My Opinion on a Composite Cosmology


What if Marvel and DC were to merge together and become do their cosmologies co-exist or does one override the other? Both cosmologies are quite confusing but I believe they can merge properly in my opinion.

For starters I will basing the cosmological structure on that of the DC Map of the Multiverse...

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There is a Marvel Map of the Multiverse though it is fan-made but nonetheless fun to look at

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This is how I believe the structure of a combined cosmology should look like. The ranking on these characters is not based on feats or power but rather by their roles and what they represent plus how they logically would fit within this cosmology Some beings might not be as powerful as portrayed and others seemingly downplayed but I will give my reasoning for it....again this is all opinion.

Meta Representations

These representations are technically not characters within the cosmology but symbolize those in the real world. They do not appear on a cosmological map at all.

The One Above All / The One Below All

Though his omnipotence has been questioned in recent times on the battle forums and rightfully so. He is meant to symbolize the writer who technically has full control over everything unless you're Jim Starlin. With such a name, it's hard to imagine someone or something beyond him even though it has happened before but nonetheless this is where he stands.

The Primal Monitor

The Primal Monitor for all intended purposes is the paper for which comics are drawn upon or where ideas are placed and implemented. Without it there no story to be made. While the One Above All is regarded as the supreme meta being for the sake of this cosmology, he is nothing without the Primal Monitor.

The Empty Hand

The Empty Hand is meant to symbolize us the reader or buying customer. Our authority might not directly affect the Primal Monitor but it does affect the One Above All as we can choose whether to spend our hard-earned money on the product they have given. The One Above All must please the Empty Hand to generate profit.


This is the highest level in regards to fictional characters. Though they aren't meta representations like the above, they are however responsible for all creation in a fictional sense. Most of them are beings from the Bible as we identify with them the best. On a cosmological map, they exist outside of all creation or beyond the Source Wall or the Beyond.

The Presence / The Great Evil Beast / The Schechina / The Fulcrum

As the most powerful fictional character, he goes by many names but he is often referred to as God or Yahweh. In a fictional sense, he is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and responsible for all levels of creation.

The Source

The Source is where all the place from beings within creation outside of Yahweh derive their power. In DC Comics it contains everything from the Godwave to the Alpha Effect, the Firestorm Matrix, the Quantum Field, the Emotional Spectrum, the Speed Force, the Omega Effect, the Worlogog etc. In a composite cosmology it will also contain the Heart of the Universe, the Odin-Force, the Power Cosmic and other sources of power.

Archangels and Angels

With more references to Biblical beings, Archangels and Angels are the offspring and strongest servants of God...the most notable are Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos one of whom is the representation of God's infinite will and the other is God's infinite power.

Fundamentals and Platonics

These are the building blocks of all creation and must exist by necessity as they personify the very words they represent...basically they are living ideas who are the definition of a no-limits fallacy when it comes to their absolute existence. On a cosmological map, they exist within all of creation.

The Endless

Death, Death, Destiny, Despair, Desire, Delirium and Destruction are living ideas who exist by necessity in all creation and can not be destroyed no matter what.

The Equations

Just like ideas can not be destroyed, numbers can not be destroyed either, even by removing them from existence. These equations I'm referring to would be the Life Equation, the Death Equation, the Creation Equation, the Anti-Life Equation and the Anti-Death Equation which are said to exist in all sentient beings.

Outer-Megaverse Structure

Within creation, there are beings who create and watch over the multiple Multiverses...some of them are even messengers of God who give direct orders from above. On a cosmological map, they reside in the Monitor Sphere or Outer Void but outside of the Megaverse.

Aspects of God

Yahweh has many messengers who fulfill their duties for him in the form of his emotions whether it's the Voice, the Radiant, the Phantom Stranger, the Spectre or Eclipso who are unleashing anything from God's Wrath to God's Vengeance. Normally, they might not be this powerful in comics but the role of a messenger for God is nothing to scoff at.

