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Final Issue 0

I ruin 28 Days Later for myself (I'm on issue 12 right now) by reading the final issue of the series. Will Selena and Clint make it out of England alive or will the infected take over?The GoodI've been loving this series since day one, and by day one, I mean issues 1-12, since I'm pretty far behind. Anyway, it's the last issue of the series, and it does the series, from what I have read, some justice. Many things are wrapped up, but there's just enough left open to warrant a sequel. But, let's b...

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Who likes variant covers? 2

Issue one of Kirby Genesis hits the stands as we get to see some classic Kirby characters come back to life.The GoodI really like the concept of all the super-beings just showing up and how the world reacts to it. Yes, there's a lot. There's also a lot of potential in this book, and I'm excited to read more. I enjoyed seeing Alex Ross' artwork once again, for once not just on a cover. It's scattered throughout the issue, and only certain characters, but it still looks pretty darn cool.The BadThi...

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War is some Nasty Stuff 2

Image's new book, Graveyard of Empires is about the military in Afghanistan. Well, it is about that until the last three pages.The GoodI love a good war book, especially one involving the current conflicts we are involved with, and this book, up until the last three pages, if exactly what I was looking for. For the most part, it feels real (even if I've never seen a day of conflict in my life and have no idea what it's really like), and the book flows from scene to scene very well.There's quite ...

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My A.I.M. is True 1

With Red She-Hulk at his side, Tyrannus enters the fountain of youth he has that has kept him young, and immortal, for years. Monica Rappaccini and A.I.M. busts in to steal Tyrannus' secrets, only to make things infinitely worse.  The Good The day Greg Pak stops writing a Hulk book is the day I weep in sorrow. He has taken this book out of this world, and even taken some bizarre story lines, that I thought were absurd at first, and made them great reads. I wasn't too keen on the Tyrannus story l...

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No more stupid costume for Red Hood 3

Batman and Robin are on a mission to save Red Hood.  The GoodThe issue starts off a bit slow with supporting DC villains I could care less about, but this issue is a lot more than that. There's a lot of great character development with Jason "Red Hood" Todd. Just within the few fight scenes we see, we understand how his mind works and what kind of person he is. I really enjoyed the slight banter between Dick and Jason as well. Both characters understand how each other works in battle, and they h...

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Spoiler Alert: Frankenstein killed Hitler 2

Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown is a bit different than the other Flashpoint tie-ins. Frankenstein and his crew were put into suspended animation after WWII, in which Frankenstein killed Adolf Hitler, and they all awake in 2011 to a world that is new and different. Plus, ANOTHER Batman villain dies.  The GoodPeace out Hitler! I'm always in favor for Hitler dying in a comic, especially if the person killing him is Frankenstein. Now, I still haven't read Seven Soldiers, and I've neve...

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No More Ghost Rider? 2

Johnny Blaze has been dealing with the curse of Ghost Rider for years, and frankly, he's had enough. He doesn't trust anyone or anything, and he finds a way to get rid of the rider forever.   The GoodThis is the PERFECT jump-on point for anyone interested in Ghost Rider. I've been away from Ghost Rider for a while. I quit reading halfway through the last issue, and I'm not a hardcore fan who really knows everything about the character, but that didn't matter. This issue really caught me up on ev...

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Ice to See You 7

Citizen Cold is the hero of Central City in the Flashpoint world and not the Flash. Much like the Thomas Wayne version of Batman, he does the super-hero thing his own way, even if that means taking a life or two along the way. However, Wally West thinks there's something fishy about Citizen Cold and does some recon to figure out who the man is behind the freeze-gun, and weird blue glasses.The GoodI'm a big Scott Kolins fan. In fact, I'm a HUGE Scott Kolins fan. To me, he's one of the very few pe...

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Changing Man and the technocolor dreamcoat 5

Changing Man has been up to some craziness that he just can't remember, but is he part of the key to stopping Aquaman and Wonder Woman?The GoodThere may be a light at the end of the tunnel, past this first issue. If Changing Man has to assemble a team to stop the Aquaman/Wonder Woman war, the book could get interesting. That seems like where this tie-in is leading to. Sadly, the promise that this book will lead somewhere is the only thing going for it.The BadEnough with the Super 8 ads, DC. You'...

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Deja Vu but with more red 1

Red Hulk's space mission doesn't go exactly to plan, and he ends up on another planet where he fights people for others amusement.The GoodIt was actually a really fun issue, believe it or not. I do enjoy Jeff Parker's take on an almost "What If..." story featuring the Red Hulk. The book is fast paced, but not to the point where you feel lost or overwhelmed by what's happening. The art work is great on this issue as well. Carlo Pagulayan has some amazing, detailed art that makes you feel like you...

