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2014 Pull List

This is my new pull list for 2014. I tried to have as least titles possible ,for money and management.

Honorable Mentions: George Romero Empire of the Dead Act One.

List items

  • I started reading Spawn just when Al Simmons had died. Which surprised the hell out of me. I'm currently up to date and loving the series. I'm also picking up the Spawn Orgins TPBs to read more about Al Simmons, the original Spawn.

  • I have a confession to make. Superior Spider-Man is my first Spider-Man comic. Don't get me wrong I always watched the Spider-Man cartoons with Peter Parker when I was younger. But,in terms of comics, Superior Spider-Man was my first Spidey comic. So,I my be a little biased towards the character. I'm also reading the older TPBs of the Amazing Spider-Man starting with Trouble On The Horizon.

  • Written by Paul Cornell. I haven't read a main Wolverine title besides Savage Wolverine. The current Wolverine arc "Killable" seemed interesting but.....I just going for the relaunch.

  • I'm currently reading the Origin hardcover and I must say its a really good origin story for Logan/James. When I'm done reading it I can jump right into Origin II.

  • This is an amazing series people. You guys need to be reading this.

  • Also an amazing series with amazing art.

  • This comic has just been killing it. My first impersonal Batman arc/story (besides The Killing Joke) was Death of the Family. A story that I will not be soon forgetting. I'm also really loving the Zero Year arc.

  • A really good comic but I always get the since that the ending of this comic is going to be sad hell. Which isn't really a bad thing just something that is always in the back of my mind when

    I'm reading it.

  • All-New Ghost Rider written by Felipe Smith. I always liked the concept of the Ghost Rider after the movie with Nicholas Cage(I know). My first Ghost Rider mini-series was an interesting ride. I'm looking forward to how this new Ghost Rider will play into things. Also Tradd Moore is drawing the comic.....need there be any more reasons to pick this comic up.

  • I was reading Nova for a cool minute. It was a comic I was really enjoying, but it just fell to the wayside. But, thanks to All-New Marvel NOW I can start back up on issue 13

  • The Punisher written by Nathan Edmonson.

  • I'm still on the fence with this title...

  • To be honest I have not been enjoying this comic too much but it is almost over and is a major DC event....

  • I may start reading this because of the whole All-New Marvel Now thing.

  • Written by Warren Ellis

  • I may or may not be reading this title....I'm not sure yet.

  • Starting with #26