Top 5 characters that should never appear in the Marvel Movieverse

Y'know what I mean by Marvel Movieverse, right? I mean the Avengers section. Y'know what I mean. I bet you do. I hope you do.


5- You could work.

List items

  • For obvious reasons. The ONLY time he should ever appear is if they ever make a more 616-ish Punisher movie. I damn well better see Frank fire an RPG at this guy's crotch as a gag! Also, he should be played by Matthew Broderick.

  • I could MAYBE see the post-retcon version working in an Inhumans movie, but otherwise... just... do I really even have to say anything? It's the freaking Beyonder.

  • This guy has a severe case of "only works in comics" syndrome. Unless you gave him guns or something, no one would take him seriously. Granted, not a lot of people in comics take him seriously, but we also have a lot of other more ridiculous sh*t to deal with.

  • I think having this character consult Thanos or whatnot could be a little too... HEAVY for an audience to watch. Maybe I'm wrong, this is a concept that could work, but to me it seems like it has a bigger shot of backfiring.

  • He could work, but is he really necessary? If he ever appears in a movie by Marvel, it should be in a Fantastic Four movie. And even then, we'd get the f**king idiots who say "OMFG ITS AN AQUAMAN RIPOFF", and then I'd have to post "No, Namor came first" a billion times on the internet. Don't put me through that pain.