Perpetua + Hecate + Living Tribunal

Though their power levels have been questioned in the battle forums, they are very much the leading overseers of all the multiple Multiverses, one of whom is its cosmic creator, the other its mystical creator and the final being the judge of these smaller creations.

In-Megaverse Structure

Within the Megaverse but still outside the Multiverse are the protectors or destroyers of these smaller creations. They have the power of plot manipulation that enables them to control what goes on in a Multiverse and are safe from retcons.


Most people are probably sick and tired of "Monitor wank" but these beings do hold a special role within the DC cosmology and they will continue to do so in a composite cosmology. You have your good Monitors like Mar Novu and Nix Uotan who want save some Multiverses and then you have your bad Monitors like Mandrakk and Mobius who want to consume those Multiverses. Though I understand not all them are the same tier power-wise, for the sake of this cosmology let's just say they are.

Outer-Multiverse Structure

These are the "gods" of the composite cosmology...basically they occupy their various realms and other dimensions in what is simply another Sphere of the Gods. They exist outside the Multiverse but interact with the beings within who worship or hate them.

Skyfather Pantheons

It probably makes no sense for skyfathers to be here power-wise but as far as roles are concerned, they are worshipped like gods and should be treated as such...they include the Asgard and Olympus pantheons lead by Odin and Zeus.

Demons and Hell-Lords

Though they all vary in power, they are nonetheless dreaded among the other gods. They include the likes of Mephisto, Surtur, Dormammu, Neron, Trigon etc.

Elder Gods and Old Gods

Beings like Gaea, Chthon, Arzaz, Gog etc belong here too.

New Gods

Often disrespected and thought of as aliens with high-tech, New Gods have always existed outside the Multiverse since Jack Kirby created them and will continue to do so in this composite cosmology.

Worshipped Deities

Some of these lesser known gods should exist outside the Multiverse...they include Rao, Cythonna, H'ron'meer, Gorr, Nekron, the Black Winter etc.

In-Multiverse Structure

These beings exist within the Multiverse or are part of it.

Abstracts / Lords of Order + Lords of Chaos

These individuals make up the fabric of the Multiverse itself and represent certain concepts like time and space. They are also fighting for cosmic balance in the Multiverse.

Celestials / Omega Titans

These individuals can be regarded as "gods" for their Universes. They are responsible for life within the cosmos.

In-Universe Structure

If there's an alternate version of a said character, they belong within the Multiverse inside a Universe. Everyone from Batman to Superman all of whom have parallel Universe versions are a part of the world they're in.

Emotional Entities

They are regarded as at the top of their respective Universes, each of whom represents an emotion.

Watchers + Guardians

A group of powerful "godlike" aliens who watch over their Universe.

Alien Empires + Factions

With so many alien races in the cosmos, there's bound to be warring empires like the Kree, Skrull, Sh'iar or armies lead by Brainiac, Despero, Starro, Mongul etc. Different Lantern Corps also occupy the same space.


Some beings make absolutely no sense as far as their role and purpose is concerned. They are to be excluded for the time being.


Galactus never made sense to me and probably never will...he goes around eating planets which seems to be beneath him or a cosmic entity for that matter.

5D Imps + Beyonders

These beings make no sense...they come out of nowhere, they're not worshipped, they make the entire cosmological structure look like a joke and their roles are non-existent.


The Flawed Understanding of Darkseid

1) Prologue

Anyone who thought this was a debunking Darkseid thread is in for a rude awakening...its actually the opposite or rather to help clear a falsely indoctrinated misunderstanding this site and many other sites have on Darkseid and the other New Gods but I'll stick to Darkseid because he is the most well known. If you are one of those close-minded people who believes Darkseid is just a highly advanced alien with fancy lasers and you stubbornly refuse to think otherwise, then I implore you to please not read any further because the following facts and logic are just going to trigger you. If you are going to read on, please keep an open mind...

