My Favorite Misfits

This is a list (I had on my old account before I couldn't get back on there for whatever reason!) of characters who may not fit in with all us "normal" humans, but they're still awesome characters in their own way!

List items

  • Oh come on! Who didn't see THIS coming? The Thing is one of my personal favorite characters in the whole MARVEL universe! Not only is he an underrated powerhouse, he's a great character in his own right and one of the main reasons the Fantastic Four is even CLOSE to "the world's greatest fighting team"!

  • While he may not be as interesting to me as The Thing, The Hulk is still an interesting character in his own way and deserves to be on this list if only because like The Thing he's an outsider and probably always will be if only because of his fearsome power and savage attitude. The Hulk may not be a super villain, but if he were he could be one of the more unbeatable! That alone forces people to see him as a monster and forces The Hulk to see people as an endless source of irritation that escalates into potential destruction on a grand scale...

  • Beast may not be nearly as physically strong as The Hulk OR the Thing, but he's still one tough cookie! (Yes, I know he looks a bit like the "Cookie Monster" so don't bother pointing that out!) Brains, brawn, agility, stamina, and charm. Beast has a little bit of everything! Making him one of the most versatile mutants on earth! And as a result, one of the most underrated!

  • Sure he's not as strong as any of the above, but Nightcrawler is still one mistfit you don't want to mess with! A skilled swordsman with the body of a demonic monkey and the ability to teleport himself ans anyone with him, Nightcrawler may look like something horrible but his personality is anything but!

  • Here's an obscure one for ya! But while he may not be as popular as all the above, Karkas still deserves respect for being a little bit of everything, he has a brutish appearance, a gentle personality and a keen intellect. In those respects, he reminds me of a cross between Best and The Thing. (Not that The Thing is dumb, he's just not quite up there with Beast in the scientific knowledge department!) Karkas is CRIMINALLY underrated! Fearsome power trapped in a super intelligent and benevolent shell!

  • This is a picture of Lockjaw and I think one of his relatives riding on his back? Anyway, Lockjaw is a member of the Inhumans, and despite his dog-like physique, he's actually supposed to be a more humanoid creature but exposure to the "Terrigan mists" has caused him to look more like he does now. Lockjaw is no dumb Dog though, and and has proven to have not only brawn and brains, but heart as well often proving to be not only the most loyal allies to the royal family but useful. Lockjaw is strong, sensitive and can teleport! allowing him to fight and/or flee at any time!

  • Sure, Wolvie might be a bit of a ladies man despite some people's opinion of his looks, height and attitude, but he's still technically a misfit! Wolverine is a mutant with various powers and abilities but that only makes it even harder for "normal" humans to accept or even TOLERATE him most times! Besides, I can't leave my fellow CANADIAN out can I?

  • Okay, she's cute, has a mutant power that works like Nightcrawler's only BETTER and is good with throwing daggers, but the only problem is, she still looks like a magical ELF! Try fitting in with "normal" humans with all THAT as baggage! That, plus the fact that the first time I saw her she made a heroic sacrifice to save people she'd only just met a short while ago AND she was quite the useful powerhouse in the "Age Of Apocalypse" storyline means she doesn't just deserve to be a respected member of this list, she's EARNED it!

  • My apologies to everyone out there who thinks Deadpool is a joke that got WAY old, WAY fast. But let's face it, for all his faults, Deadpool is a pretty complex and entertaining character! (When written PROPERLY that is!) he's tragic, funny and above all else, a MISFIT! Sure, he may not be an ACTUAL mutant, but considering he wears that mask for a REASON (Unless he's surrounded by people who think horrible scars are COOL that is! THEN he has no reason!) Deadpool could still be considered a FREAK if nothing else. Good thing he's got that souped-up healing factor...

  • Here's another one from the Inhumans, Triton may not be as famous or as powerful as The Sub Mariner, but he's still a good character in his own right and has proven to be a formidable one too! Okay, so among his fellow Inhumans he's not considered a freak even though not many Inhumans (Including his OWN FAMILY!) look anything like him! Just imagine if he was stuck on EARTH! Surrounded by "normal" humans... Not so easy for him to survive effortlessly NOW is it? ESPECIALLY if there's no water around and somebody tries to take away whatever device he's using to protect him from a water deprived environment...

  • Yes, She-Hulk deserves to be on this list too, why? Because even though she's prettier and more charming than her cousin Bruce OR his "HULKING" alter ego, She's still a colossus of a woman with big muscles, green eyes, green hair AND green skin! So for all her good looks charisma and fashion sense She-Hulk should still be on this list, even if she is one of the more lovely freaks out there... Not that there's anything seriously wrong with that...

  • Okay, THIS is probably going to make you all laugh, MARVEL'S answer to SWAMP THING is a little harder to take seriously... First of all, his NAME is just plain silly, (Manny, you're a walking pile of MULCH! What do you care about your private parts?!) But seriously, it's just not that good a name ANYWAY! Second of all, he's usually portrayed as nothing more than a mindless monster and while that in some ways, makes him an even more sympathetic character than even Swamp Thing, but in another way, it makes him harder to relate to! But this isn't a list for the BEST misfits, it's a list for ANY misfits! And The Macabre Man-Thing is most assuredly a misfit!

  • FINALLY! One from D.C.! Who didn't see this coming? After all, I just did MARVEL'S Macabre Man-Thing so why not his D.C. counterpart? Swamp Thing is one of those characters who has great power that is part blessing and part curse, Sure he's one of the most unstoppable super heroes of all time... But he still looks like he's half man half plant! So let's just say there aren't too many "normal" humans out there who'd welcome him as easily as they'd welcome Superman... And that's why he's on this list!

  • Now THIS is a complicated character! Not only is Monstress a HUGE, and odd-looking individual, she's also from ANOTHER PLANET! But not EVERYONE there looked like her, so she's a freak EVEN ON HER OWN WORLD! This helps her to become a very sympathetic character in her own right and that's why she deserves to be on this list!