Midi-chlorian counter for Star Wars mortals

This list isn't based on force feats nor any solid data on these characters

It is simply to estimate the total number of midi-chlorians they may have thus there are no definites

Includes both canon and EU characters plus numbers are rounded to the nearest 1000

List items

  • 27000

    He's the chosen one for a reason though he reached his full potential as a Jedi or a Sith thanks to Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • 26000

    When Luke first met him, he was astonished by the force-sensitivity that existed in him and Luke has been around Yoda, Leia, Vader and Palpatine.

  • 25000

    The son of the Chosen One reached his full potential as a Jedi and was incredibly strong in the force.

  • 25000

    The twin sister of Luke who never reached her full potential but she should have equal midi-chlorian count to her brother.

  • 24000

    The Mary Sue of Star Wars seems to be able to use the force naturally without any training for whatever reason. Turns out she's a descendant of a very powerful Sith lord.

  • 23000

    From a young age, Vader recognized his potential and Palpatine even saw him worthy of replacing Vader. Marek could also hold and push back Palpatine's lightning in a way not even Yoda could. Sadly Marek never reached his full potential as a Jedi or a Sith.

  • 22000

    Sheev is the most powerful Sith lord ever and he has the feats to back it up. Unlike most others on this list, he actually reached his full potential.

  • 22000

    Valkorion has some insane feats and some say he's the most powerful Sith lord ever. For the sake of this, I'll make them equals

  • 21000

  • 20000

  • 19000