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Asita  was a champion  race car driver until one day he was expose to gamma radiation from a gamma  machine that  Dr.Doom had build.He became a monster named,"The Incredible Hulk-Prime". He was such like the original Hulk except he is stronger,can run really fast,smarter, and can hear  danger a distance away. Now Hulk-Prime  goes on heroic  adventures with his friends, Spider-Man and Elektra.
Hulk-Prime's Characteristics:  
Height:5' 9 1/2"    Divine),   6'6"(Black Hulk-Prime), 7'-8'    (Green Hulk-Prime) 
8'8"(  Prince Hulk-Prime/World Breaker )   
Weight: 145 lbs(Divine), 900 lbs(Black Hulk-Prime) 1,040 lbs-1,400 lbs(Green Hulk-Prime),   
2,000 lbs ( Prince Hulk-Prime/World Breaker )   
Hair-Black(Divine),Black Hair(Black Hulk)Dark Green( Green Hulk-Prime)  
Eyes- Black(Divine) Black(Black Hulk-Prime),Green( Green Hulk-Prime)
Strength:Without exertion, he can easily lift over 1000 tons of weight.When angered, the The Incredible Hulk-Prime  exceeds his base strength many times over.he is able to move planets, but only as  Prince Hulk-Prime/World Breaker. He can do this with his gamma energy powers.

Super Hearing
–Hulk-Prime is able to hear at interstellar distances and he can hear faster than the speed of sound.    
Hulk-Prime can survive from  a atomic or nuclear bomb. he survives the immersion into the core of the sun with ease.  Can surivive in outer space
Super Speed:-he to move beyond the speed of light,but only when he is in his full rage.  
Energy Absorbtion- Hulk-Prime can absorb all kinds of energy like Comic Energy and Gamma Energy. He can also absorn eletricity

Healing – Whenever injured, Hulk-Prime  will heal at an accelerated speed.     
Super Speed- Hulk-Prime can run beyond the speed of light, but only when he is at full power