

X-force vol 2 #2

X-force vol 2 #3

Cable #60

Cable #61

Cable #62

Cable #63

Cable #64

Cable #65

Cable #80

Cable #83

Cable #95

Soldier X #2 (now I have 2)

Soldier X #3

Soldier X #4

Soldier X #5

Soldier X #6

Soldier X #7

Soldier X #8

Soldier X #9

Soldier X #10

Soldier X #11

Soldier X #12

Cable & Deadpool #19

Cable & Deadpool #20

Cable & Deadpool #23

Cable & Deadpool #25

Cable & Deadpool #26

Cable & Deadpool

Wolverine: Days of Future Past #3

Snikt #1

Snikt #2

Snikt #3

Snikt #4

Sabretooth #1

Sabretooth #2

Sabretooth #3

Sabretooth #4

Exiles #48

Exiles #49

Thunderbolts #38

Thunderbolts #63

Thunderbolts #64

Thunderbolts #65

Thunderbolts #77

Thunderbolts #78

Thunderbolts #79

Thunderbolts #80

Thunderbolts #81

Thunderbolts #108

Thunderbolts #109

Wildcats 3.0 #3.7

Wildcats 3.0 #3.8

Wildcats 3.0 #3.8 variant

Wildcats 3.0 #3.10

Wildcats 3.0 #3.11

Wildcats 3.0 #12

Wildcats 3.0 #14

Wildcats 3.0 #19

Wildcats 3.0 #20

Wildcats 3.0 #21

Wildcats 3.0 #22

Wildcats 3.0 #24

Tomb Raider #45

Tomb Raider #50

Witchblade & Tomb Raider #1

Tarot #31

Ninja Boy #6


Book Stores! InterWeb! Are Tights In the Future! pt 13

In closing, comic books have survived every decade and has been accepted through all as a medium, despite difficulties.

Superheroes are at an all time high yet comic book sales are many times near an all time low. With people less likely to frequent a Comic Shop than book stores of the Internet, World Wide Web. What do people want from comics, monthly isues, in their hand or online, or do they want Graphic novels and Trade Paper Backs, with whole stories tucked away and conveniently around when needed. Without the Monthly Comic at comic shops or where ever we will lose what we love about comics, the anticipation for next months issues, the diversity will be gone as well. Have you ever seen TPB's in a book store not too many indie comics, or the sleepers, that we find out about months after happening that rekindle why we got into comics in the first place, TPB's although awesome are not the answer. Internet comics even more readily available, but only as real as that show you watched three years ago on TV. Comics online are set up to become cartoons, good ones, better than the ones on tv, more Adult, and poignant to todays issues, which would be a great new world of Superhero entertainment. But it would not be comics.


Greed Kills Comics! 9/11 Saves! Hollywood Looks to Comics! pt 12

With millions of dollars being made, the greed factor entered into comics and nearly kills them. With Tons of people making their way in to comic stores to buy them as investments. With sales sky rocketing publishers started printing issues with multiple covers and special editions. So people bought multiples of the same issue to make money, but found the comics weren't worth much due to the comics having so many issues printed. the Comics that were of value were of great monetary value were printed during or before WWII, as well as first issues ft. Now Superhero Icons, generally printed in the 60's. For Superheroes to Survive publishers had to create Stunts in which to sell comics, Superman gets Married, Lex Luthor becomes president, and Characters are Killed!

It has been so noted, and seen, that comic book superheroes have reflected our world as popular culture always does, but the real world intruded on September 11th, 2001. Because of the attacks, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse & Image made 9/11 comic books to create awareness and raise money to help 9/11 victims, as well as their families. Unlike other conflicts, WWII, comic books would never go off to fight the terrorists like they fought the Nazis. But the Ambiguity of Our worlds villains translated well to the stories that could be told in Captain America, or any books for that matter.

With releases of Movies made by Marvel that are very successful, Hollywood turns it eyes back to comics in a big way. These Movies also bring an influx of readers and New popularity back to comics.

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Comicbook Stores! TheSandman! Sexual Revolution! pt 11

With the introduction of the 90's, comic books moved from the newsstands to the comic book stores. The comic books moved up from using darker heroes to making adult-only comic books. One of the first, and most praised, comics from DC's new Vertigo imprint is The Sandman, its nineteenth issue won a World Fantasy Award. Another company, Image, a creator owned comic company, created the Very popular early 90's character Spawn. The comic books become more sexual, with both women and men. Women like in other media were used to "sell" showing off in scantily clad costumes, if any at all, as well ass sexual poses and more sexualized content. Also Apollo and Midnighter, created by Wildstorm, were created as a gay superhero couple, showing a different side of men in comics. Many other gay characters were and have been created. Graphic Novels saw their introduction and one Batman graphic novel helped get a handgun law put into place.


The British R Coming! Miller turns Batman on his Head! pt 10

One of the most controversial titles to come out of the 80's, set out to destroy the notion of superheroes in general: the Watchmen. After that book, every writer/artist in comic books felt they could do more. Neil Gaiman continues the British/European political style of the Anti-Hero with Sandman. Also Frank Miller took on another best known comic book series set in the future called Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. The grim 'n' gritty era of the eighties lead to changes like Lex Luthor being an evil businessman and shocking moments like the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin. At the end of this decade, a new era of superheroes was signaled with the release of Tim Burton's Batman.

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X-Men Relevant! Wolverine Elektra & Punisher Kick Butt! pt 9

At the end of the 70s, the seriousness of comic books returned with the released of the two Superman movies which are box office successes. But three years prior, with the biz of the upcoming films, artist Neal Adams brought Siegel & Shuster back to DC Comics to make amends. With his help, their byline was restored on the Superman comics. But by the 70s, Superman wasn't entirly popular as that title went to the X-Men. And by the eighties, it was a then call for a darker hero. This is where newcomer Frank Miller comes in and starts his carear. First, he takes over and brings Daredevil to popularity, then he challenges his notion of non-lethal justice by reviving The Punisher.

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