Invictia Poke Dex: Kiddash

Name: Kiddash

National Dex Number: #004

Flavour Text: Kiddash live on the tallest peaks they can find. Occasionally when running, sparks from its hooves can cause the rocks it crosses to spark and hiss, thus lending to the folklore that this Pokemon triggers volcanic eruptions.

Species: Tiny Goat

Type: Fire

Height: 26cm (0,85ft)

Weight: 11kg (24.3lb)

Evolution: Two Stages (EXP triggered)

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Blaze (When below 1/3 health the Attack and Special Attack of this Pokémon is increased by 50%)

Hidden Ability: Mountaineer (Reduces damage from Rock type attacks by 25%, evades Stealth Rock damage on entry)

Egg Group: Field

Signature Move(s): None

Base Stats

Special Attack63
Special Defence34


Appearance: Kiddash are small dainty quadrupedal Pokemon that are built along the lines of other goat and sheep like Pokemon. Unlike Mareep and Goagoat, Kiddash doesn’t have an excess of wool, with its body being covered by a layer of thin granite grey fur on the back that gives way to orange on this Pokemon’s underbelly. The legs of Kiddash are quite long, giving the Pokemon a rather tall figure when compared to the other starter Pokemon.

Both the hooves and stubby horns of Kiddash are formed from cooled magma, but when attacking with a fire move, these structures do glow a dull red. On occasion the hooves of this Pokemon may even burst into flame during intense battles, causing Kiddash to leave burning hoof-prints wherever it goes.

Ecology: Kiddash prefer mountainous habitat above the tree line, often choosing the most inaccessible ledges to make their homes on. Due to the reduced amount of plant life at the altitude they dwell at, Kiddash are not picky about what they eat as long as it is vaguely vegetable in origin. Because their mountain top homes are usually covered in snow, Kiddash often has to melt a way through to its food, something that it does with the boiling spittle it produces when standing idle for a prolonged length of time.

Due to their high altitude homes Kiddash have very few natural predators, although both Skarmory and Mightyena will attempt to catch them when the opportunity presents itself. That said the fast running speed and agile foot work of this Pokemon means it often outpaces the later, unless Mightyena can catch Kiddash out in the open on level ground. Against Skarmory, Kiddash stands its ground and spits flames at its potential predator, something that is usually enough to force its attacker to retreat and look for easier prey elsewhere.

Kiddash is sometimes seen licking rocks and then drinking the dissolve minerals, after its boiling saliva has broken the stone down into liquid form. This behaviour is partially to gain nutrients that it doesn’t get from its food, but is also undertaken to repair the wear mountain life inflicts on Kiddash’s hooves.


Origin: Kiddash is based on both adult and kid goats, particularly the Markhor in terms of behaviour and overall appearance.

Name Origin: Kiddash comes from the combination of kid, dash and ash.