That being said, this thread is here to prove the existence of a true Darkseid entity and how to tell the fundamental difference between various forms of avatars and hosts. It's hard for anyone to fathom that Darkseid is a hell lot stronger than they think he is in comparison to everyone else on the power tier hierarchy. Many of us are comfortable with him being just a Superman villain...thanks to the brainwashing by the Byrne era and DCAU animated series...the idea of him being much more powerful frightens us because we know how evil he truly is.

2) Uxas =/= Darkseid

This will come to many as a complete "shocker" that uxas and darkseid are not the same individual.

True Darkseid

Pre-Flashpoint Uxas

Dan Turpin

Lionel Luthor (Smallville)

Post-Flashpoint Uxas

Lex Luthor

Superwoman's Baby

3) There is Only One Darkseid

4) Pre-Crisis = Post-Crisis

5) Epilogue

I'm not going to type out any more paragraphs but rather I hope the following table should give you a much clearer understanding of Darkseid and how he compares to some other characters.

Host Body possessed by or empowered byTrue Entitytransforms into Avatar Form
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

In fact I've gone through the liberty to show the same for other characters here's Juggernaut..

Host Body possessed by or empowered byTrue Entitytransforms into Avatar Form
No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

...and here's Doctor Fate

...I was going to go through the Spectre hosts and Phoenix Force hosts too but you get the point by now...

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Does Thanos always win? Thanos vs. Darkseid

The Mad Titan of Marvel takes on the dreaded DC Lord of Apokolips...will the purple face lover of Death prevail against the stone golem of evil or would he fall like all others who've tried to dethrone him?

Thanos is one of greatest villains throughout all of Marvel, not just against Earth's superheroes but against the entire universe. Time and time again he has gotten his hands on some of the most powerful artifacts in all existence from the Cosmic Cube to the Infinity Gauntlet plus many more...enough to gain the attention of even abstracts like Eternity, Infinity, Galactus, Living Tribunal etc. Without these artifacts, Thanos is still capable of holding his own against teams of superheroes as no single hero can stop him alone. That being said, while Thanos is allowed to run amok in the Marvel Universe, he lacks the necessary opposite from other villains that would compete against him for the same goals...enter the DC Universe where a multitude of high powered villains await him ranging from Atrocitus to Larfleeze, Mongul, Fernus, Despero, Starro, Brainiac, Helspont and of course the dreaded Darkseid whom he is frequently matched up and associated with on this site.

In this match-up I will be analyzing Thanos going up against his most frequent battle forum rival Darkseid. Darkseid too is one of the greatest villains throughout all of DC who is constantly in search of the Anti-Life Equation whilst waging war against the superheroes in the DC universe, the angels of heavens, the New Gods of New Genesis as well as defending his territory against evil invaders like his father Yuga Khan, Trigon and Brainiac. In many ways Darkseid is seen as the god of evil who corrupts the souls of mortal men and enslaves all that is good under his one rule.

For clarity sake I will the Earth-616 version of Thanos and the non-entity Uxas version of Darkseid. Before anyone goes into an uproar over the type of Darkseid being used...please read this blog first.


Both characters are highly intelligent in their respective universes and both have used their brains to outsmart opponents without needing to move a muscle. Though I don't expect intelligence to play much of factor given that Thanos ain't Rhino and Darkseid ain't Solomon Grundy where they could be beat using superior smarts.

Edge goes to Thanos

Fighting Skill

Though neither are built like street tier martial artists, Thanos and Darkseid are quite skilled in combat. Thanos has receiving training from the Arts on War on Titan whereas Darkseid has received his from as a warrior on Apokolips. Skill might not matter much in the end but it could be the difference between winning and losing. While neither have demonstrated skill on the level of Batman or Iron Fist, if I had to give to anyone, I think this category belongs to Thanos given that he was responsible for training Gamora, a skilled assassin who mastered 98% of all martial arts from her universe.

