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Hello, i created my account recently but i use the site for years and the only problem, the reprints in other languages and the vols being listed as issues characters appear in. For example, in the issues Green Arrow appears in you can find the series "Super Albo Nembo Kid". I mean, the character do appear in these issues, but if we add every reprint in other Language Green Arrow appears, that'd create a mess. So i am asking if we can remove all the reprints in other Languages or (i don't know if that's stupid and impossible) create another section for the reprints in other countries and keep only the comics Dc published in the states in the issues the character appears section. As for the vols, it doesn't makes sense to me. Volumes are not issues. Also, if we have both Green Arrow: The Death & Life of Oliver Queen #1 - Vol. 1 and Green Arrow #5 - The Death and Life of Oliver Queen Part Five: The Inferno we count 2 times his appearance in issue #5.

That's all, i don't know if my "complaint" makes sense, but i'll appreciate a response. Thank you!