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Let's Establish Some Character! 6

In the Flashpoint World, Bruce Wayne died instead of Thomas Wayne. Thomas became Batman and the owner of Wayne Casino. The world is tipped upside-down, and this Batman is not like the one we know.The GoodI love this re-invention of Batman, even though it technically isn't Batman. Why? Because this Batman doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to kill. He walks that fine line of hero-villain in Gotham City. As mentioned earlier, Thomas owns a casino in Gotham to bring the lowlifes in the town to him....

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Juggernaut is now more unstoppable! 5

The Thunderbolts B Team faces a bunch of zombies, and a hammer hits the Raft, which is picked up by Juggernaut, making him more unstoppable than ever before.The GoodAlthough I don't read Thunderbolts on a regular basis, I really enjoyed this as a tie-in. So far, Fear Itself has done pretty well with their tie-ins and it's cool to see how Juggernaut got a hold of the hammer and what was going through his mind moments before grabbing it. Aside from that, as much as it confused me because I'm not a...

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The Lincoln Monument is Pretty Angry 9

The Lincoln Monument stands up and punches a mech driven by a Nazi. Much more than this happened in issue 13 of Secret Avengers, but that's all that I can think about right now.The GoodFirst thing's first. In this issue, there was a scene, which is totally my favorite of the year so far, where the statue of Abraham Lincoln gets out of his seat and punches a mech driven by a Nazi. In context, it's just as awesome. I'm not going to tell you why or how this happens, but trust me, it's the coolest s...

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Superman is back! 11

Supergirl, Steel, Eradicator, Superboy, and Superman team up to fight numerous Doomsdays. After all is said and done, they come face-to-face with the Doomslayer.The GoodFirst thing you'll notice is that there's a new artist on the book, Kenneth Rocafort. It's extremely detailed, vibrant, and fun. A few of the close-ups were a tad awkward, but overall, I was very impressed with his work on pages 1-10 and 18-20. Why only those pages? Well, there was a different artist at work on this issue. Rocafo...

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SNIKT and Whatnot 3

Finally back in his own body, Wolverine is on a mission to get revenge on everyone involved with sending him to Hell. First on his list, Mystique.The GoodI'm really enjoying the fact that we're 9 issues in, and it's technically still the same story arc. Now that Wolverine is in his own body, it's time to go after the people that put him in there. As we saw in the last issue, the only thing in Wolverine's mind is literally revenge, and by golly, he's going to get it.There's a lot of great action ...

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Mayor Jay Garrick 0

Doctor Fate searches for the soul of Lightning in order to bring her back from the dead. Jay Garrick steps into office as the Mayor of Monument Point and the flow of the story is ruined by a 12 page comic book format ad for the upcoming movie Super 8... Thanks DC.The GoodEver since Geoff Johns left this book, it's had a tough time getting back on track. It's gone through a slew of creative teams, including Bill Willingham writing it, which I still think is an incredibly under-rated run, but now ...

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Let's Discuss Relationships! 3

The second part of Prelude to Schism goes over Magneto's history as well as his first meeting with the X-Men. Cyclops and Magneto have some heart-to-heart moments.The GoodLike the first issue, issue number 2 involves Magneto and Cyclops (instead of Xavier and Cyclops in issue one), and we get a brief introduction to the life of Magneto. We get to see brief moments of Magneto growing up during the rise of the Nazi regime. You start to feel real sympathetic for this character, even though, at time...

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You are Tearing Me Apart Two-Face! 1

As the cover states. Two-Face returns and goes on a killing rampage, only to meet a man who wants revenge.The GoodFor the first time since he started writing for the book instead of doing the art, I actually liked a Tony Daniel story. This issue involves Two-Face and what's left of the Falcone family. From what it seems like, because of something in the spoiler section below, this is going to be a story that drags Two-Face, once again, between the world of crime and vigilantism. A solid conclusi...

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What the Puck? 4

It's the return of the Canadian Super-Team, Alpha Flight!The GoodSo, this is a .1 issue, part of the .1 initiative, so new readers can expect to jump on and have no problem understanding what's going on in this issue. New readers will have a decent understanding of the team and their powers. I was pretty excited to see this team again, even though they're technically not officially a team yet.Aside from being excited, mainly for Sasquatch, Snowbird, and Shaman, for the characters coming back fro...

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When Tie-Ins Make Sense 2

Booster has found himself in what he thinks to be one of the 52 worlds. How will he get back? And is he on another world, or is he truly on the Earth he knows and loves?The GoodAs the title states, I really love it when tie-ins to major story arcs makes sense and work on the page. Booster Gold is a time traveler, so his role in this story is more accidental than anything else, like most of Booster's adventures. It takes Booster most of the issue to figure out what's really going on. He's being a...

