F'D up dream... a quick sum up

I'm pretty sick today, took the day off of work. As I explained it to one of my friends, "I've got the spins like I'm drunk without a drop of alcohol." But I digress. I slept from 11-3 today to avoid being awake and sick and I had the most bizarre dream involving ComicVine members and staff. Now, I didn't take any NyQuill, which can induce weird dreaming... Crap, I just noticed I set this up the be weirder than it was... whatever

I'm at Best Buy with my buddy Rick and his fiance Elana, we're a tight group of cats, especially when my girlfriend is around. We're considered "Power Couples"... at least I think we are. We're checking out some DVDs, and I decide, I'm hungry, I'm going home. I step outside and hop into my sweet-@ss 2009 Mazda 3 (lame plug) and I get a phone call from G-Man saying, "Judas, we've been waiting, come back in" (Judas being a nickname of mine specific only to my friends from Chicago, from when I lived out there). So I stand up quickly, and I head back in. Rick & Elana ask me to come over to them, I walk over, but then I see Hawk, his wife (which my brain made up for this dream) and Babs. We all do the meet you for the first time hug and high five, yes I high five in my dream. And I'm super excited to get a beer with Hawk because Babs doesn't even drink in my dreams.
I ask where are we going for lunch? Babs says, "here... our table is ready" Here being the Best Buy.... Which I guess has a Bennigins in it.... A resturant that is now out of business. We sit down and are about to order... And I wake up...

Bizarre... So I met Hawk & Babs in RL at a Bennigins in a Best Buy... lots of "b"s in there..... But G-Man skipped out somehow, but still called me.