Characters I think should get their own ongoing comic.

This is a list of characters I think should get a chance to prove how good they can be on their own. Even if they aren't all that popular!

List items

  • What can I say? It's been done before, it can be done again! Beast may not be up there with the Silver Surfer, Thor, Sentry, or even the Hulk when it comes to raw power, but he's still got a little bit of everything and could probably be quite the one man army if he really wanted to be! So if he ever ends up with his own comic I'd have no complaints!

  • She had at least one mini-series before so why stop there? How could it work? I don't know! But I just can't help wanting her to get her own comic anyway!

  • What? He's an "Omega level" mutant! You don't think he could handle tough situations all by himself AT ALL? This is the same guy who took down BASTION for pete's sake! And in their FIRST FIGHT no less! Usually, when the villain fights the hero for the first time, he beats him so badly you wonder how he even survived it! But with a little power ans a LOT of cunning, Iceman won! If that doesn't mean he's "COOL" what does?

  • Does she have her own comic already? Because if not she probably SHOULD! Storm has been through a LOT over the years but I think she's a pretty good mix between vulnerable yet powerful! Sure she can control weather, but can she lift mack trucks with one finger? Last time I checked, the answer was NO. And that's what I like about Storm, she may be able to PASS for a Godlike being but she's still rather human. And that much more than I can say for SOME characters.

  • Okay, I know he's not the most complex character ever, but I still love this big galoot to the point where I'd be very happy to see him get his own comic! (Even if it was just a MINI-SERIES!)

  • I know I've done nothing but mutants so far, but now it's time for a ROBOT to have some time to shine! I love this guy, I just think he looks cool, I don't know much more than that and I know he's pretty obscure, but I just like the idea of a kick-butt robot who fights people. (And who doesn't?) So if he gets his own comic I'll accept it! I know he's more of an ANTI-HERO, but don't let the 90's fool you! Anti-heroes can be interesting characters too!

  • Okay, so here's another "non-mutant" but this time, it's an ALIEN! Sure he's one of the more obscure characters out there, but he's still awesome! How awesome? Let's just say if a VERY long lifespan, a surprisingly high I.Q., and one HECKUVA strong physique aren't enough to convince you that this character might just be able to hold his own in battle to the point where he might be able to have his own comic it's not likely ANYTHING will! (Plus, in case his corny yet clever name didn't give it away he can breathe on land AND underwater too!)