My problem with Storm bashers...

Okay, this is going to be a bit of a rant, but I just realized why I like Storm, because for all her power, she still vulnerable. she doesn't have super strength, she doesn't have bulletproof skin, she can't read minds, project images, OR communicate silently over long distances with her mind, she can't turn into a huge, physical powerhouse like the Hulk or Collosuss, she disintergrate things and people and she can't drain powers away... So WHY is Storm considered to be overpowered?! I can understand thinking Superman, Wonder Woman and maybe even Batman being considered too powerful because they're always getting shafted by lazy writers who think they should always win simply because the plot demands it, but Storm? Storm may have better powers than Batman, but she still has trouble using them because she is a mutant and not an actual goddess so sooner or later she'll be lucky if she can even stay concious let alone powerful after using them too much, so is Storm really someone who should be considered too powerful? What do all of YOU think?


My idea for the F.F.

I can't remember if this has happened yet, but I think the Fantastic Four need more teams, the X-Men have lots of teams and so do the Avengers, but the Fantastic Four who really NEED another team, only have ONE! My opinion? THAT IS STUPID! There are LOTS of obscure superheroes out there who could be great members of a team like the Fantastic Four and probably OWE them one too! And yet the best we got was the "Fantastic FORCE" sadly, they were made up of mostly anti-heroes who seemed more likely to attack each other than any supervillains! I even have an example of how it could work!

The Seeker: He's an inhuman with the power to ummm, be really good at his job? It's never really made clear. But he could still be the leader because of his tracking skills and inventive intellect!

Lyja: She could be the most adaptable because of her shapeshifting nature making her an exellent spy or just a formidable fighter! So she's a double-whammy of stealth AND combat!

Dragon Man: Why? Why NOT? The team might need a big, buff BEAST and Dragon Man fits the bill PERFECTLY! He can also fly AND knock things over with his tail so that's just a bonus!

Thundra: Yes I know we already have a big powerhouse on this particular team, and yes I know Thundra has no tail or wings like Dragon Man, but some days, you just need a brawny character who can fit into a room without destroying it and happens to be a LOT prettier too! Let's not forget that Thundra may look like a brute but is also quite possibly a fair ammount smarter than Dragon Man too and she'll be a welcome addition to the team! It doesn't hurt that Thundra's slimmer build makes her more agile than Dragon Man so that just seals the deal!

So those are MY ideas for another Fantastic Four team, do YOU have any of your own or do you just want to tell me what you think of mine? Please tell me if you can and I'll see if I can answer you as soon as possible. Thank you.


What comic book characters could have an awesome FPS?

Here's MY list:

The Punisher (Duh!)

Deadpool (Maybe...)

Iron Man (Possibly...)

Green Arrow (Might get predictable after awhile but he DOES use various different arrows so...)

Deathstroke: (What? He can still use swords!)

That's all I can think of right now, but even if these characters wouldn't have to STAY in first person mode, they could still have the OPTION of going back and fourth whenever the gamer decides to do so. What do all of you think?


Black Bolt's life is JUST UNFAIR...

Let's face it, Black Bolt has it all, VAST power, a lovely wife with great hair, and best of all, he's a KING! But for all his GOOD luck, there's a bit of BAD luck to go with it. And he must have the most frautrating power EVER, sure, he can keep it in check uf he keeps his mouth shut, but unless he all alone he can't lose his temper, he can't yell in pain, he can't cry for help, and he can't even grunt in discomfort if something bothers him in any way, shape, or form! I know deaf/mute people have pretty much the same problem, but it still feels downright CRUEL to make his power this way, maybe during emergencies, Blackbolt should be able say something without destroying mountains. For breif moments anyway...


Medusa's muscles.

I know Medusa has super-strong hair, but what about the REST of her? That hair must be pretty heavy considering how tough it is, so Medusa must be pretty strong inorder to lift it as easily as she does! So does she count as being super-strong everywhere ELSE too?


Should this happen?

I've been thinking about how in the X-Men movie, Rogue's hair is explained by the fact that she absorbed much of Magneto's power at one point, although she seemed to lose all (Or just MOST...) of his power later on, she kept the white stripe in her hair, but should that be a constant side-effect of her power? I know she didn't get blonde hair after her battle with Ms. Marvel where she absorbed her powers and memories for a good chunk of time, but it's still interesting to think that the same can't be said when she has to absorb the powers of Beast, Nightcrawler and Colossus! So have we really seen the extent of Rogue's potential? Reed Richards once theorized that Ben Grimm's rocky body is part physical and part psycolgical, so is that what Rogue has? She didn't WANT to absorb so much of Ms. Marvel's powers and memories but since Carol's powers came from ALIEN tech it didn't go as well as she would have wanted it too. But she didn't get a single blonde hair! But is the reason for that because Rogue conciously wanted to reject the powers and memories while SUBCONCIOUSLY wanting to KEEP them because of what they had to offer?


The best Beast?

I can't decide what version of Hank I like best, as a big blue gorilla, he seemed more down to earth somehow, but I think he's stronger as a blue "cat-man" or at least faster and more agile, so is he better off staying as an ape or a feline? (And I'm sorry if he's already turnned back! I'm REALLY out of the loop!)


Rogue: Smartest MARVEL character... EVER?

Since Rogue can absorb powers AND memories from people, doesn't that mean she's a fountain of knowledge?if she can remember all the information she's gotten from all the people she's touched over the years then that means she has knowledge of someone's fighting skills AND any other knowledge they might have accumulated over the years! scince, scorcery, you name it Rogue probably knows it! I know she usually only TEMPORARILY takes someone's PHYSICAL abilities, but does the same rule apply to her when it comes to MENTAL abilities? I'm not so sure... What do YOU think?


Seeing other people?

I've been thinking about this for some time, should certain couples see other people? I don't approve of married couple doing this of course, but couples who have been together for YEARS and still can't quite make the next big step, take for example Rogue and Gambit, who seem to be one of those "destined for each other" couples. And yes, I know there are still plenty of "ROMY" fans out there who would protest till the end of time! But have they even TRIED seeing other people? I know it's been hinted that Iceman Colossus and even MAGNETO have demonstrated that they wouldn't have minded risking getting absorbed by Rogue's mutant power but aside form that Gambit seems to be the only man man enough to want to be her man, but aside form that NOTHING. Gambit on the other hand seems to have his pick of the ladies (Even MARRIED ones!) I know he's a tall, handsome suave young man with skills and superhuman abilities, (NONE of them involve absorbing somebody's powers and memories so BONUS!) but come ON! We all know if it weren't for her absorbtion power Rogue would be every bit as successful with the guys as Gambit is with the girls, so why is Gambit always the only guy who seems to end up with her? Yes, I know I'm probably going to get all kinds of hate mail for this, but I just think Rogue and Gambit are a bit too perfect for each other, I want to see her with someone else, if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out. But I just want to see what happens is all. Who knows? I might just start to miss "Romy" after awhile, but I just want to see what could be. And no, I don'y think she should end up with Sentry! He's got enough to brag about! LOL