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The remarkably unremarkable story of IndomitableRegal began over 2 decades ago. It came to pass that on a Wednesday, at some time that escapes me, he was born. He lived a happy life until one day, while walking home with his parents after watching Zorro, a mugger robbed his parents and killed them in cold blood. Actually, now that I think about it, they weren't murdered...and they didn't go to the movies...and he wasn't a huge Zorro fan. Anyway, throughout his life, he realized he had a higher calling. He was able to comprehend schoolwork and do math at a a slightly faster pace than most people. He underwent not-too-vigorous training, until his body was about average. He grew to an underwhelming height of about 5'9"--5'10" on a good day. His brooding and aloof nature made it hard for him to communicate with others...actually he's just really introverted. THIS is IndomitableRegal, and the Vine will know his name.