Villains I think should become heroes, OR anti-heroes

This is a list of all the villains out there I think should become heroes or anti-heroes if only for a little while.

List items

  • Yeah, I know he's as arrogant as any true villain could possibly be, but even he let's his enemies off the hook if they aren't feeling up to snuff, and if it werent for his ego he'd probably be one of Spider-Man's greatest allies!

  • I know this guy looks like a demon, but like Nightcrawler he's more than just a monster, I want him brought back as a good guy so he can be yet another mighty marvel monster who has as much heart as any man! (If not MORE heart!)

  • Let's face it, Dragon Man isn't really a villain, he's just a big, powerful android brought to life who ends up being used as a weapon by various supervillains until the only way to stop him is to hit him till he breaks. But like the Hulk, he's not all bad so maybe he should just get a big brain in that big head of his and finally have the ability to tell all those villains "no".

  • It's such a shame that this guy seems to be so bloodthirsty thses days because his weaponry could be non-lethal takedown only if he really wanted it to be.

  • I know after what he did to Karl Lykos he should be punishied, but I think he's suffered enough. If they ever make him a good guy I won't be complaining.

  • Come ON Marvel! Is Rhino a tragic character or just a violent brute? (Or maybe a bit of both?) Make up your minds!

  • Yeah, I know he's too petty and violent to be a nice guy, but he's still a "cool" character and deserves more respect even if he never changes his ways. (And frankly, I hope he does anyway!)

  • Okay, hear me out... As far as I'm concerned, the D.C. reboot could be a GOLDEN oppertunity to make Prometheus a much better character. I know he's supposed to be an EEEEEVIL version of Batman, but why no make him just more brutal than Batman instead? As a villian, Prometheus was a shallow, petty, sadistic momma's boy with a few nifty tricks, but as an ANTI-HERO he could be a character who fights authority not in a bloodthirsty way just in a way that makes heroes want to fight him not put an arrow in his skull blurt out the word "justice" (I.E. REVENGE... ) and walk away knowing that by killing somebody they did the right thing because they just killed a villain who existed for the sole purpose of giving the JLA an excuse to take a life!

  • Okay, as far as I know, this guy is more tragic than sadistic, so why not have him change his ways and become a reluctant but useful ally to our heroes? From redemption to proving he can become a new man to just wanting to start over. I think the Ringmaster has suffered enough loss and humiliation for one lifetime and now he deserves a chance for a new career as a "hero for hire" or something!