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Gecko alias Insideman create the stories of the Halfworld. The Halfworld is in our world where are born the Immortals. Half humans and half something else. Most have born to destroy us and some have born to defend us. The Greatest superheroes of Halfworld: MoonEye, Jerytho, Octaviane, Divinus, BatBoy (BB), Viridis, Romulus and the unimaginative WhiteMan the assassin.

The superevils: Virus, BoneMan, The Tamer, Anomaly, Gemini, Jack the Ripper, Rock, GravE.T., Midnite, The Royalty of Sun, Discus, Delila, Warp, Grimace, Bloodtooth, Akonitos, Spyder, Torpedo, Pauza, Ebola, Funis, Extasy, Baltazar and lot more.

The Halfworld starts with Teofil... but i don't tell everything. :)