The Punching Bags.

Here is a list of characters I think should stop being abused, killed-off or just ignored and frozen in comic book limbo for years on end. Even if they aren't the best of the best, but they didn't deserve what they got either, the great thing about comic books is that it's never too late for a second chance, yet these characters seem to exist for the sole purpose of being treated badly and frankly I just don't think it was a good idea... AT ALL.

List items

  • Where do I even BEGIN? Lian Harper was a cute, kindhearted little girl who was one of the only things keeping her father SANE most of the time, and not only was she killed-off in a cold, pointless way, she was omitted from D.C. continuity altogether when they had their big relaunch and now fans are expected to just forget she ever existed! Ugh, if Lian ever comes back, I think she should stck around a little longer. Or at the very least, get a better death!

  • I know this sounds paranoid, but I think someone at D.C. REALLY hated this poor woman. Bad enough she was assaulted by Dr. Light, but NOOOOO, she also got killed by one of her closest friends in one of the most half-assed plot-twists in comic book history! If the D.C. realunch brings her back, I hope it's not just so she can be mistreated some more. Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe she was killed off as an act of MERCY...

  • I swear to GOD, this woman is based on somebody's actual ex-wife! And this person still has some SERIOUS issues with her! Not only did she get divorced form her husband even though she still cares for him, (And HE feels about as strongly for HER!) but just to rub it in, she's also responsible for the death of one of her friends AND was pretty much just DUMPED in Arkham Assylum just as soon as her husband found out! So did this cure her and make things all better? OF COURSE NOT! She somehow found something that made her a supervillain and now she's more of a threat than EVER! I'm starting to think the real reason she got divorced was not because her husband was making her angry by being a JERK, but because she was sick and tired of him being an absolute MORON... And that's pretty unforgivable considering he's supposed to be a brillaint scientist!

  • Finally! A MALE character can be put on this list! I know he's not a D.C. one but he still counts! He's another character with a TON of potential who seems to get a raw deal as often as possible! White Wolf is NOT Loki! So please writers, STOP TRYING TO MAKE READERS THINK HE IS!!!

  • I know I already have him on one of my lists, but Howard has been given so much hate over the years from fans and writers alike! And frankly, I'm just tired of it! Howard may not be a character you can take seriously, but he still deserves better than to be so loathed and so ridiculed.