Invictia Poke Dex: Varanasti

Name: Varanasti

National Dex Number: #021

Flavour Text: The fang like structures hanging from Varanasti’s mouth are actually dried trails of toxic spittle. This Pokémon’s bite is so filthy that it causes violent infections to spread through its victim’s body, effectively making their organs rot while they are still alive.

Species: Toxic Tongue

Type: Poison

Height: 28cm (0,9ft)

Weight: 15kg (33lb)

Evolution: Varanasti (L33) -> Komodred

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Stench (This Pokémon’s unpleasant body odder can cause its opponent to flinch when attacking)

Hidden Ability: Poison Touch (When striking an opponent this Pokémon has a chance to poison its target)

Egg Group: Field/Dragon

Signature Move(s): Toxic Claw (Poison Type Attack - 70BP) This Pokémon attacks with claws loaded with poison. This attack has a high critical hit ratio and a 10% chance to badly poison the target.

Base Stats

Special Attack30
Special Defence58


Appearance: Varanasti is a quadrupedal lizard like Pokémon with rough scales and a pair of recurved tooth like structures embedded into its shoulders. This Pokémon advertises its toxicity with the yellow bands round its legs and the yellow streaks under its eyes, although the latter is simply just spittle that has dried when the Pokémon has been salivating over the thought of food. In addition to these streaks Varanasti also has fang like structures hanging from its mouth that are also formed from torrents of dried (and very toxic) spittle.

This spit often drips off of Varansasti’s bright yellow forked tongue as it flicks in and out to taste the air for signs of prey, and on the rare occasions that this Pokémon opens its mouth when not feeding, it reveals rows of small, but very serrated teeth running to the back of the jaw. To help catch prey, Varanasti has hooked claws on all four feet, capable of pinning and ripping its prey to pieces in very short order.

Ecology: Varanasti is a Pokémon that is often encountered in scrub land and dense forest travelling along well-worn paths in the search of prey. This Pokémon is quite unfussy in what it eats, and will consume anything it can overpower with its talons, teeth and toxic secretions it produces. Any prey lucky enough to escape the initial attack are often infected with a venom that painfully rots away living tissue. The screams of agony attract every Varanasti in the area, and soon whatever was unlucky enough to be initially attacked finds itself tailed by multiple hungry Pokémon until it drops dead of sepsis.

Despite its toxic nature, Varanasti does have predators of its own, and particularly fears Gumshoos, due to this Pokémon’s tenacity and cunning. Indeed, most Varanasti have been attacked at least once by Gumshoos, which left two teeth in the reptilian Pokémon’s shoulders, something that leaves Varanasti in almost constant pain. In addition to being highly venomous, Varanasti’s toxins cause it to stink like rotting flesh, something that keep most potential predators far away from it as possible.

Despite being deadly predators, Varanasti tolerates its own kind, although it prefers to do as little interaction with its fellows as possible. If food is scarce it will fight to protect resources, using only its talons to avoid wasting precious venom. During winter, Varanasti will retreat into a cave since it can’t stand the cold, and often form piles of Pokémon, sharing its body heat with others who are hibernating over the long winter months.


Origin: Varanasti takes inspiration from both monitor lizards (particularly the Komodo Dragon) and the Gila Monster.

Name Origin: Varanasti is a combination of the words Varanus (the genus name for all extant monitor lizards) and nasty. It is also a play on the phrase ‘very nasty’ something that relates to its bad temper and toxic saliva.