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I Finally Care Again 5

Superman's walk-a-thon gets interrupted by a super-charged Livewire in Las Vegas. Does Superman have what it takes to stop her?The Good Finally, an issue in this storyline I like. I've really been disappointed with this arc, and I've finally read an issue I've truly enjoyed. I'm a fan of Livewire and always have been. She's super-powered in this one: she has super-speed and can become images on a television screen. We get to see the insane side of Livewire in this issue, and we get a little bit ...

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Don't Take off the Mask 4

Hulk and Red-She Hulk team up to take on The Knights of Rome.The Good First, I love love love the Knights of Rome. I am usually not too into the mysticism element in comics, but these guys really worked as an enemy of the Hulk. We've been seeing a lot of other super-strong villains in the Hulk world, since World War Hulk, so it's pretty cool to see a new element go at it with Banner. At first, I thought I was going to hate the Hulk/Red She-Hulk team-up, but I really enjoy their relationship on t...

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Matt Murdock has a Sweet Beard 2

DareDevil: Reborn concludes as Matt Murdock saves a small New Mexico town from a corrupt police force and a man who can make you see your darkest fears, Calavera.The Good I read the first issue of this mini-series, but dropped off right after; however, this was an easy book to pick up and jump on. Sure, it took a little while to figure out what was going on, but I really didn't have any unanswered questions by the end of the issue. It had a great readability element to it. I really enjoyed the r...

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Misty Needs to Zip Her Lip 2

Spider-Man makes a guest appearance as Misty tries to lead Paladin in the right direction.The Good Really fun story. The book has a great sense of humor about it, and while I have no clue who Paladin is, I enjoyed every second of him in this issue. His story really sets a great pace here, and you'll fly through the pages. I have no clue if he has powers or if he's just some guy in a suit off the street, but all-in-all I didn't care because I enjoyed him as a character.I also got to see one of my...

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Choose Your Destiny 2

Superboy destroys all of Smallville… or does he? Find out in my 300 review! (Spoiler: I won’t let you know in this review is he destroys Smallville or not. Read it yourself to find out) The Good The first thing you notice about this issue, the second you pick it up is that there are two very different, yet distinct art styles by Marco Rudy and Daniel HDR. One style is more of the traditional art (HDR) and the other is very surrealistic, and looks like it was done in watercolors (Rudy). Ma...

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Surprisingly Refreshing 5

Flashbacks consisting of Cyclops' time as a member of the X-Men under the guidance of Professor X fill the pages of this book which is the prelude to the next X-Men event, Schism.The Good I'm usually not one who enjoys X-books, especially preludes to major summer events. Many times, they're lackluster overall, but in issue one of Prelude to Schism, we get more than a set-up to a major story arc. We get to view the relationship between Cyclops and Charles Xavier over the years, and you know what?...

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Review: Sectret Avengers 12 3

Steve Rogers delves into the mind of John Steele to discover secrets about the Shadow Council.The Good I've loving the backtracking of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and John Steele's histories from World War II. It's incredibly interesting stuff, and once again, Ed Brubaker has a winner on his hand. While this book's stories have been a bit flat, this last two parter has been an amazing amount of fun. I really didn't like the Shadow Council stuff at first, but it's grown on me, a little too muc...

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Review: Captain America #617 2

Bucky is in a Russian Gulag. Cue Russian craziness! The Good First thing I noticed, when I popped Captain America open, was the artwork by  Butch Guice. To sum it up the best I can, it's like Darwyn Cooke's colors (with a tad more shading) met very detailed pulp comics pencils and art. We have a great opening scene of Bucky going at it with Ursa Major. It's detailed and paced incredibly well. If there's one great thing I can say about Ed Brubaker (I could actually say a lot more than one thing, ...

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Review: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #9 2

Hal, John, Guy, and Kyle head underground to sneak towards the power battery, but they end up finding the Guardians' secret stash.The Good Do you like terrible comics? If so, turn away. Lot of cool little Guardian secrets in this issue, and a lot of it just hanging out in the background. The 2814 Lanterns are still donning their non-green rings, but I love the situation they've fallen into. They work great as a team, and frankly, they work pretty darn well in their perspective corps. Guy Gardner...

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Review: Action Comics #900 6

The anniversary issue is here! 96 pages of pure Super-goodness! This issue is the last part of the Black Ring story line and connects to the Reign of Doomsday story line. It features back-up stories from some of DC's top talent!The Good 96 pages of madness! Holy moly! First things first, great tie-up to one of my favorite Action Comics stories of all time, The Black Ring. The art changes up depending on who the story focuses on, like when Lex and Supes are talking about  Pa Kent dying and Gary F...

