Invictia Poke Dex: Glisgloss

Name: Glisgloss

National Dex Number: #010

Flavour Text: Glisgloss can spend entire nights looking for that one special piece of food for its winter stash. However when it finds what its looking for it instantly becomes less special, and is thrown on the pile with the rest.

Species: Rodent

Type: Normal

Height: 27cm (0,9ft)

Weight: 6kg (13.28lb)

Evolution: Glisgloss (On the Fall Equinox) -> Glisgross (On the Spring Equinox) -> Glisgloss

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Cheek Pouch (If this Pokémon consumes a berry it restores up to 1/3 of their health after the effect of the berry has been applied)/Pickup (If an opponent used an item, this Pokémon will recover it as long as the item wasn’t destroyed)

Hidden Ability: Quick Feet (When inflicted by a status condition this Pokémon’s Speed is increased by 50%, Speed Penalty when Paralyzed is nullified)

Egg Group: Field/Fairy

Signature Move(s): None

Base Stats

Special Attack55
Special Defence44


Appearance: Glisgloss is a squirrel like Pokémon that has long flowing silver fur that runs down its body to a bushy tail. The hands and feet of this Pokémon have no fur on them and are tipped with four clawed toes. While it usually runs on all fours, Glisgloss can stand on its hind legs to help manipulate food it finds, and in battle to aid in attacking and defending itself.

The face of this Pokémon is rather gracile, and has two dark patches over its large light sensitive eyes. Because it’s primarily nocturnal, bright light causes its eyes to water, and most specimens have stains caused by being woken from its sleep during the diet. Like a few other Pokémon such as Dedenne, Glisgloss also has cheek pouches to store food in, allowing it to bring twice the amount of berries back to the stash hidden in its nest.

Ecology: Glisgloss is only seen in summer (April to September) mostly because it enters hibernation during winter and evolves into a different Pokémon. Unlike its alternate form, Glisgloss is very active and searches every night for berries, flower buds and fruit, not only for immediate eating but also for its hibernation stash. This stash is often concealed in a tree cavity or fallen log, and has one entry hole that is protected by a wall of briars that Glisgloss drags to prevent other Pokémon from stealing from it. That said this Pokémon is not above stealing food itself, and may conduct raids on the nests of sleeping Pachirisu, and taking their stockpiled berries for itself.

Because Glisgloss travels the same routes regular, grass often gets runs in it that all connect from a central point where its nest is located. Glisgloss is on the menu for most of the small and medium sized nocturnal Pokémon that it shares its habitat with, relying on speed and its climbing ability to evade predators. As such one of its predators, Yungoos, has developed a strategy to capture Glisgloss by entering its den just after it leaves for the evening. When Glisgloss returns and barricades itself into its nest at dawn, it finds itself locked in with its predator, who then consumes it, and its stockpiled food as well.

Glisgloss don’t tolerate their own kind well, and will chase rivals away of they come to close to its nest when it’s in the area. If a pair of runs from two different Glisgloss cross each other, their owners will wait for their rival to arrive and then attack each other until one backs down and abandons the offending root. During mid-autumn, Glisgloss no longer emerges from its hole and eats all it’s stockpiled over the course of a week. After its big meal it falls asleep and evolves into its winter form.


Origin: Glisgloss has features found in multiple species of dormice, with the European or Fat Dormouse seemingly the main inspiration for its design

Name Origin: This Pokémon’s name is a combination of Glis glis (the Latin name for the European Dormouse) and glossy. Glisgloss is also a play on ‘criss-cross’ in reference to the Pokémon’s habit of creating zigzagging paths in patches of long grasses that lead back to a central point.

Other: Glisgloss and its evolutionary form were known as Rodorm and Siestavol in the first draft of the Invicitia Pokedex before they were changed due to their evolutionary mechanic.

Glisgloss is the first Pokémon to have a cyclical evolution chain.