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Nice Joke 0

FIRST OFF LET ME JUST SAY IF YOU'RE A FAN OF SCOTT'S AND YOU WERE GOING TO PICK IT UP ANYWAY DO SO NOW AS IF I SAY SOMETHING LIKE "I was stunned by what happened" YOU KNOW SOMEONE DIED LIKEWISE IF I SAY "I was underwhelmed" YOU KNOW SOMEONE DIDN'T DIE, IF YOU'RE ON THE FENCE THOUGH...Here's the spoiler free review...Since I can almost guarantee the reviews section of this book will be flooded with over hyped people feeling let down I'm going to try and put my excitement leading up to this issue ...

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A Review For An X Book Newbie 0

The Good:Is It New Reader Friendly?Kind of, if this is your first ever X book you may be a little bit confused with certain characters like Fantomex.However characters like Psylocke, Storm and Puck are a little more straight forward and you'll see glimpses of character's history sprinkled through the issue.Characters:I was pretty hesitant when buying this since there were a few characters I didn't recognize or know anything about since I've somewhat been out of the X-Men loop for a while now.My ...

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X-Treme X-men 0

To those of you who are sick of the over saturation of X-books take a deep breath and relax because X-Treme X-men isn't just simply another X-Book.The Good:Greg Pak opens the story action packed and ends it on an interesting note like a true craftsman.We only get a brief look in this story at the 3 characters on the cover but in the brief time we get to know them you have at least one reason to like each of them.Dazzler fans can rejoice as it looks as though at least for this story arc she will ...

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X-Men Season One 0

The Good:X-Men:Season one is the first X-Men title I have read in a long time that doesn't have saga in front of it.X-Men lately has become overloaded with mutants and there is so much going on that even the geekiest of fans can struggle to figure what exactly is going on.This book is back to basics and is a book about the characters of the original five X-MenCyclops,Jean Grey,Beast,Iceman and Angel.The graphic novel spans over a hundred pages and gives Dennis Hopeless space to stretch his legs....

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