New Marvel Mayhem Series - Potential Draftees

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  • Actually not Blue Streak at all but another super speedster using the name, one I've used before. People who read my Jester's 11 series will know exactly who I'm talking about

    Character Development - A chance to start afresh for this character after that accident...

  • Boomerang is big right now but that's not why I'm writing him. He was a favourite ever since I saw him in Thunderbolts and his wisecracks have amused me ever since. Boomer is the Everyman on the team, even at his most conniving he's a lovable character.

    Character Development - Either appearing as himself or Outback Boomer's motive is to come out on top. He's here for the reduced sentence and the money. Nothing else...apparently

  • A character who has crawled her way into my heart. Deathlocket is the cyborg girl next door with the ability to vaporise a city block.

    Character Relationship - Hopefully I can tie her to Strikeback from Thunderbolts. It would be interesting to see how much control the machine has especially when she's forced into a stressful situation.

  • Argentine Hero who somehow got his hands on Vibranium weapons. The character is one of those obscure mixes of popular characters thus making them gimmicks for writers (usually to big up another character)

    Character Development - Almost a blank slate to work with. I see Defensor (hopefully with a new name) as the arrogant man of the team. Unlike the others he hasn't had a criminal record and he thinks that makes him superior.

  • A one shot character sunk into the ground by Ironman. Insanely powerful the Earth Mover never lived up to the geo-kinetic potential he processed.

    Character Development - Never a real villain the Earth Mover struck me as an avatar of the Earth rather than a simple monster. I plan to explore and expand this character further.

  • A joke character. I mean you wouldn't really make me write about a ghost pirate would you?

  • A character I really liked in the comics and one whose suffer no fools (corruption) makes him an interested and conflicted character.

    Character Development - His motives will be the main carrying point here. The fact that the team is working for a secretly corrupt organisation will test his dedication to the work he's doing.

  • Reminds me of an old TV series and the chance to expand a never used character. Short but strong Gargouille has always operated in the moral grey area but could easily be pushed either way.

    Character Development - Another character who I enjoy writing I plan to expose Guargoille to some positive human emotions. She's akin to Songbird in that respect: someone who has been alone to long.

  • Atlas? OK here's the deal Lindy Josten (the sister of Atlas) doesn't have her own page...yet. No Powers either although it was said she always followed in her brothers footsteps.

    Character Development - Honestly Atlas could have been written better. I plan to give Lindy powers and right her as a naive but stronger willed Atlas.

  • Readers of my Deadly Foes series will know how different the Marvel Mayhem version of Janice Lincoln (Scarab) is. A massive insect hybrid she relies on an as yet unnamed drug to trigger the change.

    Character Development - A study of addiction and dehumanisation. For the smart and sophisticated Lincoln this would be akin to her worst nightmare.

  • An Undercover Cop and character from my Tales of the Raft series. Powers include sliding at super speed as well as weapon handling.

    Character Development - All the time spent in the Raft has changed Slyde's perspective on super criminals. His goal now is to use the suit for upholding the law not breaking it.

  • But I call him Vassal. Another Thunderbolt that made his way into my heart and one whose death left me shaken. A good guy he just runs with a bad crowd (the Osborne's for example) something he proved in the actual Thunderbolts series.

    Character Development - I'm keen to give him a code of ethics and display the blurring of the hard edged side and the soft heart. A relationship with Gargouille may also be on the table.

  • A character I had high hopes for in a failed series I wrote. Stripped of the Omnium covering his skin Warhawk regained his sanity and proved under that cold blue hue he could be a hero.

    Character Development - More Heroic Development tempered by his relationship with Baron Zemo. Yep I plan to have that bite him in the butt later.

  • A poor man's Vision if you like. The Wisp is currently shining in my Masters of Evil series. A failed attempt at being a hero has left him pondering his next career move.

    Character Development - Wisp is a character torn between his ideals and his current situation. He is amazingly powerful but doesn't realise it. By the end of the series he will.