My favorite misfits

These are the characters who may not be able to pass for normal humans, but they can still be interesting characters in their own way.

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  • Oh come ON! You didn't think I could make a list like this without the ever lovin' blue-eyed THING! He's been a personal favorite of mine since I first HEARD of the Fantastic Four! I know his powers are pretty generic, but his attitude is TIMELESS!

  • One of D.C.'s best! I'm more of a MARVEL fan, but there are still a few D.C. characters I could learn to LOVE, and Swamp Thing is one of 'em!

  • Okay, I admit, he's not as good as Swamp Thing, but that doesn't stop Man-Thing from being one of my favorites, I don't care how often he hangs out with Howard the Duck!

  • And here he is! Everyone's favorite verbal punching bag! Howard has taken WAY too much disrespect over the years and I admit his movie was LAME! But I think I know what went wrong, Howard is a BADASS, even the movie realized this and had him kicking butt!... The only problem is, it didn't happen aften enough! One scene we're seeing Howard beating up a large group of punks like they're NOTHING! The next, he can't even take a bunch of drunken truckers! And later on in the movie he goes toe-to-toe with a monster that even the HULK would have trouble with, and WINS! MAKE UP YOU'RE MIND MOVIE!!!

  • The demon with the heart of an angel? You'd better assume hed be on this list!

  • Brains, brawn, and heart! Beast belongs on this list if only for those reasons!

  • Oops! Should have put her after her daddy, Nightcrawler! Ah well, at least she's still here!

  • Yeah, I know there are plenty of vampires in the MARVEL universe, but how many of them are 100% alive? Poor Morbius can't seem to catch a break in a net! He's too dangerous for humans and to soft for vampires, so he's a misfit if ever there was one! And as far as I'm concerned, one of the absolute WORST things about "Blade: Tinity" was the fact that Morbius wasn't in it! (I swear, it's like the studio WANTED that movie to be hated...)

  • I wonder if I should have put this guy closer to the Thing?... Whatever the case may be, I still love this guy!

  • Okay, so he's not the most complex character in the history of MARVEL, but he's still one of my favorites!

  • Yeah, I know he's not the strangest-looking charcter here, but when you're a huge, bright green powerhouse with anger-management issues up the yin/yang, it's pretty hard NOT to pass for a bigger misfit than the Thing will EVER be...

  • Sure, she's easy on the eyes, but the Hulk's little cousin is still tall, green, and usually a lot more muscular than you're average human woman! (Or even MAN!) So it still seems to me that while she could be more of a misfit, she's close enough! (Not that I'd tell her to get lost if I was trpped in the MARVEL universe one day and she suddenly lowered her standards to the point where I looked really good to her all of a sudden...)

  • How could I have missed this guy? He's one of my personal favorites too! I know he's not the most powerful character or even the most complex, but he's still one of those characters who deserves better than to be forgotten about forever!

  • I love this character, in fact, the only thing I hate about him is that he could make life way too easy for his fellow mutants to live with having powers that aren't easy to control...

  • How could I NOT add Leeches sidekick Artie? Oh sure, he may be a really quiet conversation, (He is MUTE after all!) but if he gets skilled enough with his telepathy, he could be the next Proffesor X! (Hopefully with better legs of course!... Until Charles gets some new ones... Then loses them... And gets new ones... And then loses them... And gets new ones... I'm sensing a pattern here... )

  • Yeah, I know he's pretty much a Rockslide or even Ben Grimm wannabe, but just because someone or something is original doesn't automatically make it good! (I'm looking at YOU "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" fans! Was it ALL bad having a "Halloween" movie WITHOUT Micheal Myers? Not really. Did that make it a perfect movie? NOOOOO!!! So stop acting like it's a glorious hidden gem with NO flaws! Just STOP IT! STOP IT!! STOP IT!!! STOP IIIIIIT!!!!!!) Anyway, for all his faults, Onyxx had potential and now we may never get to see it! Sure he can be brought back someday, but not EVERY character in comics comes back from the dead, and so all I can do is hope the same can't be said for Onyxx...

  • Okay, so I have Nightcrawler's little girl here and She Hulk, but I still need more ladies on this list, so here's another one, Feral may LOOK harmless enough, but she's a SAVAGE fighter, and an unpredictable ally! So sadly, even if she DID look like a "normal" human, she'd probably STILL be considered a freak!

  • Now it's time to add Feral's sister to to list, if only because she too, must have trouble fitting in.

  • As far as I know, Tigra still has the same problem as Feral and Thornn, she used to be able to return to her human form but these days she's stuck the way she is. It's not the worst thing that could happen to somebody, but just like Feral and Thornn, Tigra probably still has trouble fittlng in.

  • Okay, so he's not from earth, but he's still a good character and worthy of being on this list!

  • Does Blink count? I know she's not exactly much of a freak but she's still got purple skin, pointed ears and mutant powers to boot! So the idea of her being a misfit too is NOT that far-fetched!

  • It'a about time I added this guy! He was the first D.C. character I remember who had trouble fitting in with normal humans! Even though he used to BE one! Yes, in a way he still IS human, but at the same time he ISN'T! And that's why he belongs on this list, if only out of sheer respect!

  • Yeah, I know he's not that big of a misfit, but he's still a member of the "Brood" with the ability to do more than just turn people into MORE Brood so he counts!

  • He's big, he's misproportioned, and he's awesome! One of the most underused characters EVER! Oh, come on! He's a giant, muscular zombie! like D.C.'s Grundy only NICER! And that's why he's on this list!


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Posted By Video_Martian

The Howard the Duck part had me laughing! Great list! :)

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Posted By infonation

@mr.obvious: Really? I was just expressing my honest opinion! I'm glad you found it so amusing but I really do think that Howard the Duck could have worked as a movie!

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Posted By Video_Martian

@infonation: I dunno bout you but I think it would have been better as an animated movie, tbh I'm one of the few who actually kinda liked the HTD movie :P I mean, sure it was terrible, but it did get me interested in the character!

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Posted By infonation

@mr.obvious: Hmmm, an ANIMATED movie eh? That could work! I once heard an AUDIO version of the live-action movie and I liked it a LOT better! But as a cartoon? Hmmmm, It might be better still!

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Posted By Video_Martian

@infonation: I think it would have been better animated. That way they could've gone all out ala Fritz the Cat (but not as adult-oriented) and have more characters from the Howard the Duck comics, like Doctor Bong, Fifi, the Space Turnip, Gingerbread Man, etc. it would have been AWESOME

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Posted By papad1992

Nightcrawler, Nocturne, Rockslide, Caliban, Onyxx, Feral, Thornn, and Blink... you've stolen my heart!! :P

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Posted By Guru_Crack

Love seeing this list, can't imagine you'll be on comic vine any time soon haha but if you ever are check out my top 100 lists out. They are pretty cool to see.