Members of the Syndicate

All the villains appearing in Marvel Now: The Syndicate and links to everything you need to know about them.

List items

  • The head of the Syndicate and the twisted brain behind it. The whole thing appears to be a set up to take over the Kingpin's Criminal Empire

  • Ancient Mariner cursed by a Necromancer to live forever until he kills an immortal. His motives for joining seem to be in the support of his quest.

  • Emissary to the Syndicate from the European Maggia families. Negotiated a non aggression pact with the Syndicate in return for occasional mercenary work.

  • Given financial support by the Syndicate in return for aid against the Kingpin when Kilgrave makes his move.

  • Hired as an elite operator and main headhunter for the Syndicate. Promised that her own businesses will be kept free of Kilgrave's influence.

  • Brother to the deceased Headsman and briefly considered being a hero before realising he needed money for his brothers funeral.

  • Headhunted by the Purple Man's talent scouts to act as an Elite Operative within the Syndicate. Among those offered first shot at bringing down Iron Man

  • Deadly armoured assassin with the ability to ignite himself and others. Signed up to make a name for himself.

  • Elite getaway driver who uses nano-bacteria to enhance vehicles. He was enlisted when Boomerang signed the Sinister Six up as a member of the Syndicate

  • Native American Were Cat with his own code of honour and a personal fortune to back his endeavours. Signed up to find allies to aid him in his tribes mission to defeat the Beyonder.

  • Hired out by Roxon Energy for field testing of equipment and personnel. Agreed to supply additional funds to the Syndicate on Roxon's behalf in exchange for experienced mercenaries when required.

  • Offered a large amount of cash by the Purple Man to join the Syndicate. Additionally promised that the Syndicate will try and force a law to make hunting Atlanteans legal.