Edges goes to Thanos


When it comes to physical strength, Thanos and Darkseid are both near top of their respective universes despite neither being a fan of H2H combat. Most if not all their strength feats are based on scaling from that others which is where it gets tricky as it becomes a debate on whose opponents were physically stronger. Thanos has fought the likes of Hulk and Thor while Darkseid has taken on Orion and Superman hence it becomes a matter of which heroes have the better strength feats.

Edge goes to Darkseid


Despite their bulky builds, both Thanos and Darkseid are surprising fast or at least as fast as they need to be for a particular story. As a villain in space, Thanos is usually going up against beings that can travel long distances in a short amount of time...likewise Darkseid is regularly interrupted by superheroes from a universe where most individuals are known for their speed.

This category firmly belongs to Darkseid in my opinion who has some personal speed feats in his own right in addition to scaling off others like Superman and Wonder Woman whereas the speed feats of Thanos are entirely dependent on scaling. It's needs to be stressed that there's a difference between characters who are known for their speed and characters who are using their speed and while Thanos has tagged Silver Surfer in the past, Surfer was not using his speed to the fullest. Furthermore, Thanos has actually struggled as opponents who did use their speed against him such as Captain Mar-vell.

NOTE : Keep in mind...teleportation is a power that both Thanos and Darkseid have BUT it is not a substitute for super speed or reflexes.

Edge goes to Darkseid


It might not make sense to use this category in a fight but actually does...there's no point in being able to fight someone if you can't detect them or their moves for example Wolverine's smell makes it hard for Captain America to sneak up on him or the Justice League can't surprise attack Doctor Manhattan because he already knows what's about to happen.


Again both

Offensive Versatility

Darkseid and Thanos are both least compared to most opponents they come across. Thanos was born with ability to manipulate cosmic energy alongside his mental powers...he can shoot beams of energy, perform transmutation with a touch, use telepathy, telekinesis plus some degree of magic. In theory Thanos should be extremely versatile due to his magic however he still needs to display these separate abilities with his feats...he hasn't quite shown the versatility that is displayed in Sentry, Silver Surfer or Doctor Strange. On the other hand, Darkseid powered by the Omega Effect, a cosmic force of entropy taken from the destructive side of the Source which he can use for varying degrees of concentrated reality warping. Darkseid's main attack is his Omega Beams that can be used to blast, teleport, transmutate, disintegrate or eliminate targets from existence...they can also change direction, phase through objects and even hit intangible opponents. In addition to his Omega Beams, Darkseid also has telepathy, telekinesis, soul manipulation, resurrection etc...

I think it's fair to say anything Thanos can do, Darkseid can also do plus more...he's as close as you can get to a non-magical reality warper without actually being classified a reality warper.

Ranged Destruction

Both Thanos and Darkseid have long distance ranged attacks which they would prefer over a physical confrontation. Thanos' energy blasts have leveled mountains, knock out Thing and Thor, kill Adam Warlock and perhaps his best feat is sending Galactus flying (though undamaged). Darkseid's Omega Beams when actually used as an energy attack has destroyed planets, shattered the universal shell of Imperiex Prime, destroyed the armor of the mighty COIE Anti-Monitor and cause harm to the Spectre. When comparing these feats it's easy to see that Darkseid is superior in this regard.

Defensive Versatility

If relying on one's own durability wasn't an option, how else could they defend themselves? Besides being immortal Thanos and Darkseid can protect themselves using force fields


This category is where I believe Darkseid separates himself from Thanos. While Thanos is very strong and powerful, the only reason I believe he stands up to cosmic beings is largely due to his incredible defenses as evident in his encounter with Odin where neither could put the other down yet Thanos doesn't have the feats that Odin has.

One thing that often gets glossed over is the fact that Thanos literally receives amps from outside sources most notably Mistress Death which he has gotten a lot of over time. Thanos has consistently been portrayed as a transcendent tier powerhouse, stronger than herald tier powerhouses but that's as far as his power goes.

