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Alias: Iridum

Additionally: Heterochromia, Chromia or just Chro

Name: Rana Harquinel-Graie

Age: 17

Weight: 111

Hair: dyed black, naturally black and pink

Eyes: one red one varies though dormant is a mix of green and blue

Height: 5'4"

Distinguishing features: Heterochromia Iridum within eyes and hair. Small scar over the left eye


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Drasil: a katana composed of a fabricated Yggdrasil tree that the nGods had planted. Made of the oak of such a tree the weapon weighs more akin to a kendo stick and at times can be used as such. However carved to a point of having an edge it can function as a blade. The idea being the intent of the holder that determines the objects effectiveness in combat. Because of the oak of which it was crafted, of a tree meant to expand through the nine realms the blade is bordering on indestructible composition. It'd presumably take world breaking strength to break the oak. Meanwhile the blade is made of a wood that exists in multiple realms and as such can cleave through almost anything or through things more metaphysical in nature. Sheathed usually more in Rana's umbrella as a concealed weapon as opposed to a traditional scabbard. Though both umbrella and scabbard have been crafted of the same durable oak. In the umbrella's case the forever green leaves, though often painted to fit Rana's color scheme, make up the canopy allowing it to function as a shield. However each day Rana does have to tend to it with fresh water for it to maintain its unique properties through the day. Otherwise it'd just be a durable stick.

Drak's Letter: Letter given to her by her boyfriend it allows him to arguably show up wherever she might be in all honesty. Be it in her backpack, a wallet, a pocket or just tucked away onto her scabbard the letter is almost always with her. This makes her feel like he is and as such she'd rather not leave it anywhere but at her side.


Ninlil: is a motorcycle with a pale visage like the ghostly hue of the moon. Its made of steel alone and with simple rubber tires, each however are touched by the embers of hell. It resists damage for the most part when in motion, but for the rider to be safe she must get closer to the possessed ride. The bike itself has the ability to pass over water and ride along walls. And from it can spawn chains of up to twenty feet in length. Finally named after the mother who spawned a deity of death, Rana is capable of fighting upon her stallion functioning at its speeds with no real concern to herself. As for speed it can reach up to two hundred forty nine miles per hour. Fueled by hellfire it runs with a smooth roar of a sound not needing gas, it is loosely based upon the Hyper Sports Kawasasi Ninja H2R with 300 Horse power featuring a powerful 998 cc supercharged DOHC Inline-4 engine. With it comes 6-speed dog-ring transmission, supercharger allowing remarkable acceleration. It comes with World Class KYB racing suspension.


Yusha: a kitsune with length one and a half yards with a height of one yard, fur coat white and black. The small fox is able to regenerate from most wounds and burn at heats matching magma, up to two thousand fahrenheit or a thousand three hundred celsius. Meanwhile his fangs and claws filed to a point sharp enough to pierce the hide of most kaiju. These and it's bones having a durability to almost rival adamantine. Finally the fox has seemingly bonded to Rana's shadow allowing him to come to her or vice versa through traversing through the others shadow and for each to walk on shadows.


Kaedriel's Spine: Customized to be worn as a belt it's been bleached and cleaned to a point it to most more looks akin to a gothic piece of fashion then the very real actuality. Do to modification of Saikea it does have metallic components and might be able to provide some protection if someone were to hit near Rana's waist predominantly though it is but a trophy.

Glasses: vision being slightly blurry at times in the left eye Rana went to Tarville to get glasses. During the violent end of Kaedriel a piece of shrapnel of her coated bones or blade extrusions, it was hard to tell which entered above the eye. It wasn't enough to cause permanent irreparable damage it needs time however to recover. Rana also asked for the glasses to have X-ray abilities to assist in her vigilante/hero activities.


Much was taken in a deal with Hell

Magic: Rana has begun to practice magic under the training of her boyfriend Drake. With the hopes of one day using this over her hellish eyes. As of yet she is a novice for the most part only capable of casting only a few spells two predominant ones being lightning or fire about her fists. And one to conjure brass knuckles, spiked gloves that can up her physical striking ability up to ten tons. Her more favored art however is in healing, having in the right circumstances shown her upper limit to be essentially repairing a heart. It is important to note however that that was in a corrupted forest and being done on an immortal.

