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the Marvel movies are neutral in tone. it makes them accessible to a wider range audience. they're not comedic or cartoony and they're not dire, grim or depressing. none of Marvel's films have been cartoony.

Tim Burton films are cartoony. Schumacher films are cartoony. Green Lantern movie was cartoony. several Fox and Sony Marvel films have been cartoony also. Jesse isn't referring to the Marvel films, though. he's referring to DC's previous failed attempts. the problem is the DC brand is based on characters that are role models and uplifting and hopeful rather than Marvel's dramatic and angst ridden characters. Nolan's batfilms took the joy and the superheroic wonder out of Batman because it was too grounded in realism--they just weren't fun. they played like cop dramas. MoS took a similar approach and the majority of fans didn't like it. and some asshole at WB thought the response was because Superman isn't relate-able to fans anymore--it's not that at all. Superman fans don't go to a film looking for grim gritty and edgy" realism. they got the tone of the movie wrong. it's not the character. it's them not knowing their audience.

i like Jesse but his comments here are ironic because they're in contrast to everything the fans want and everything the trailer shows already. "the red coats are coming" and "do you bleed"? maybe the Argo dialogue writer was sick those days when the dialogue was written. WB is trying so hard to be cool and edgy they're failing at it miserably and it's coming off comedic and cartoony. open mind and all; but the best we can probably hope for at this point is something depressing like MoS was. WB has to get their heads out of their asses. they need a devoted DC Studios with someone that knows the audience and the IP and believes in it enough to translate it to film without trying to update it or revamp it for flim.

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not feeling Blackneto. sorry.

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looks like they haven't learned a thing from the first time around. calling this one DOA early.

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^^ this guy isn't nearly as funny as he thinks he is.

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if you look at any online game with factions... the hero side always vastly outnumbers the villain side. this is because we like to think of ourselves as heroes of the story and protagonists. in truth, most of us are self involved and self interested and our actions reflect that -- see the world as proof.

very few people have the moral fortitude to do what's right, rather than make choices for personal gain. and even of those with the moral fortitude, you'd still get into conflicts as many of them would likely be right wing fundamentalists with a distorted perception of what is right and wrong anyhow and they'd become villains while trying to apply their values on an unwilling society.

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still don't care

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jeebus he's hot. works for me.

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apoc should be grey. and get rid of the head gear.

psylocke looks awesome.

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this article completely misses the mark, unfortunately. the issue is far more nuanced than the author is conceding to in the article. the author is under the false impression that [the hostile] fans are against reboots or remakes, but they are not. this perspective is either not understanding, or willfully not acknowledging that the real issue is dramatic divergence from the source material.

what these fans are against is reboots or remakes deviate from the original source material to an extent that the remake stops being recognizable as the source material or stops embodying what the source material endeared it to it's fans.

there are fundamental elements of characters and their respective story arcs that cannot be changed without transforming them into an entirely different story/character. this level of rework is disenfranchising the fans who have invested time and money and emotion into them over decades.

using Johnny Storm as an obvious example; if a little corn fed blond kid from Iowa connects with Johnny storm because of how that character has been portrayed over 50 something years, that is something to understand and respect. if the character is suddenly made black, that blond kid can't and shouldn't be able to connect with the character in the same way. the truth is that the white experience growing up and coming of age in our world is completely different from the black experience. spontaneously making changes like that attempts to gloss over that harsh reality of the real world and in the process completely disrespects the little blond kid AND the black community and everything they've endured. pretending or denying these problems exist by portraying the experience as interchangeable is revisionist, insulting for everyone involved, and should probably be seen as contributing to race relations problems too.

the controversy behind WonderWoman's new52 origin is another awful example. the rework claimed to "fix" everything that was wrong with the character in the eyes of it's writer. however, those elements which were fixed were intentionally and intelligently written and designed how they were to creative a unique narrative for that character. "fixing" these things completely disenfranchises every fan of the character who got on board believing in what Marston intended for the character and the gender relations narrative being portrayed. and it did this in exchange for a tired cliched uninspired set of tropes that reinforced the exact opposite set of values and ideals the creator intended to put out into the world.

there are plenty of times when reworks do respect the source material or fundamentally work. fans will usually embrace them. Iceman coming out is a good example. initially this was highly controversial. in a way fans had to cope with someone they'd loved for years and thought they knew well, coming out to them in the same way friends and families have to cope with their loved ones coming out to them in real life; which was altogether awesome btw. but rationally speaking it made perfect sense, so fans adjusted. coming out (evolving a character's narrative by exploring their sexuality) isn't the same as retcon-ing someone's race, sexual orientation, or cultural identity though. it completely didn't work with Alan Scott and was horrible and IS completely offensive -- that controversy has died down though because he's mostly a retired character in the public's consciousness.

if a company is convinced that a more diverse interpretation of X character will work; great. they're best served by putting their money on the table and investing in the creation of new diverse characters to carry on that title etc. though. fans are almost ALWAYs receptive to that (assuming the new character is truly appealing).

in the case of DC -- where's the female lantern of Earth? or the gay Lantern of Earth? just call someone worthy. I bet there's tons of worthy gay dudes and women on this planet. it's not hard -- and fans know this. this is why they resent these cheap disrespectful retcons/tactics and are lashing out against them.

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whoever took offence to that statement should really be sat down and talked to. and if they were professionals or any form of media coverage; should loose their jobs. that's ridiculous.

talk about sensationalizing and making something salacious out of something innocuous.