Darkseid on the other hand can stand up to cosmic beings because he has the power to do so whether it's the Highfather, the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor, the Spectre etc...his image alone can intimidate the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos. Furthermore Darkseid is responsible for the creation of some very powerful minions through distributing his power to them such as Mantis, Brimstone, Stayne (equal to Takion), Eclipso (equal to Spectre) and Validus, all of whom could give Thanos a good fight in their own right.

Because Darkseid exists as a singular entity in all of DC unlike Thanos, he holds much more hierarchical importance to his multiverse than his Marvel opponent...we've seen Earth-1610 Thanos be killed with no consequences whereas we've seen the Source resurrect Darkseid after Spectre kills him, Darkseid's soul poisoning the Source after Orion kills him plus his death twice at the hands of the Black Racer cause multiversal chaos in both Final Crisis and Darkseid War.

Omega Sanction


Most Thanos vs Darkseid debates hinge on Thanos' ability to outlast or use low showings for Darkseid to justify Thanos' superiority rather than look at the fight objectively. Many users don't even know half of Darkseid's feats and will jump to conclusions based on appearances of Superman beating him without acknowledging that Thanos doesn't have the speed to replicate what Superman did

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Hypertime in DC Cosmology

1 Prologue

Many users believe the DC Multiverse has only 52 universes...this is simple untrue. Furthermore many have no understanding of Hypertime and its relevance to DC canon. This blog was partially inspired to be written after seeing countless comments of users discrediting the battle between the demon Trigon and the 5D Imp Mr Mxyzptlk as non-canon due to the event taking place in the Injustice timeline.

2 Description

Hypertime is construct consisting of self-generating timelines that result from various choices that individuals make or do not make. Each timeline births a different universe.

3 Structure

Below is the DC Map of the might be hard to read some of the words but hopefully this link should help you see better.

DC Map of the Multiverse
DC Map of the Multiverse

Source Wall

Monitor Sphere

Sphere of the Gods

Orrery of Worlds

4 Outside the Multiverse

While the DC Multiverse itself is quite complicated, there are beings (or rather many beings) that exist outside of it as one singular entity of itself...these include New Gods, Hell Lords, Monitors, Archangels, 5D Imps and conceptual abstracts.

Characters who reside within the DC Multiverse may have alternate versions of themselves in a parallel universe i.e. Batman and Superman.

This means there are no alternate versions of Darkseid that happens to not be evil or another Bat-mite roaming around DC Cosmology

5 Timeline Reboots

6 Canon vs Non-Canon

When distinguishing what's canon or non-canon within a DC fictional reality, it should only be from the perspective of the character not the reality itself. This is due to some characters having the ability to travel between universes.

For example Mr Mxyzptlk

No Caption Provided

7 Epilogue

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The Importance of Superman


It seems these days that whenever a powerful character performs some impressive feats, if that character loses a fight to Superman, then suddenly their entire reputation is brought down regardless of the context or circumstances behind's never because Superman is that powerful, it's because that character is very weak.

It's because of these double standards why a lot of DC characters are seen as weak (or weaker than they should be) but I'm here to correct and show why there's no shame in being unable to beat or in some cases affect Superman through the use of certain powers and abilities.

Meta Story

Like it or not, Superman is the face of DC Comics...Batman may be more popular but he isn't anywhere near the iconic status of the Man of Steel.

doesn't reach that of Superman

Plot Intention

Throughout the history of DC Comics, the company has made it abundantly clear that Superman is meant to be their strongest hero on Earth.

There is simply no Justice League without Superman even though in theory he could easily be replaced by a magical version of him like Shazam. Heck I'm certain many of you believe




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Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos Respect Thread

1 Prologue

The Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos are supernatural cosmic entities within the DC Multiverse or par with Marvel abstracts. Because DC doesn't show much emphasis on their cosmology stories like Marvel does, it's easy to forget or misunderstand how powerful these Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos truly are. They all vary in power with some below universal tier and others multiversal tier.

