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Let's Get It Started

Warning: All opinions are subject to change without notice.

This picture would be cooler if I liked Superman...

Okay. My first few log-in's to Comicvine for the most part have been enjoyable. I've updated my profile, browsed a few threads and peeked at a couple users. Good start.

Top 5 Likes About Comicvine So Far:

1. Comic books. Duh.

2. It's an active community.

3. For the most part everyone's literate.

4. Making your own character.

5. You have comic points, not "cool" points.

Top 5 Dislikes So Far:

1. All the censorship.

2. Too much Avril Lavigne.

3. Augh. Anime.

4. People not posting their own pictures.

5. It's confusing to navigate at first.

Anyways. In a more important matter...

"Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch will play Gambit in director Gavin Hood's upcoming film X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Good work, casting director. I'm satisfied with this one. Although I've never heard him speak, I can only hope he has the appropriate voice for the part and I'm practically praying for a decent Louisiana accent. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? Anyway, apparently Kitsch has signed a three-picture deal, which can only mean... Gambit has anything but a minor role and that there will (hopefully) be more than one movie if everything goes as planned.

Next up, my husband's next mycomicshop order. He's been kind enough to order some Black Cat (1994) 1-4, Gambit (1993) 1-4, Heroes for Hire (1997) 10-11, Nightcrawler (1985) 1-4, and Wolverine Gambit Victims (1995) 1-4 along with quite a few of his own picks. (Like Captain America Sentinel of Liberty, Iron Man, and fun stuff like that.) So yeah, I'm pretty psyched. Everything's in stock and is ready to be shipped tomorrow.


I don't care what anyone says. These Superhero Squad toys are the absolute coolest. I got several for my husband on Valentine's Day and I absolutely fell in love. I want to get him so much of this kind of crap, it's ridiculous. I think I might be addicted to buying them...?

"Marvel Superhero Squad. Gotta buy 'em all!"