Invictia Poke Dex: Boveal

Name: Boveal

National Dex Number: #070

Flavour Text: Boveal loves nothing more than to run wild across fen and field. It is said that seeing this Pokémon playing during the spring can soothe the hearts of even the toughest of trainers.

Species: Calf

Type: Normal

Height: 41cm (1,3ft)

Weight: 22kg (48.50lb)

Evolution: Boveal (Male) -> Tauros, Boveal (Female) -> Miltank

Both evolutions require Boveal to reach max happiness

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Guts (When afflicted with a status condition this Pokémon’s attack stat rises), Scrappy (This Pokémon can hit Ghost Pokémon with both Normal and Fighting Type Attacks)

Hidden Ability: Sap Sipper (Provides Immunity to Grass Type Attacks, Raises Attack one stage when hit by a Grass Attack)

Egg Group: Undiscovered

Signature Move(s) - None

Base Stats

Special Attack35
Special Defence35


Appearance: Boveal’s is a small quadrupedal Pokémon that is covered with brown fur and black spots (pink in the females). The species has short horns and long drooping ears that hang down across the cheek and sometimes obscure its eyes. Both male and female Boveal have a pair of short tails, tipped in a small tuft of fur.

Male and female Boveal do differ slightly, especially in relation to their head ornamentation. Male Boveal have a small bump on its forehead, while female Boveal have a pink diamond shaped marking, with both features carrying over into Tauros and Miltank respectively. The hooves of this Pokémon differ with gender as well, with the nails of the female Boveal spread out of create a cloven effect, while those of the male are a single bladed nail that envelops the entire bottom of the foot.

Ecology: Boveal is a Pokémon that prefers open areas such as fields and fells as their habitat, although they will tolerate scrubland habitat as long as there is sufficient grass for them to graze on. The species is a herd Pokémon, and generally prefers the company of its own gender, although it will not only tolerate but thrive if kept in mixed groups. Indeed Boveal will happily live with similar Pokémon such as Mudbray and Kiddash where their ranges overlap, just as long as these Pokémon can tolerate or even join in with Boveal’s boisterous play.

When not grazing, Boveal like to chase each other and engage in play fighting to ready itself for when it evolves. Because of the youthful energy it gives off when paying, it is said that this Pokémon can soothe the hardest of hearts and even awaken the inner child of their trainers or people who spend a long time in this species company. Despite its playful nature, Boveal will fight when attacked, and any potential predator has to be cautious when targeting this species as entire herds will rally to the defence of any affiliated individual. As such only a group hunter such as Mightyena readily attacks this Pokémon and has a decent chance at bringing down an individual.

As Boveal gets closer to evolution, its nature becomes similar to that of its evolved forms, with males becoming more boisterous and females becomes more interested with grazing in preparation for milk production upon evolution. That said a Boveal that is friendly towards people will continue to be friendly when it evolves into either a Tauros or a Miltank, just as one that is completely wild will become uncontrollable on evolution.


Origin: Boveal is based on the calves of real life species of cattle. In addition it has features of both its evolutionary forms Tauros and Miltank

Name Origin: Boveal is a combination of the words Bovine and Veal.