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Real Name: Tarvok Enurum

Birthplace: Valkna

Alias: the Last Valknan, Wielder of the Deus Engine, the Titan of Valkna, the Mad Titan, Bearer of the Reality Lavaliere

Height: 7' 8"

Age: 715

Weight: 480 lbs

Hair Colour: none/bald

Eye Colour: ghost-white

Species: Valknan, Titan mutation

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Affiliation: none

Orientation: straight

Identity: public

Relationship Status: single

Gender: male

Family: Urok (father, dead); Taurel (mother, dead); Cinrei (wife, dead)

Occupation: galactic tyrant, genocide architect

Valkna was once a place of prosperity and peace. Yet, overpopulation proved to be its downfall. Citizens became ambivalent and content with stagnation. Tarvok's father, Urok, sought to change that. Unbeknownst to Urok, his own son plotted against him. Tarvok had long ago become infatuated with the idea of death, but suppressed his admiration for it for many years. It wasn't until Urok started his genocidal plans that Tarvok sprang into action.

Consciously believing himself to be trying to save his people, Tarvok's unconscious mind betrayed his innermost feelings towards death and prolonged the conflict unnecessarily. For centuries afterwards, he would continuously talk himself into believing that he had done what was in the best interest of Valkna by opposing his father, even if it ended with the extinction of his race. It wouldn't be until he was reunited with Death - Queen Hela of Helheim - that he would be reminded of why he did it and why he would do it again. And again. Forever.

For Death, of course.