Crazy Deadpool

What if Deadpool became so crazy that he decide to Kill all The Marvel Heroes, so he will be the only Marvel Hero. Do you think the marvel heroes will be able to stop him or will they fail and Deadpool becomes the one and only Marvel hero.

The Incredible Hulk 2:The Rise of The Gamma Army

It would be cool to see a sequel to the 2008 Hulk movie. They can have The Leader make an army of gamma monsters
which Includes(Ravage,and Madman) . The Hulk and Gernal Ross are the world's any hope of saving the world from
The Leader with  a cameo of  the following:
Iron Man
Spidey(if possible)
and Grey Hulk
plus they will have the one and only "Rick Jones "in the movie except He is part of a cast and not a cameo. This movie would be awsome to see.

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Some heroes should have moe than one costume. That way if they run their costume they don't have to waste their time fixing it. So all they have to do is change their costume.

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Ultimate DC

I think that it could work if they try, I think  Marvel didn't succeed in making The Ultimates  the first time. So they kept tring until they succeded and they did. DC could do the same. It would be awsome  to see  Ultimate Justice League,
Teen Titans. or Legion of Super Heroes.
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The Batman and Superman

I think  Batman  should be evil,because he looks scary and sometimes people don't trust him.Plus the police think he is more of a freak than a hero.I also think he would look good being evil.For Superman, he should've been evil,because he do look like a destoryer and all the power he has looks like it would have been use for evil instead of being use for heroic justice.

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Marvel !!!!!!!!!!!!

I like marvel, because they have more 
                                                                                            awsome heroes than DC.

                                                                                            They also have all kinds of super hero teams.

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