Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Iron Fist...

I'm a martial arts instructor.  I've been training for more than 16 years in striking and grappling... and also have limited gymnastics training, as well as first aid/cpr and some weapons.  Pretty much that would cover anything up close and hand-to-hand.  Some gadgets would be nice, but so would the following powers:

Jubilee's energy manipulation:  believe it or not, her power to manipulate energy in the form of blinding, stunning, or explosive light would be perfect for self defense and offense.  Some police officers or militarists actually use bright pulse flashlights in order to subdue bad guys... More powerful options would be tazers, smoke bombs, and concussion grenades.  With having up close fighting basically covered... Jubilee's powers would essentially be an awesome backup in case of greater distances or if my striking isn't possible in certain scenarios.  I could utilize my choice of power level for different situations. 

Kitty Pryde's phasing abilities:  I have often times wanted to just disappear from certain conversations or locations... either because of ignorance on the other people, or just because I wasn't up to all of the hooplah.  Also, in emergency situations, being able to literally run through a crowd as opposed to being stuck or trampled in one would be more than useful.  Seeing as I have fighting skills covered, Kitty's powers would allow me to basically not take a punch/kick/weapon assault since the attack would phase right through me.  :)  haha!

Iron Fist:  My avatar's powers are actually a combination of Jubilee/Iron Fist/ and a lesser extent of Kitty's abilities.  He can control light to either create darkness or brilliant luminance.  He can form the light around his hands and feet to increase striking power... and can also become invisible/disappear with bent light.  Iron Fist uses his inner energy to enhance his strikes.  He is also a martial artist.


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