2 Origin

The Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos share an important role in maintaining cosmic balance within the DC Multiverse, protecting it from outside forces. They exist as singular entities hence there is no alternate or parallel version of a single Lord of Order or single Lord of Chaos.

DC Map of the Multiverse and everything else outside
DC Map of the Multiverse and everything else outside

When Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos go to battle, they determine the fates of entire realities and dimensions hence they are multiversal in nature. This is only within the constructs of the DC Orrery of Worlds.

No Caption Provided

Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos were there when the DC Multiverse was first created and it was their explosion that generated universes.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Since the creation of the DC Multiverse, the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos are always in a constant battle for supremacy of cosmic balance.

No Caption Provided

3 Lords of Order

3.1 Nabu the Wise

Nabu is the most prominent and most powerful Lord of Order who is equivalent to Mordru and stronger than the likes of Kismet (DC's version of Marvel's Eternity) and Lord Dominus.

No Caption Provided

Nabu while weakened is still powerful enough to open a portal to the 6th dimension, something not even the multiversal reality warping Mr Mxyzptlk can do.

No Caption Provided

Most famously of all, Nabu was able to hold his own against a pissed off version of the Spectre (who had no host body holding him back) who himself had already killed off all the other Lords of Orders and Lords of Chaos. Nabu lets himself get killed to draw the attention of the Presence (DC's God).

Nabu also provides his near limitless magic power to his Agent of Order, the host body of Doctor Fate whose feats could be used to scale up Nabu. Doctor Fate alone is able to survive being thrown through infinite dimensions.

No Caption Provided

Doctor Fate is also able to contain an entire universe (with some help from Spectre).

No Caption Provided

Doctor Fate can also break through barriers made by the Spectre.

No Caption Provided

If you thought Nabu battling the Spectre was just a one time thing, Doctor Fate has also battled the Spectre before too and made it an interesting fight.

Doctor Fate is strong enough to break the Spectre's curse off Hal Jordan

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Even though Nabu and Doctor Fate haven't really gotten the better of the Spectre, they can still take on and defeat multiversal threats such as Ynar and Vandaemeon.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Doctor Fate can also allow others to feel the multiverse and see the infinite.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

There are still plenty of other feats but I believed I've justified Nabu being multiversal either via feats, statements or scaling.

3.2 Kismet the Living Universe

Kismet is the second most powerful Lord of Order and is the DC equivalent of Marvel's Eternity as confirmed by both companies.

No Caption Provided

Kismet is also fate and destiny with some level of omnipresence.

No Caption Provided

Kismet is also beyond space, time, life, death at least in the sense of mortal understanding.

No Caption Provided

Kismet is so important that her death could unravel time itself.

No Caption Provided

Kismet has the power to perceive all realities and determine the destinies of all of them.

No Caption Provided

Kismet could also empower Superman enough to battle the energy form of Imperiex Prime (DC's version of Marvel's Galactus).

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Kismet also has M-bodies displayed across the DC Multiverse. I can't find the scan but I've seen it before. It would be great if someone could help find it.

3.3 Princess Amethyst

3.4 Wizard Shazam

Wizard Shazam is well known for providing the vessel of power to the likes of Billy Batson and Black Adam.

3.5 Lord Arion of Atlantis

4 Lords of Chaos

4.1 Mordru

4.2 Lord Dominus

4.3 Klarion the Witchboy

4.4 Ynar

4.5 Vandaemeon

5 Epilogue

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Empowered Minions of Darkseid


Over the course of history Darkseid has given his power to various individuals thus empowering them to become stronger. These individuals do receive the respect they deserve on this site but not Darkseid himself who in large part is responsible for who they are…given how weak Darkseid is portrayed as by the general CV populace…Hopefully this blog will correct that thinking…


The true form of Darkseid is a spiritual entity who requires a host to be his vessel of power. Darkseid has transferred his conscious into various individuals from mortals to gods...