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Review: Iron Man 2.0 6

Who is Palmer Addley? Don't worry, you'll know for sure by the end of this issue.The Good I'm usually a huge fan of Ariel Olivetti's art. This is the first time it's hit or miss for me from panel to panel. (Explained more in the bad section) His artwork really is beautiful in this issue, and Nick Spencer's writing, overall is great. I'm a fan of both of these creators and that's probably why I'm so disappointed by this issue. The Bad My number one pet peeve with a giant bullet is when artists i...

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Review: Wolverine #8 1

It's the conclusion to Wolverine goes to Hell. Enjoy all the cameos because you won't see these characters again for quite some time.The Good Wolverine isn't a funny book, but I actually laughed out loud a few times over two specific pages. Thanks, I needed that. Aside from that, this was a great conclusion to an interesting story. I love Acuna's work on this book, and while I know he gets a lot of guff because of his style, Acuna's art brings a new dimension to this book. Sure, it's not the sam...

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Review: Green Lantern #65 6

Oh man, it is about to "pop off." In part four of the War of the Green Lanterns, Guy and Hal are trying to find the Green House, a Green Lantern safe house, and come up with a plan to stop Krona. All four of Earth's Green Lanterns come together and change the name of the game in order to stop the War.The Good I've said this a few months: "I have my doubts about this war." I thought it was going to be a giant letdown, compared to the other Green Lantern stories since 2006; however, I take it all ...

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Review: Superman #710 8

Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne fight Vandal Savage... This story tells the first meeting of this duo in their civilian lives. The Good It's an interesting story. Kinda cool to see Clark Kent, all super-powered, take on the immortal Vandal Savage and his army, and Bruce be all pre-Batman ninja dude, swinging around with a bunch of bats, but other than that, I was bored stiff. I thought the artwork on this book, for the most part was very strong, and it reminded me of Leinil Yu's work over at Marvel, ...

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Review: Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #3 5

The Ultimate New Avengers and the Ultimate New Ultimates go at it in this Ultimate confrontation! However, could this be the Ultimate Death of Ultimate Spider-Man at the hands of Ultimate Punisher? ULTIMATE!The Good Sometimes, on Wednesdays, it feels like Christmas, and other Wednesdays, it feels like I'm watching bad youtube videos that have no redeeming value. This book, with the abnormally long title, feels more like Christmas morning, but the only thing on television is Rebecca Black's video...

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Review: Batman and Robin #22 15

The conclusion of Dark Knight vs. White Knight: Tree of Blood! Can Batman and Robin take down the villain who is attacking the relatives of some of Gotham City's greatest criminal minds?The Good I wasn't too into the first two parts of this story, while I felt the storyline was interesting, that character didn't move me. However, everything really comes together nicely in this last issue. There's a great motive behind this new villain, and his final plans and back story are a great read. What we...

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Review: The Flash #3 7

The Flash meets Hot Pursuit AKA Barry Allen from a parallel dimension. Why is he here? What does he want? Why is Barry such a jerk to Bart?The Good I love Francis Manapul's art sooooo (some extra "o"s to declare the importance of this statement) much. It seems he's changed up his style a bit. I've been noticing heavier inking lines on the outside of the characters, which I don't remember being there before. So, I've already established that the art is super-duper awesome, but how's the story? We...

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Review: Annihilators 5

The Annihilators battle... things...It's no secret that I am not the biggest fan of the Marvel's cosmic universe, aside from Silver Surfer. I am very unfamiliar with the characters, and I tend to feel a bit lost when reading. However, just because I don't know anything about a series or its characters, that doesn't mean I shouldn't take a dive into a new series. So, this review is for the common man! The person who doesn't normally read Marvel's cosmic wonders! That being said, time to review!Th...

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Review: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 4

Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Hulk end up in another dimension. The Good First, I'm a big John Layman fan, and I love Chew, and his humorous dialogue style continues over into this book, minus all the cussing and cannibalism. I had big doubts about this book because I'm always leery about annual issues, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this annual was a lot of fun and involved one of my favorite elements of science fiction, parallel dimensional travel. This is a bit of a "what if" issue as...

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Review: Ultimate Captain America #4 2

Captain America gets all "Ultimate" and beats up Frank Simpson in the conclusion to this mini-series.The Good I usually am not the biggest fan of an issue that's almost completely dedicated to fighting, but surprisingly, this issue not only flows incredibly well, but the fight scenes are really cool. Major props to artist Ron Garney for making this issue feel incredibly cinematic.Towards the end, there is an amazing splash page of Captain America hitting Simpson with a huge uppercut. It's the c...

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