Heterochromia GiftsThe Eye of Divine: from the discolored eye comes a glance into the depths of hell one that Rana herself can't avoid. However she can chose to project this vision outward. It's believed that this could grow in ability as is though all she can do is see and project the internal damnation. Rana can use this unique sight to traverse through hell and arrive elsewhere in the world. It also provides a bit of a danger sense as the sinful thoughts of men have a sort of draw to the darkness and a limited healing factor post battle.

Limbo: from this form of the eye comes a look into the more serene of the various landscapes. Perhaps her only bit of refuge from what she's had to see. Though it is not without it's demented attributes. Limbo is a strange mix of bountiful garden and drab lack of growth. As if a mockery of the garden of Eden and a showcase of humanities lack of imagination. From here comes fruit and water that looks perfect but truthfully is rotten and poisonous (a side effect being some resistance to poison). Intended to kill any who eat or drink it, other then Rana. Instead she has this as a nourishment on her travels, the sour taste something she's gotten used to. In addition she can conjure the plant life from this garden, malicious vines coated in thorns that look to coil and tear apart victims.

Lust: Those here are perhaps the hardest of people and sins for the girl to bare witness to. From it however comes a rather prosperous set of conjuring abilities. It is here where sin is assaulted by wind rain and hail. Thus granting Rana an ability to cast, though uncontrollably lightning. To freeze things under the winters cold more commonly accompanied by massive chunks of hail. With the rain she can flood almost any enclosed space. And more importantly with the gusts of hell she can rip and tear many things apart winds intended to cleave at flesh and carry sand into people with enough force to pierce the flesh and bone.

Glutton: the place for the self indulgent its sights are sick and revolting. From here comes a devouring disease ridden sickly odored slush(leading to some immunity to disease). From this comes an ability to cast this sludge which functions much like a hyper acelerated stomach acid breaking apart most minerals outside of rare metals and the most durable materials. Perhaps worse though is the disease spewing nature of the slush. In addition comes the ability to conjure worms of Cerberus the three headed carnivorous worms of various size that spew this bile as spit as they attempt to eat and burrow into their prey.

Greed: a place of luxury untouched while those who craved for such in life are forced to be weighed down and impaled by their wealth. From here Rana can cast impaling spikes and golden chains intended to trap a person. The blades part the flesh of the living with perpetual ease meanwhile the chains seem to have a various weight but always a grueling one. Intended to rip apart flesh and pull limbs from sockets should one try to pull away or escape.

Wrath: a domain of violence and blood the sights of mutilation and torture here something that haunted Rana till being haunted was a foreign concept. Within this vicious vision comes an ability to manipulate the blood of a foe and monstrous strength is provided. Hell or at least the one to which Rana sees intends to use this place of rage to drive Rana to be as violent as hell itself and become comfortable if not joyous about the idea of ripping people apart with her bare hands.

Heresy: it is here that the heretics of the world burn in fiery tombs living up to a classic personification of hell. In a way this floor has become a large part of who Rana is as prison is something she could be more comfortable with then the torture and mutalation of others. Not that it isn't as bad here as it is the above floors and some would even say it worse. From this eye Rana obtains geokinesis and pyrokinesis.

Violence: tapping into the parts of hell that long solely for bloodshed comes a side similar yet different to other circles of hell she can tap into. It is here she will often grow claws and fangs fit to rip and tear. She grows what looks to be ears, that are tuned to hear the sound of blood. And finally has the ability to spawn and control up to twenty blades. In this psychic force is also an aura intended to drive others to violent extremes along the way. The blades fangs and claw are made of Antarctic vibranium which generates a unique vibration field that breaks down other metals in close proximity. A single piece of Antarctic vibranium can reduce almost any metal into a liquid or near liquid-like state. Because of this unique property, it has been more commonly referred to as "Anti-Metal". Even the molecular structure of Adamantium can be affected by sufficient exposure to Antarctic vibranium.

The remaining two layers of hell Iridum can not yet use to her own benefits. Of course she sees them but harnessing of the divine punishments of such escapes her.