2.1 Uxas Khan

2.2 Dan Turpin

2.3 Lex Luthor


3.1 Stayne

Once a random nameless woman…she was transformed into an Avatar of the Source by Darkseid but not without being corrupted by his power. Her capabilities include…

• Nigh-omniscience

• Nigh-

3.1.1 Fights Takion

3.2 Validus

Once the child of X and X…Darkseid kidnapped


4.1 Mantis

He is not a New God but the leader of a native race on Apokolips known as Bugs. Mantis received his powers from Darkseid who upgraded him into an energy vampire. His capabilities include…

• Super Strength

• Super Speed

• Invulnerability

• Energy Manipulation

• Anti-Matter Manipulation

4.1.1 Energy Absorption

An example of his energy manipulation includes absorbing all the energy in Hal Jordan's green lantern ring…


A fraction of the energy in Hal Jordan's green lantern ring packs enough power to casually destroy a planet…this means that the full energy of his ring is beyond planetary at the very least…


Mantis would fire all this energy at Darkseid who no-sells it all…


In retrospective this proves that Darkseid gave enough power to an individual who

4.1.2 Fighting Classic Dr Fate

Mantis has fought and defeated a team that included Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan and Kent Nelson Dr Fate…


Kent Nelson is the same Dr Fate who has given Jim Corrigan Spectre good battles on his own individually…


Kent Nelson has also contained a universe alongside the Spectre…


4.2 Kalibak

4.3 Brutaal



5.1 Eclipso

Eclipso was once the former Spirit of Vengeance until God replaced her with the Spirit of Wrath…however her roots can be traced back to

5.2 Deathspawn

5.3 Grail

5.4 Shadow Demons





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Is Thanos really more powerful than Darkseid?



If you didn't already know, both characters have completely different backgrounds despite their perceived similarities.

2.1 Creation

Darkseid was first created by Jack Kirby in 1970 as a New God, an extra-dimensional being from the Fourth World whereas when Jim Starlin created Thanos, he was originally meant to be an Iron Man villain who would eventually become a cosmic villain

2.2 Location

Unlike Thanos who originated from one of Saturn's moons Titan, Uxas

2.3 Version

The most common individual Thanos is the Earth-616 version designated to the reality where he was born. Thanos is not unique in Marvel as there are parallel versions of the same character in alternate universes such as Earth-1610

Darkseid however is usually referred to his Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis or New 52 version




4.1 Similar Powers

4.2 Different Powers


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Dissecting the Infinity Gauntlet


The Infinity Gauntlet (or IG for short) is an artefact of immense power and quite possibly the most famous item of supreme power in all comics. It is however not the strongest artefact in all comics nor just Marvel itself. The IG is by no means "weak" however it is far from invincible and frequently claimed to be "multiversal" according to popular though there are limitations to that question its "multiversal" status.

No Caption Provided

That being said, I am not doubting the power of the IG. I am however questioning its range and area of effect as well as how and where it works which is why I wrote this blog. This blog is separated into numbered sections for more simplistic access to points. This is not an encyclopedia nor a history page. You can search the IG wiki page on CV for that otherwise.

Is the entire Marvel Multiverse at threat by an IG wielder? Should a lone individual from Earth-492 or Earth-8051 be afraid of someone wielding the IG from Earth-616? It has been said that the IG can allow a user to achieve feats of power on a "multiversal" scale and there have been reasons as why this may be the case for some.


2.1 Gems

2.2 Gauntlet

2) Not Multiversal?

1) Individual Parts

2.1 Gauntlet

2.2 Soul Gem (Green)

2.3 Mind Gem (Blue)

2.4 Space Gem

2.5 Time Gem

2.6 Reality Gem (Orange)

2.7 Power Gem (Red)


/Hulk wielding "two" Infinity Gauntlets

The Council of Reeds had 3 Infinity Gauntlets. Yes 3 Infinity Gauntlets!

Validity of its Feats



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