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In June of 2006, Mat met Gman, and Gman showed him the wonders of comicvine. Mat immediately joined the site and began writing reviews for the site. After that, he began taking part in blogging contests and general complaining on the boards. In late 2007, Mat graduated college with a useless B.A. in Film concentrating in Screenwriting and Critical Analysis from Columbia College in Chicago. Mat quit the touring band he was in and moved out of Chicago, back into the warm embrace of the Chicago suburbs. He now had a moderate amount of free time since that pesky college was no longer ruining his weekdays.

In August of 2009, after writing a few moderately funny things, and appearing in a few CV videos, Mat was made into a full blown Staff member infecting the masses with his bizarre humor and editorials that always seem out-of-context, no matter how you read them.

Mat has spend the past few years working for the vine writing and traveling to different conventions to keep viners informed of all the breaking news at numerous panels. Also... reviewing a ton of comic books.