Invictia Poke Dex: Skinspore

Name: Skinspore

Art is property of @wollfmyth209
Art is property of @wollfmyth209

National Dex Number: #001

Flavour Text: Skinspore live deep in quiet forests burrowing through the leaf litter. When disturbed this Pokémon rears up and scatters painful spores all over its attackers.

Type: Grass

Height: 32cm (1,04ft)

Weight 17kg (37.4lb)

Evolution: Two Stages (EXP triggered)

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Overgrow (When below 1/3 health the Attack and Special Attack of this Pokémon is increased by 50%)

Hidden Ability: Spore Guard (This Pokémon can’t be effected by status conditions unless the opponent has Mold Breaker)

Egg Group: Grass/Monster

Signature Moves: None

Base Stats

Special Attack42
Special Defence72


Appearance: Skinspore is a low slung reptilian Pokémon with dark brown skin save for a pale green line running down its back, and the frond like pattern of four lines that protrude from this marking. The legs of this Pokémon are stubby and are barely long enough to lift its body off the ground, so as such it generally moves in a slithering motion.

In addition to animal like features Skinspore has some characteristics similar to those of plants. The most notable of these is the curved fern frond that sweeps back off the head. As well as this, the front legs of this Pokémon also has bracers with large scales wrapped around them that bare a passing resemblance to the bark of certain real world fern species.

Ecology: Skinspore prefers to live in dark and quiet forests, often slithering through the leaf litter in search of the mould and small bug Pokémon it feeds on. This Pokémon isn’t overly picky in what it feeds on, and will happily feed on anything that it can overpower with the spores it releases, and can then swallow whole. Should prey become too difficult to overpower Skinspore isn’t afraid to attack its intended victim with physical attacks such as Pound and Tail Slap.

When attacked by its own predators (such as Yungoos or Ekans), Skinspore will initially try to burrow underground. Should this fail it will retaliate by using attacks like Sleep Powder and Stun Spore to weaken its attackers long enough for it to make its escape, rarely taking the effort to turn the tables on its attacker, preferring to make its escape then seek retribution.

When not foraging, Skinspore generally lies still conserving energy it may need later on in the day. This Pokémon is strictly diurnal while in the wild, and retreats underground or into a fallen log when night falls, only emerging if it’s disturbed by an attacking Pokémon or by a disaster such as a forest fire.


Origin: Skinspore is based on certain species of skink. The vegetable part of its design has features belonging to both ferns and tree ferns.

Name Origin: Skinspore comes from a combination of Skin and Spore

Other: This species was named Sporasaur during its initial inception