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The Gang War begins! 0

Gotham Underground heats up as Penguin and Tobias Whale's gangs collide. Vigilante appears and enters the scene with a bang as Dick Grayson is shot and the battle begins.This was a very good addition to the great mini series, Gotham Underground. I was happy to see Vigilante finally make it onto the scene and ironacally shoots his enemy, Nightwing without even knowing it's him. I love the idea of Penguin's gang all taking up the mantles of criminals that have been transported to another planet(se...

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Rise of the Red Robin! 0

Spoilers!So this is the issue when Jason Todd finally dons the Red Robin persona. Superman Prime confronts Monarch, Donna becomes a queen, and Superwoman misplaces her eyes(read it and you'll know what I mean.)I thought this was a very good issue, not perfect, but Countdown has certainly gotten better lately. It finally seems to be going somewhere. I don't understand the point of having Jason become Red Robin but it certainly doesn't change his personality. He's still brutal. There are a few gre...

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Anarchy is Black 0

With these words Batman sets fire to the Superman museum. This is the second part in the fantastic three part story of Red Son. Superman is in his forties and has become much more involved in politics than he was in the first issue. He has done such a good job at "fixing" things that the legendary yet reinvented Dark Knight leaps into action. This part reintroduces the child Pyotr mentioned in the first part as a grown man and now a freedom fighter determined to deplete the Comrade of Steel's re...

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