Invictia Poke Dex: Yanymph

Name: Yanymph

National Dex Number: #085

Flavour Text: Yanymph dreams of becoming a spectacular dragon from its underwater home, yet it knows it has no way of becoming what it’s always wanted to be. This causes it to develop a mean streak and attack the Pokémon it lives with.

Species: Water Bug

Type: Bug/Water

Height: 70cm (2,3ft)

Weight: 38kg (83.3lb)

Evolution: Yanymph (L16) -> Yanma (EXP w/ Ancient Power) -> Yanmega

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Swift Swim (When soaked by the rain, this Pokémon’s Speed Stat Doubles), Compound Eyes (This Pokémon’s keen vision improves attack Accuracy)

Hidden Ability: Frisk (Upon entering battle this Pokémon can check what item one of its opponents is holding)

Egg Group: Undiscovered

Signature Move(s): None

Base Stats

Special Attack30
Special Defence30


Appearance: Yanymph is a large brownish red segmented insect with six robust legs attached to the second section behind the head. On the back is a large hump like structure with two short clear appendages that later becomes this Pokémon’s wings when it evolves. Right at the end of the tail section is a single spike, and a pair of folding flaps that can be held under the final segment of this Pokémon.

The head of Yanymph is similar to that of its evolved form Yanma, although its large green compound eyes lack the two black pupils. In addition Yanymph also has a bladed structure where its mouth is, that is extends using water pressure to capture its prey and grab hold of water weed when its caught in a fast moving current.

Ecology: Yanymph is a benthic living Pokémon that prowls in well stocked lakes, river beds and even large ponds. A dedicated carnivore, Yanymph stalks any smaller Pokémon that gets close to it, and happily feasts on anything from Aqualotal to Magikarp, using its barbed extendable mouthparts to grab the prey and rip off the fins and limbs to effectively immobilise its victim. Yanymph can even target prey off the bottom by slotting the two tail fins on its rear segment under its body, positioning its head upwards and catapulting itself towards the surface. That said Yanymph has to be wary when attacking like this, since larger predators like Basculin are all too ready to take advantage of exposed prey in the water column.

Besides Basculin very few Pokémon prey on Yanymph, mostly due to its bad attitude and the fact it likes to hide in forests of water weed. Other Yanymph are a danger however, this species has no loyalty to each other, even if they come from the same clutch of eggs, and will happily eat each other if given the chance. To avoid its cannibal siblings, the weaker of the two Yanymph will propel itself away and hope its rival doesn’t follow or that it doesn’t get intercepted by another predator. Those Yanymph living in fast flowing rivers rarely eject into the water column, and are often found clutching the more robust parts of its habitat to avoid being swept away.

As it gets older, Yanymph’s disappointment that it seemingly will never soar through the skies grows, and it becomes more and more brutal in its attacks. In a fit of anger it will even try crawling out of the water under the light of a full moon, in attempt to realise its dream but often falls back into the depths when it faints from lack of oxygen. Eventually, after many attempts Yanymph’s fledgling wings grow and this Pokémon evolves into Yanma, its childhood dreams somewhat achieved and ultimately forgotten by the time dawn arrives.


Origin: Yanymph is based on the immature stage of real world dragonflies and damselflies

Name Origin: Yanymph comes from the Japanese word Yanma (large dragonfly) and Nymph.