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Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy) Respect Thread (Work in Progress)

Respect the Warrior of Light:

"May the light forever shine upon us..."

Recommended Reading: Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes - A Novelization of the events of Final Fantasy I, II, and III, though for this thread only the first is relevant.


"Combat Skills" is a vague term referring to a character's skill with a weapon, or H2H Combat.

The Warrior duels Garland to a stand-still:

Source: Final Fantasy: Dissidia

The Warrior blocks an attack from a Zidane manikin:

No Caption Provided

Source: Final Fantasy: Dissidia Duodecim 012

Setro, the Warrior, defeats Garland with a little help from Zauver, the Thief.

Garland lowered into a crouch, his blade before him, and sprang toward her. Flora stood rooted to the spot. As the darkly shining steel closed in, one of her companions darted into its path. Zauver swiftly circled in front of Garland, and his dagger shot out to defend Flora. With a shower of sparks, Garland's blade slid along the dagger and pierced into Zauver's shoulder.

"Ngh!" Zauver clenched his teeth as he stood his ground, but a moan still escaped him.

An instant later, Setro stepped forward and traced an upward arc with his sword. Locked in his struggle with Zauver, Garland had left his back unguarded.

"Prepare yourself!" Setro yelled as he raised his arms over his head.

"I'd rather he didn't." Zauver sighed as Garland spun around and met Setro's eyes. But Zauver flexed his wounded muscles around Garland's blade to hold it fast, preventing him from attacking. Garland froze for a moment in dismay--and that moment was enough to end the fight. With a warrior's cry, Setro's sword descended through armor, flesh, and bone.

"Why...must mere...?"Blood bubbles formed at his lips as a hoarse moan left his throat. Utter loathing filled Garland's wide eyes as he reached out to Setro, his hand shaking with rage. But suddenly, those eyes went dull, his empty hand slid downward, and his body crumpled forward.

Sheathing his sword, Setro looked down at the knight lying facedown against the stone. He had failed to grant the request from the soldiers at the gate; he ground his teeth in frustration.

Source: Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes

The Warrior and his friends defeat the pirates troubling Pravoka:

Source: Final Fantasy I - 20th Anniversary Edition

The Warrior and his friends defeat the Piscodemons guarding Astos' Crown in the Marsh Cave:

Source: Final Fantasy I - 20th Anniversary Edition

The Warrior and his friends defeat Astos, King of the Dark Elves in the Western Keep:

Source: Final Fantasy I - 20th Anniversary Edition

Setro uses his sword to block an attack from the Vampire in the Cavern of Earth:

"You must be the vampire...the cause of the rotting earth." Setro drew his sword with a determined glare. But before he could even take a step forward, the vampire bared it's teeth and lunged,

Falling back a step, Setro laid his sword sideways to fend off the creature. It was aiming for Setro's neck, but its fangs snapped down on the blade with a hard clang. Even as the steel cut into his mouth, the vampire threw its weight against Setro.

"Greedy bastard... After stealing all the life from the earth, you want mine as well?" With a heave, Setro shoved the vampire and sent it staggering away with a deep gash in its upper jaw.

Source: Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes


Refers to a character's physical strength.

The Warrior punts a manikin of himself:

No Caption Provided

Source: Final Fantasy: Dissidia Duodecim 012


"Accolades" (when used in this context) are usually off-screen feats or statements about a certain character's power or skill.

Setro is described as skilled with a sword:

Honest and skilled with a sword, he's the leader, of sorts-- but his straightforward approach means he often becomes overly focused on his goal and loses sight of his surroundings.

Source: Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes

The Warrior is described as being skilled in "all aspects of combat":

A legendary Warrior blessed by the light. Bearing sword and shield, he is skilled in all aspects of combat.

Source: Final Fantasy: Dissidia