How long do you guys think this new 52 continuity will last?

We're in the second year now..I havent really read much of it bar JLA & some Batman..

I got a lot of Green Lantern stuff to catch up on..

The Marvel universe is pretty ruined much unfulfilled promise.I wonder will they bring back the Sentry? Also I want to read how Deadman was brought back to life..probably similar to Red Tornado I guess..

These are dark days for an old stick in the mud purist like myself..I dont even like the Marvel covers these days as much.

Guess Il wait til I get paid this early summer then hit a big Mart/Convention & fill the trunk of my car with comics,magazines(missing Wizard issues) & hopefully some good action figures & Bowen busts..

Then take a few days off from DCUO,lock myself away for a few days with some spacecakes & escape reality..

Then Ive got a massive amount of indexing comics into my collection & baggin & boardin ect..gonna hafta recruit someone to help..bribe em

Happy Days

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Have a good one! postal deliveries are workin again yay think imna order Avengers vs X-men & the latest Blade of the Immortal & Berserk

BTW watched the new Anime of Hirokai Smaura's award winning Manga "Blade of the can view the entire first season on my youtube channel (user=irmensul13) on the Manga/Anime/Superheroes playlist..takes an episode or so to get goin but great stuff,you'll love it! (possibly)

Also added the trailer for the Berserk film (theres already an anime series,video games & toys based on Kentaro Miura's 'Berserk')..

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Dec 27th 2012-We're still here..

Wow Scott Lobdell was at that convention G-Man was at in the "who should keep the kryptonite ring" thread..

Wondering which convention that was..was it like,a xmas convention?

G-Man you have the best job in the world! Enjoy it..

P.S. I was trying to complete the "going batty" quest so I looked up the character pages of ten batman villains & also people who've donned the cowl but it didnt register on my quest tracker..wonderin' how to make it register

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My first month at CV -retrospective

Hmm well looking back at the few posts Ive made this year & I do seem to be moaning a lot..overly negative but its only when I see things I love dumped on..Im stoked about the new Trek movie this year..another season ofTrue Blood Ancient Aliens season..Loved Avengers..Whedon is great! death to the Singer & the No'lan..

I guess im that fussy I didnt watch Tintin cos Capt.Haddock's nose was wrong lol

I still have Avengers vs X-Men to read & some JLA so Im good..

I havent read the latest ABC Warriors,gunna wait for the collection..& um..Im pretty intrigued by this H'El dude

Oh yeah I would like to reccommend a great (adult) comic for my American comic buddies (well Ive not actually met any yet but)..anyone who's reading this-you NEED to check out Pat Mills & Oliver LeDroits Requiem (Vampire Knight)..its so cool & its Pat (2000ad creator/Dredd/ABC Warriors/Slaine/Finn/Flesh creator..also he's written Batman etc)Mills & awesome Froggie artist LeDroit..This book is SICK

PS..Love this site think Im gonna stay & go premium in due course (paid yearly so Im brassic)

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Long time Marvel/DC neutral fan..(since 70's but still pretty)...

Im a loong time fan of Marvel,DC &( any other WELL DRAWN comics..Requiem,Berserk,Warhammer,Blade of the Immortal,Conan,Verotik, get the picture)

Got quite a collection but mainly follow my favorite artists on my favorite characters as opposed to following writers..I guess I kinda think of myself as something of a "connisseur" of comics lol..Hmmm.what I mean is,I prefer comics that feature my favorite characters but only if I like the art..

Currently engaged in playing DCUO & researching hidden history,UFOS,conspiracies & so on & so forth..Not really had a standing order since "04 & lamenting the demise of Wizard magazine..which I got from number one to like,the year 2004..(so I wouldnt mind collecting the rest).

Also I should add that Im a PURIST..I get UPSET when Hollywood cant properly transcribe comics to the screen..for example-I loved Avengers it was brilliant but it niggled me that Caps star was missing off his back..n the stripes didnt reach right around his back..stuff like that.i HATE Batmans current movie incarnation..I love Whedon but hate Bryan Singer..


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