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Transformers:The Revenge of The Fallen 0

This movie was Micheal Bay's sequel to the first movie.This movie was awsome.In this movie it talked about more about The Transformere's origin.It also showed the  very first decepticon,The Fallen. In the movie  Megatron comes back from the dead to find The Matrix of Leadership so he and his master,the Fallen can control Earth's sun. When I saw the movie I couldn't believe that The Fallen was Megatron's master. Anyways The Fallen can only be defeated by a Prime,which means Optimus is the only on...

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The Incredible Hulk The Movie 0

This is my review on The Incredible Hulk movie. When this movie was coming out people thought it was a sequel to the first movie,but it turned out to be a reboot. This movie is part of the upcoming Avenger movie. In this movie Bruce banner is trying to fina a cure to his green monster problem,until General Ross and the army found him. they wanted to use Hulk's powers as a weapon.They had failed trying to capture Bruce Banner,so General Ross took one of his men to do an experiment on. The man tha...

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