Invictia Poke Dex: Mega Arbok

Name: Arbok

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National Dex Number: #038

Complete Dex Number: #024

Flavour Text: The flesh destroying venom of Mega Arbok is so concentrated that its toxicity damages the Pokémon that created it almost immediately upon being exposed to a Mega Stone.

Species: Cobra

Type: Poison (Poison/Dark upon Mega Evolution)

Height: 350cm (11,06ft)

Height (Mega Evolution): 420cm (13.77ft)

Weight: 64kg (143.3lb)

Weight (Mega Evolution): 61kg (134.49lb)

Evolution: Ekans (L22) -> Arbok (Holding the Arbokite Mega Stone) -> Mega Arbok

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Intimidate (The fearful visage of this Pokémon lowers the attack stat of its opponents upon switching into battle)/Shed Skin (By shedding its own skin, this Pokémon can heal any malignant status conditions that effect it)

Hidden Ability: Unnerve (The grim visage of this Pokémon prevents its opponents turning their attention to any berries they may be holding)

Ability (Mega Evolution): Swift Strike (This Pokémon has a one in three chance of striking at lightning speed and moving first within its priority bracket)

Egg Group: Field/Dragon

Signature Move(s): None

Base Stats

Stat NameValueValue (Mega)
Special Attack6565
Special Defence79114


Appearance: Upon Mega Evolving, Arbok’s body grows longer and changes colour from dark purple to black, possibly to reflect its new partial Dark typing. One of Arbok’s most prominent features, the face on its hood, is retained (although the formally black markings are now blood red), but strangely the fake eyes seem to move by themselves, and the Pokémon moves as if it can see through this patterning. This evidence is backed up by Arbok’s real eyes, which have become covered by a white film of dead scales, effectively blinding the Pokémon and forcing it to relay on its other senses.

The cause of this blinding is likely the ongoing battle between the enhanced toxins of Mega Arbok’s venom and the hyper efficient immune system that all Poison type Pokémon possess to keep themselves from being poisoned by their own toxic secretions. This battle has had a disastrous effect on Arbok’s skin, especially along the back where the skin and muscle has rotted away, and has left sections of its vertebrae exposed to the elements.

Ecology: Mega Arbok is not a naturally occurring Pokémon as such this section refers to Arbok in its normal form.

Considered to be one of Invictia’s deadliest hunters, Arbok is a fairly rare Pokémon that only occurs in the costal heathland along the nation’s southern shores. An obligate carnivore, Arbok hunts a wide variety of Pokémon, but prefers rodents as its main source of food, with Glisgloss and Sandshrew top of its menu list, especially in the early part of summer. As winter approaches, Arbok’s diet shifts towards larger prey, mostly to give it the energy to survive its winter hibernation.

While large and formidable, Arbok does have a few predators of its own, with Trapinch being among the most formidable thanks to its homemade arena that prevents even the deadliest of Pokémon from escaping. When threatened, usually by humans and human owned Pokémon, Arbok will always attempt to scare away threats by displaying the patterns on its hood and rearing up to show its strength and size off. Only when this fails, does Arbok strike, and usually it prefers to dose its attacker with a low potency venom, rather than risk a fatal strike and waste all its toxins, although such bites are becoming more common, especially among tourists who fail to recognize this Pokémon’s warning signs.

As summer becomes autumn, and on the back of a large meal, Arbok will tunnel into the south facing side of a dune devoid of vegetation and ready a nest for hibernation. When the temperature drops below 5°C (usually in early October), Arbok enters a torpid state relying on the fat stored it accumulated over the summer to survive the winter. On occasion, it will awake from hibernation during the winter months on particular warm days, but it does little besides bask in the winter sunshine, and rarely stays out for more than a few hours before retreating back into its burrow.


Origin: Arbok’s design is seemingly based on the Indian Cobra. It is also said that both Ekans and Arbok are based somewhat on the mythical Basilisk, and is the reason behind their former signature move Glare (へびにらみ or Snake Glare in Japanese) and their inclusion in the Dragon Egg group

Name Origin: Arbok is a corrupted version of the word cobra that has been reversed.